Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System Center is another IT management software that delivers an integrated client-to-cloud management solution for private and public servers that are hosted in the cloud. It works well for private cloud hosted on internal servers, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux. The tool is also designed to let users manage iOS, Android, and Window Phone mobile devices.

Microsoft System Center is built with data projection manager that helps users back up their data and recover all the lost files. The software is also known as the best data protection tool that continuously protects data. With the help of this software, people can fully work and function from a myriad of devices and across from several platforms.

It also helps people connect to corporate data from anywhere. Microsoft System Center is an alternative to Jenkins but offers lots of new services that make it better than others. The solution includes core features such as configuration manager, data protection manager, operation manager, and virtual machine manager, etc. Microsoft System Center offers two different price plans, such as Datacenter Edition ($3,607) and Standard Edition ($1,323).


Microsoft System Center Alternatives



MIDAS is a web-based room scheduling and management software that comes with all the essential tools and services to fully control their space and resources reservations regardless of the device they are on. As this solution is accessible entirely from the cloud, the user can perform various functions from their preferred browsers, which makes it easy to view the number and size of rooms they currently have available.

MIDAS is also best for owners, managers, and staff to supervise the use of their resources and equipment. This allows users to different access levels to ensure that company properties are well handled while enabling customers to use them independently.

The best part about this scheduling platform is that it has many extensive administrative features that make it easy to step in and handle their entire process. Key features include multiple space availability, room blocking, color-coded booking, data export, online payment, user activity logs, automatic data backups, etc.


#2 ManageEngine RecoveryManager


ManageEngine RecoveryManager is a web-based IT management software that lets users back up all your AD (active directory) information and retrieve deleted objects. It delivers users with the versatility they need to get back the only specific types of objects or just particular qualities of desired objectives.

It is one of the best recoveries and backs up option that is an ideal platform for all size of businesses. ManageEngine RecoveryManager uses lots of advanced tools such as extensive search option, recovery management, and restart free recovery that helps the user to secure their system and manage all the basic problems.

The program is capable of backing up both security and distribution groups to specific backed-up state. It includes a set of features that enable users to monitor and evaluate individual tweaks made to mailbox users, distribution groups and mail contacts, etc. You can also perform scheduling and incremental backups of exchange-related attributes and even recover all the deleted objects. ManageEngine RecoveryManager has several prices and plans; each one has its cost and features.

#3 Heroku Enterprise


Heroku Enterprise is a flexible IT management for developers that lets them build apps using their preferred languages and tools like Ruby, Java, Python, and Node.Js, etc. and then deploy them in seconds. The platform offers such flexible for developers while managing the enterprise’s trust and control they require. +

With the help of this application, developers can use the Salesforce App Cloud to build apps using all the advanced programming tools. Development teams can leverage the tools that come with Heroku Enterprise, including mart containers and instant scalability, and support for continuous delivery and collaborative development.

It is similar to Jenkins and offers lots of related services with some new features that make it better than others. Some most prominent features such as private space, team and user administration, add-on controls, share applications, and resources utilization management, etc.


#4 LastPass


LastPass is a cloud-based password manager tool for personal and business use. The solution is available to use on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS, etc. It is also known as the straightforward solution that equipped all the significant features for managing and protecting your password, and it executes all these functions well.

With the help of this powerful tool, you can easily manage and protect your whole system. You need to secure the vault, which a database that stores all your password and information for multiple devices and platforms. LastPass store your website login information, credit card details, Wi-Fi passwords, and address information which you can sync with all your devices.

To make the system more secure, it offers lots of new security options such as fingerprint login, pin app lock, and two-factor authentication. It is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that works well with various devices and browsers. LastPass also includes core features such as auto form filler, user vault, unlimited shared folders, secure notes, API access, and customer support.

#5 Secdo


Secdo is a next-generation IT security software that allows security operation teams to instantly investigate, verify, and respond to every single alert from their security system. Within minutes, the platform pinpoints the cause of the alert detailed endpoint activity history and causality analysis.

To make the service more powerful, it gives a set of real-time response tools that allows for the quick, appropriate, and accurate response and remediation of any endpoint with no impact on the users. Secdo has three different security products such as Observer, Analyzer, and Responder, each product control specific security issue.

Just like the other similar platforms, it also has a set of critical features such as threat detection, web threat management, activity logs, endpoint insights, preemptive, advanced threat hunting, and much more.

#6 Traverse Monitoring


Traverse Monitoring is an IT management software that provides businesses with a network monitoring solution that is capable of handling the tasks of monitoring private clouds, distributed network infestation, and virtualized infrastructure. The solution also supports a massive database of device types with an integrated metric that is specific to each device.

With the help of this tool, companies have a unified platform that enables them to effectively manage private and hybrid clouds, data centers, and virtualized infrastructures. It helps users spot and address issues before these concerns impact their end-users. Users have access to insights based on rich data analytic of events such as SNMP traps and Syslogs.

The solution also creates a statistical report and view, which is easily understandable. It also allows you to share them with the management based on predicted states of your IT infrastructure. As compared to the other similar tools, it is a bit different but offers lots of new functionalities that make it more interesting.

#7 Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery


Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery is another IT Management and file recovery tool that can successfully restore and recover all the deleted items, attachments, tasks, and contacts, etc. The user can support user mailboxes as well as public folders recovery. The solution is known for its stability even when there is a large volume of EDB data present that needs instant revival.

It does not need any assistance from other tools in any form, be it plug-ins or extensions. Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery offers a user-friendly interface with lots of custom settings that make your experience more interesting. It includes core features such as filtering options, item saving options, migrates files, makes box saving options, and much more.

#8 Zoho Assist


Zoho Assist is online remote support and access platform for all the small and mid-sized businesses that can empower every app to become more trustworthy without any cost. The solution contributes significantly to Zoho’s powerful management engine with out-of-the-box, creative, and timely support.

Both customers and teams appreciate it as it eliminates the risk of delayed support even in conditions of slow internet connection. As compared to the others, it offers lots of new features and functionalities that make it better than others. One of the best things about this application is that it provides a dual monitor system that distinguishes Zoho Assist from other remote support programs as controls are switched easily.

It is a simple and easy to use solution and available to use on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Web-based etc. To enjoy the service, you need to download and install it on devices. After completing the installation, you need to add some settings and enjoy all its features without any limitation.

#9 Zen Planner


Zen Planner is a business management and scheduling solution specially designed for fitness and establishments. It is an easy to use tool that streamlines all the business options such as membership, integrated payment process, scheduling, automated email, full website integration with the system, and much more.

Zen Planner is one of the best alternatives to Jenkins and offers all the similar services with some new features. All its functionalities are meant to help fitness business enhance their services, membership and allows owners and fitness coaches to spend less time behind the desk and more time instructing and creating a relationship with their clients.

It caters to fitness and wellness businesses, including gym, fitness studios, martial art schools, and MMA schools. It is built with input from fitness entrepreneurs and active members of the fitness community. Just like the other similar platforms, it is also loaded with all the tools to gives your business a competitive edge, such as attendance tracking, billing, payment process, and member performance monitoring, etc.

Zen Planner includes core features such as online scheduling and attendance tracking, time-saving automation, advanced workout trickling, and much more. The solution offers different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and features.

#10 Float


Float is an all-in-one online cash management and forecasting tool specially designed to aid businesses to stay on the top of their cash flow. It helps companies, particular owners, finance department heads, and business advisors, project their cash in the bank, allows them to derive to making the right step, and come to good decisions so they will achieve their goal.

Float, a cash management program, integrates smoothly with the leading accounting system and delivers you a powerful yet user-friendly tool that gives you accurate real-time peek of your cash flow. It also offers projections of your cash flow for up to a year into the future that provides the users intelligent and actionable insights on how to steer their companies to attain success and meet aims.

With the help of this tool, the user can set budgets, follow the performance, and construct and implement both long and short-term cash flow. You can also see daily, weekly, and monthly views of your cash flow and go into the bills and invoices by drilling them down, so you can get a detailed perspective of your in-going and ongoing.

#11 Jenkins


Jenkins is a Java-based, open-source IT management tool that delivers continuous integration services for software development. It is a server-based tool running in a servlet container like the Apache Tomcat. The tool offers support for SCM platforms and a solution like CVS, Git, and Subversion, and can implement Apache Ant and Apache Maven-based projects. It can also execute arbitrary shell script and Windows batch commands.

Jenkins is a simple and easy-to-use application available to use in Windows, Mac OS, and other Unix-like operating systems. To make it reliable and easy for developers, it has hundreds of plugins, and these plugin’s architecture also ushers infinite possibilities for software development. It is one of the best tools that also offers lots of prominent features that make it more exotic such as hosted internally, open-source, significant to create and deploy, and tons of instructions, etc.

#12 New Relic


New Relic is a platform that gives you deep performance analytics for every part of your software environment. With the help of this platform, you can easily view and analyze the massive amount of data and gain actionable insights into real-time. It was introduced in 2008 based in San Francisco, California.

The software allows you to find and fix all the errors fast by instrumenting your entire technology stack from customers to code to the container. It has a massive collection of advanced tools that find and solve all kinds of problems in your project. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it allows you to see every change immediately and can improve it accelerate.

New Relic starts with a very basic level, but now it has more than 16000 users around the world who can use it to manage their entire technology business. The solution includes core features such as create and maintain the cutting-edge application, organize, evaluate, and analytics to better understand complete visibility across your infrastructure and much more.

#13 Control-M


Control-M is a leading workload automation software that provides lower operating costs, unmatched application workflow automation, and increases application deployment speed. The solution developer improves business value with high availability, fast app deployment, and enhanced analytics through automated job promotion from development test to production for optimal bi-modal IT innovation.

Control-M is also known as the next-generation BMC’s industry workload automation software. It enhances workflow services performance and reduces operating efficiencies with lots of new capabilities, including out-of-the-box predictive analytics, risk-reducing high availability and automated agent, etc.

Just like the other similar BMC solutions, it also has lots of tools and services that make it more powerful. Control-M includes core features such as runtime analytics, automatic promotion, admin cost and time reducing, usage alert, and user-friendly interface.

#14 Appointy


Appointy is the world’s leading online appointment scheduling solution that is recognized by some of the industry’s giants such as Google and The New York Times to help businesses grow. It offers a quite simple, functional, yet robust interface that makes it easier for staff to get around with the platform and start being more productive from zero moments.

The best part about this solution is that it allows practical self-scheduling at any time according to your convenience. Appointy also introduces social media promotion features enable reaching more audience through Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing platforms.

Customer loyalty functions ensure that businesses can retain their customers through personalization better and improved understating. It is also known as an all-in-one appointment scheduling solution that is suited for business segments, medicine, education, government, and other professional services.

Another fantastic fact about this solution is that it is a fully customizable solution, allows you to create your setting to fulfill your requirements. Appointy includes core features such as pre-payment, guest login, automatic notification, powerful analytics, recurring booking and auto calendar sync, etc. With a simple and user-friendly interface.

#15 Datadog


Datadog is a network monitoring service that helps companies gain visibility into application performance. It provides an overview of a product to a single SQL query and correlates app performance or errors with infrastructure metrics and events. The software can help identify performance bottlenecks in code or infrastructure and monitor hosts or containers.

The best thing about this application is that it can automatically trace requests across various libraries and frameworks and enables auto-instrumentation to collect span from frontend to backend. It gathers data from infrastructure components like Redis and Elastic search and offers integration with a web framework such as Ruby, Gin, and Rails, etc.

Like other similar software, it also provides a real-time dashboard with mix and match metrics and events from connected applications, hosts, services, and containers. The user can overlay event markers on graphs for correlation analysis and also able to create new dashboards using a simple drag and drop interface and lots of other widgets. Datadog offers different price plans; each plan has its price and features.

#16 BigPanda


BigPanda is a cloud-based network management system specially designed to centralize and correlate an enormous volume of IT alerts. It enables system admins, IT operations, developers, and DevOps to turn all kinds of IT alerts into actionable insights.

The system utilizes the data science to empower the digital enterprise to reach a high service level and keep up with the problematic and explosive scale of the modern data center. BigPanda is known as one of the best network management system that comes with all the more tools and services. It eliminates IT alerts overload and automatically centralize IT notifications from different monitoring platforms to speed up recovery and reduce time to solve issues.

The significant advantage of this platform is its algorithmic alerts correlation, whether the user is working in the most complex and disparate environment. The solution offers the best way to manage all kinds of IT incidents. It also enables businesses to survive and understand dependencies, event infrastructures, and machines all from a unified platform. BigPanda also includes core features such as collaboration, custom monitoring views, smart tracking, alert centralization, and smart ticketing, etc.

#17 AlertSite


AlertSite is the world’s leading platform that provides web performance monitoring, system monitoring, and security scanning services for web-based applications. It gives the user full visibility into the health of his websites, mobile apps, cloud application, and APIs so that the user can deliver an exceptional end-user experience. The platform has a powerful dashboard where the user can access all features without any limitations.

As compared to the others, it is faster and counts almost every second. The best thing about his platform is that it records step-by-step web interaction that provides a complete, transactional view of their websites or applications’ functionality and performance. AlertSite includes core features such as real-time alerts, hybrid deployment, single-sign-on, codeless web recorder, powerful dashboard, user-friendly interface, and more.

#18 Calendly


Calendly is an Appointment Scheduling software that aims to save time, accelerate with sales, and improve overall service quality. It is easy to use and a robust platform that eliminates the old-school way of using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, demos, calls, and interviews.

All you need to do is to set your availability preference, share the links with customers, and lets them pick a time for the event that is automatically added to your calendar.

The significant part about this scheduling platform is that it is integrated with Google, Microsoft Office 365, and checked all calendars for conflicts to avoid double-booking. Calendly is fully optimized for desktops, phones, and tablets, each one has its features and core services.

The most prominent services include open API, metrics, and reports, automatic and custom notification, team schedules, calendar integration, and modern interface, etc. It is a commercial solution and offers multiple plans to use; each method has its own cost and core features.

#19 Zabbix


Zabbix is a network management software for IT infrastructure, service, applications, and resources. It is an open-source solution created for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics gathered from different network devices, servers, and virtual machines.

The solution enables users to collect and analyze performance metrics and statistics, visualize them, and get real-time notifications regarding the current and impending issues promptly. Zabbix also offers a time-tested, expert development platform to businesses in banking and finance, government, education and marketing, and many other industries.

The great thing about this solution is that it provides reliable tools and features that monitor everything in the network, from CPUs and servers to IT applications and databases. The notification and remediation module supports automatic action and proactive notifications.

Zabbix provides an all-inclusive communication flow that includes sending notifications, information, and other related things. Metric collection, security and authentication, visualization, problem detection, warning, auto-discovery, and distributing monitoring are key features of the platform.

#20 Flapjack


Flapjack is a multi-platform solution that provides interactive visualizations of high-throughput genotype data for rapid navigation and comparisons between lines, markers, and chromosomes. It is a modern visualization to ease the analysis of the different data types.

Based on the input of chart, genotype, and trait data, Flapjack can deliver various alternative graphical genotype views with individual alleles colored by state, frequency, or similarity to a given standard line.

The solution also supports a range of interactions with the data such as graphically moving lines, insertions, or deletions of data and sorting or clustering of lines by either genotype similarity of the other line. It is a complete program that also provides the power system for routing alerts to people and rolling alerts up when mass failures are detected. Flapjack also has lots of exciting things that make it better than others.

#21 Bookeo


Bookeo is the world’s most popular online scheduling and appointment management solution for various types of business and individuals users. Initially, the solution catered to small businesses and individual professionals, including photographers, car washing services, and more, with the primary appointment scheduling tool.

Aside from appointments, the solution developed two separate products intended for instruction-based businesses and tourism and travels, Bookeo class and courses and Bookeo tours and activities, respectively. It is an ideal online reservation and booking platform for art classes, yoga sessions, and more.

The system also increases revenue as it significantly reduces the instances of no-shows, canceled reservations, and messed up bookings. Bookeo makes your business look useful to your customers and potential clients, opening many doors for business opportunities and even partnerships. You can also set up an online payment channel to make sure that you are paid immediately.

It lets you accept online payments and deposits, and credit cards, giving your customers flexibility and options in choosing how they wish to pay. An appointment calendar, website integration, client and student database, calendar sync, and advanced scheduling are core features of the solution.


0 is an appointment scheduling software that can be used by various businesses to streamline their scheduling procedures. It is handy from mobile devices or desktop computers and allows clients to make bookings 24/7 from literally every location.

SMS reminder and confirmation notifications automatically send once a booking has done, while the client also can cancel their booking anytime they want. With completely reimaged class and membership functionality, admins will have complete control of the booking, managing, and delivering professional and in-time services for all their clients.

Its booking page is completely customizable and can be added to the company’s webpage or Facebook fan-page that makes it more interesting by changing the color and other things. It is a complete solution and easily integrated with several other online services and enables collecting more information about the clients using the additional field plugin.

To make it stronger than others, it introduces different plugins such as payment plugin, discovery plugin, book soon plugin, etc. Each one has its objective and service. also includes core features such as flexible setting, deep insights, group booking, SMS alter, unit location, and much more.

#23 Flash Appointments


Flash Appointments is an online scheduling solution designed to help professional learning centers, schools, and all other similar service providers. It is a user-friendly solution that has proven to effectively manage client attendance and eliminate usual problems that come with scheduling, including missed and mixed up appointments.

This comes as more than just scheduling tools; with this platform’s help, you can easily send notifications to the client of your scheduled appointments and remind them to attend. You can also create and send a follow-up message to see their progress or check in on a client who missed their appointments.

Another significant fact is that it lest you send thank-you’s and surveys to your client after your appointments. Flash Appointments is a complete solution and makes it easy for your client to book your services online.

The platform is robust and highly scalable and capable of handling thousands of appointments, and ready to find small to large office settings. The solution also includes key features such as single page scheduling, secure appointment notification, client management, automated password retrieval, calendar sync, etc.

#24 Peek Pro


Peek Pro is the fastest growing appointment scheduling software specially designed for tours and activity operators to help increase their booking reaching out to large numbers of potential customers, mostly tourists. With this platform, customers can come to a travel website and book tickets directly, even outside business hours.

The software gives touring and travel sites the capability to book tickets for different events and activities, covering casual visitors into paying customers without leaving the site. It comes with basic levels, but now it introduces lots of new features and tools that make it stronger.

From a business standpoint, and Peek Pro also makes it easier for businesses in the travel and touring industry to turn their website into the booking machine. It also includes prominent features such as guide notification, real-time availability, cloud-based event scheduling, automated emails, mobile application, etc.

#25 ScheduFlow


ScheduFlow is another scheduling and management application that offers a faster and better way to stay on top of your scheduling and set up your appointments. It lets you create, edit, and view schedules from remote places in real-time.

The best part is that it not required any expertise to use this software; it has an intuitive and user-friendly application that you can use right off the bad. With the help of this platform, you can easily manage multiple appointments with ease and unmatched efficiency.

You can also view your client data instantly whenever you need to know more about who you are meeting to help you prepare for the appointment. ScheduFlow runs smoothly on any device, whether it’s a personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet, giving you complete control and flexibility and appointments organized and productive.

Its drag and drop functionality makes it better than others that allow you to create and edit schedules more simply. You can also book multiple times in the same timeslot or choose to disable double booking if that’s what you prefer.

With its enterprise-class reporting functionality, you can preview your schedules and appointments and dig deep for insights to discover opportunities that you can maximize and capitalize on. ScheduFlow is a powerful appointment scheduling platform that makes all the significant tasks.

#26 Checkfront


Checkfront is an online booking management solution that comes with lots of useful tools. It also supports integration with many popular online services to make their reservations and bookings quick and hassle-free. To make management more straightforward, it will also facilitate payment processing and make sure you have the necessary analytic tools to make your data’s best use.

The platform’s ultimate objective is to make easily integrate the relevant websites and services to make the processes of bookings and payments easy for online buyers. The availability of open API makes it possible to integrate all the required sites, content management systems, marketing software, etc.

Checkfront also has a built-in inventory management system that makes it better than others. It also includes key features such as the online payment process, quick customer support, multi-language support, Facebook integration, etc. It is a commercial solution and available to use in different price plans.

#27 PRTG


PRTG is an all-in-one cloud-based network monitoring solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals and is compatible with Windows 7 and later. It is a complete solution, and consistent features include network monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, alerts, customization support, data publishing, and reporting.

It helps users monitor devices, network traffic, and application on the infrastructure; this also helps staff track network analyze network connections, outages, and monitor network quality and comply with service level agreements.

The best part about this solution is that it enables IT administrators to easily monitor uptime and downtime for an individual device or an entire network using a single device. It’s a powerful, customizable dashboard display real-time network performance and status information of all devices.

Administrators can remotely dispatch updates or install new applications across devices using a master console. PRTG also has lots of advanced tools, services, and features that unlock multiple ways to monitor your entire network without any limitation. It is a commercial solution, and pricing is a one-time fee for an on-premise program and a monthly subscription for a cloud solution.

#28 WhatsUp Gold


WhatsUp Gold is the world’s most leading Network Management software created by IPSwitch for medium and large managed service providers and IT enterprises. It is specially designed for Microsoft Windows users, only offering them powerful tools to display connections between devices and monitor network status.

The solution takes a proactive approach to IT monitoring with TotalView technology that enables users to control and follow all the network activities. The solution consolidates applications, end-user experience, network, and systems monitoring through an intuitive interface.

WhatsUp Gold enables users to efficiently and quickly assess and scrutinize complicated performance issues to avoid pricy service degradation. This network management solution delivers all insights and the customizability needed to ensure the application performance is equal to the business priorities and user expectations.

The best thing about this solution is that it provides robust network monitoring features that make it better than others. WhatsUp Gold also features discovery and network mapping, network monitoring tools, cloud monitoring, customizable device roles, reports exports, etc.

#29 Doodle


Doodle is an Appointment Scheduling solution that allows saving time and effort required to find meeting schedules. The software helps avoid conflict booking and automatically syncs appointments to the calendar. It offers a massive range of solution that simplifies the process of setting appointments and scheduling, and most of the services include Doodle account, Doodle mobile and meet me, etc.

Its paid version designed for large enterprises, small-medium campaigns, and individuals offers theming possibilities and all the other premium features. Doodle mobile system allows users to access information using their mobile devices and provides a bird-eye view of all polls. Security is another and most important area where the premium version shines, as it protects sensitive internal data using end-to-end SSL encryption that means all the information is securely transmitted on the internet and encrypted for both campaigns and participants.

Doodle comprehensive user management features allow managing all users in a neatly arranged format. All the relevant actions can be performed using the overview, such as setting up and connected users. The auto-reminder comes in handy when you want to remind people who have not participated in polls. There are also lots of prominent features that make it better than others.

#30 Rosy Salon Software


Rosy Salon Software is an all-in-one Salon software that is easy to use and fully featured that provides users in the beauty industry the most extensive technology in optimizing their customer relationships, increasing productivity, and driving profitability.

The platform is developed by SPA and salon owners for SPA salon owners and offers comprehensive industry-specific solutions for SPAS, salons, and booth renters. The application’s interface provides stress-free navigation of features for more efficient business handling.

It offers all the essential tools you such as online client scheduling, appointment scheduling, email communication, reporting engine, inventory management, etc. This cloud-based application also supports mobility with its mobile access and mobile web application, which means your client can easily schedule an appointment on-site and using their mobile app.

The solution is also seamlessly integrated with Facebook to allow clients to visit a salon page and book an appointment with a single click. Rosy Salon Software includes a critical feature such as cluster booking, client image, product reservations, client profiling, loyalty program, and much more.

#31 Fons


Fons is a web-based Appointment Scheduling and Billing solution created primarily for appointment-based professionals and businesses. It combines the core capabilities of scheduling, billing, invoicing, and payment management as well as provide users with the comprehensive platform that streamlines their processes, offers high-quality service to their clients, and eliminates the hassle of chasing clients for payments.

With this platform, users have a centralized view of their calendar and easily create a schedule based on their availability and their client’s preferences. All the client details such as contact numbers, appointments, billing history, and stored are neatly organized in the simple profile for quick and easy access.

The application contains powerful tools that allow you to schedule your appointment, get complete details quickly, and much more. Fons also will enable you to send your clients their invoice and provide them with multiple payment options without having to exit your invoice.

As you customer can pay from their invoice through the secure payment channels of their choosing, it increases the payment process. Fons appointment scheduling software includes core features such as viewable online calendar, automatic cancellation policy, staff member assignment, view customer profile, and much more.

#32 Schedulista


Schedulista is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that comes as SaaS and allows features like booking and scheduling appointments through the online interface. The reservations can be made in several ways, such as websites, Facebook pages, and email, etc. Mostly the software can be used by businessmen like a hairstylist, therapists, personal trainer, and teachers, etc.

It is simple and easy to understand software that contains all the primary tools and services, including the Schedule Now button, responsive interface, and custom branding, etc. Schedulista works with both MailChimp account and direct email import; once the account is linked, the system is automatic while it takes a few manual steps for the direct email list.

With the help of this software, you can also create reports like customer performance, appointment details, and all the other types of reports that are provided within the solution. The appointment can be sorted either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

All the booking data can also be integrated with Google Calendar that makes it better than others. Schedulista also includes core features such as email reminders, customized scheduling, email marketing, drag and drop interface, and role-based access, etc. It has four different price plans; each plan has its options that depend on the numbers of users in the team.

#33 Square Appointments


Square Appointments is an all-in-one online appointment software specially designed to help clients book, cancel, or reschedule their appointment. The software works like all the other appointment solutions but offers lots of new features and functions to deliver comprehensive solutions.

IT provides all clients access to your availability and helps them book appointments at the most appropriate time. The solution also ensures you spend less time managing meetings and more time with your customers. Square Appointments software is also highly appreciated because it encourages new business by availing all open schedule to the client.

It also comes with an easily embedded website and offers an incredible set of functionalities that make it one of the best scheduling solutions. This appointment scheduling solution is also perfect for salons, health, wellness, and all the other similar service professionals. Square Appointments also includes core features such as open API, customer history, mobile application, staff login, calendar, etc.



TIMIFY is a free, cloud-based appointment scheduling software suitable for all types of service providers, including hair and beauty salons, mechanics, general contractors, sports and fitness trainers, etc. The solution allows your client to book an appointment via your Facebook page, website, or TIMIFY mobile application. In addition to online appointment booking, the software provides an online calendar, customer management, business management, online payment, and group booking capabilities.

The platform has all the tools a business requires to manage its day-to-day operations successfully. It exhibits power and flexibility that allow businesses to be more productive while saving time and delivering a better customer experience. TIMIFY is robust and delivers complete service, and it helps users digitalize business to get booking round the clock.

It also gives a complete view of your availability, thus allowing them to make a booking straight from your Facebook page and website with just a few clicks. It is easy to extend the booking fields using the Custom Field tools that make it better than others. TIMIFY includes core features such as appointment management, online booking, integrations and add-ons, online payments, group booking, and customer management, etc.

#35 Salon Iris


Salon Iris is an easy to use and features-rich Spa and Salon Management solution act as a POS that comes with customer engagement features as well. With this system, salons and spas have a total business management program. Aside from the desktop version, it is available on smartphones, so the manager can always access their salons and spa operations.

It is also best for clients and allows them to book appointments online even when the salon is closed; the solution sends reminders to clients to reduce no-shows. With this solution, there is no need to outsource payroll management. The solution has built-in features that enable businesses to organize their employee payroll within the system, taking into account commissions and bonuses.

This all-in-one solution also comes with lots of security system and create backups of the business database so salons can rest assured their past data remain accessible. Digital invoice, staff scheduling, standing appointment, barcode scanning, dashboard, and real-time reporting are also features of the solution.

#36 qdPM


qdPM is a free web-based project management solution designed for a small team working on multiple projects. It is a fully configurable solution; you can easily manage projects, tasks, and customers. It is a feature-rich solution that comes with all the primary tools and features.

Its powerful report generator enables you to analyze complete project details from numerous views, including the Across Project and or within the project. With the help of this advanced-level project management solution, you can view data by project types, including task status, support projects, and open tasks, etc.

There is also a ticket system that interacts with customers when responding to a ticket; you can easily design one or more tasks associated with that the customer does not see. qdPM has a simple interface and allows you to quickly create your project, add new team members, share details, and much more. To make it more interesting, it also has a list of core features that make it more interesting.

#37 Outlyer


Outlyer (Formerly Dataloop.IO) is an all-in-one feature-rich self-service cloud services monitoring and analytics platform uniquely created for DevOps and Operations teams. The solution allows DevOps teams to quickly monitor all servers, cloud environments, databases, and services and create custom metrics to help their teams get visibility into how microservices are performing.

One of the best fact about this software is that it offers GitHub-style account model that deliver DevOps with the ability to roll out Outlyer is a self-service monitoring solution for all teams. It also provides a unique plugin IDE that allows DevOps teams to immediately extend and customize their monitoring around the entire environment faster than any others.

Its open-source compatibility easily migrates from existing open-source monitoring tools, and powerful analytics allow developers to get visibility and know-how their code is performing in the production. With the help of this, agents can quickly deploy via Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or a simple shell script that makes it simpler.

There is also a feature that allows users to create their dashing like dashboards by using simple drag and drop metrics and project them on large TV screens. Outlyer also includes core features such as projections, real-time monitoring, a self-service portal, data visualization, event logs, risk alert, and much more.

#38 BookingBug


BookingBug is an online scheduling and appointment solution that allows organizations to market and sell their services through multiple channels, mobile, in-branch, and call-center. The software has been built from the ground up to work for all business types.

Whether scheduling bookings by the hour, day, or a week, classes, or courses, the solution delivers the tools to and securely manage bookings from end-to-end. BookingBug is an online booking platform for several industries, including sports and fitness, and rental, classes and events, and trade, and more.

One of the most impressive features about this platform is that it offers a customizable and embedded able booking widget that makes it more efficient. Just like most of the similar platforms, it also integrates with multiple payment providers with some new tools and features.

BookingBug’s most prominent feature includes 24/7 monitoring, 3rd-party CRM integration, real-time management, customizable pricing, omnichannel scheduling, appointment scheduling, queue management, etc.

#39 Microsoft Bookings


Microsoft Bookings is a product of Microsoft Inc. and consists of many interesting features and allow you to integrate sketching system for office and home which work together to make your life easy and manage all your task to run an efficient business. It allows you to publish your business calendar online, and it reviews every type of service that you have integrated into your business.

Microsoft Bookings is compressed with three primary components that include the booking pages, a set of web-based business-facing pages, and a business-facing mobile application where business owners can sell their books access customer lists and contact information and make manual bookings. It has a very smart interface, and the outlook is intuitive.

Microsoft Bookings is easy to navigate and come with offers tons of features, some of the feature of the platform include delighted customer response, real-time access, 24/7 contact support, fast and intuitive display, decrease no show, and the main functionality include reminder emails, customizable notice.

It also offers automated email confirmation, online appointment, booking appointment, scheduling booking, cancellation, and much more. The software itself is easy to navigate, and it has a guided feature that navigates the user in using every tool available on the dashboard. The services are not free but come with different systems.

#40 SiteScope


SiteScope is monitoring software that provides an opportunity and availability with the performance and distribution of information technology infrastructure. It offers different types of aspects like service network devices, appliances software, application component, operating system, and much more.

SiteScope main features involve automated application monitoring, intuitive monitoring management system, Quicktime to value the process, more than a hundred host type, and application platform cloud virtualization, multi-vendor system management, and more.

It offers many functions and modules powered by Hewlett Packard. It consists of a separate API module which gives tons of facility and provides a sophisticated graphical interface which allows users to integrate their task on the system easily. It provides a diagnostic tool to eradicate the error and give an alert when they occur in the system.

SiteScope’s database monitor application performance, manage software performance, true prediction, highly customizable live reporting is in real-time with the analytical layout and graphical representation, and much more.

The information is given on the site in a sophisticated way, and the user can know about the integrated companies that are currently using the software facility. The features are great, and the trial version elaborates on the main functions of the system. It also allows you to save a letter on the dedicated server provided by the company.

#41 Domotz PRO


Domotz PRO is remote networking management & monitoring platform, especially for the IoT world. It provides a secure and robust network management solution for business owners, security professionals, and integrators as well. It has a plug and plays setup that offers a cost-effective facility and monitors the customer’s network efficiently.

It has three components, such as Domotz PRO application, Network agent, and the cloud interface that make it more compatible. It is available on mobile as well as desktop platforms to operate businesses with more ease. It makes configurations and programming changes and performs maintenance.

Its cloud system provides access to reports and existing network data. This service holds remote management tools that play an essential role in the latest technical updates with the help of REST API. One of the core features of Domotz PRO is IP addresses monitoring to secure the entire system.

Some of the features of Domotz PRO includes Up-time Monitoring, Web Traffic Reporting, Bandwidth Monitoring, Network Resource Management, and many more. It has an intelligent network agent that continuously scans the network environment and also send updates. It offers paid plans to upgrade pro features.

#42 Travis CI


Travis CI is a continuous integration service providing software that paly its part to build and test software projects. This software offers easy deployment to you, and it helps you to sync your projects efficiently and assists you to scan software codes in minutes. It comes with both open and private test sources that let your project done in seconds with a simple setup.

Deploy anywhere and pull requests are the most prominent features of this software. Travis CI offers pre-installed data services and provides support over a pull request. This software is one of the trusted testing software by great companies. Travis CI also provides a build configuration service as well, and it also gives clean VMS for every build. Besides, it includes background scheduled maintenance services as well. The devices which support this software are Linux, Mac, and iOS.

#43 vCloud Director


vCloud Director is an advanced cloud-based infrastructure platform designed specially to simplifies the operations of IT and provides the SLAs for application enhancement with ease. The tool is compatible with the small and large-sized enterprises to scale up the network and security. It can build virtual racks and allow you to access the features anywhere.

It has the ability to change the virtual environment and manage the multi-tenancy. It supports the data center extension, data center consolidation, and recovery as well and offers the cloud services to achieve consistent operations easily and quickly.

The core features of vCloud Director include Integration with multiple major software providers, laaS solution completeness with simplicity, resource pools of computing or storage facility, easy to manage and create various environments, and many more. The tool reduces operational costs and improves the customer experience with the help of AI-based analytics.

It optimizes self-driving data centers with project Magna and accelerates the workforce transformation. One of the prominent features of the solution is lease management technology that allows you to set and expire leases easily based on pre-configuration. It offers straightforward and secure pacing plans to upgrade pro features.

#44 Bookingkit


Bookingkit is an online booking and reservation management software created for leisure activity and tour providers, including tour guides and Segway tours, etc. It is a modern style solution that automates a variety of tasks and offers a range of tools to administer better, market, and boost booking.

With the help of this solution, administrators can easily manage all their bookings, invoices, and communications with customers from one location. It also has a feature to get a complete overview and sync their experience availability in real-time with all activated channels, including their websites.

The best thing is that it integrates with a range of marketing and tour services providing platforms including TripAdvisor, MayDays, and lots of others. That means it helps you manage all your tour related tasks in one dashboard without any effort. There is also has an online payment system and support multiple payment options.

Bookingkit’s other prominent feature includes calendar management, multi-language support, coupon management, video and image gallery, channel management, and more. It is commercial software and offers four different price plans. Each plan has its own cost and core features.

#45 Resmark


Resmark is a reservation system that provides online booking and marketing automation services for rentals and lodging. It is a powerful solution that automatically guides guests through the critical travel stages such as booking, sharing and anticipating, etc. The software comes with all the leading tools and features that elevate your service, increase revenue, and save time.

Its key feature includes guest communication, feedback collection, custom forms, relationship management, and lead generation, etc. Resmark allows administrators to gather lead from several channels using its custom forms and import leads into the database as well as enable them to run customizable follow-up email campaigns at scheduled intervals. The software is also best for managers and allows them to create date-based products and modify rosters.

The most exciting fact about this solution is that it allows businesses to create a complete website to sell tours, and brands can easily add logos, images, and themes without any effort. Resmark starts with a basic level and now has thousands of users around the world. It can manage bookings for travel agents, activity desks, hotels and destination marketing campaigns, etc.

#46 Gigwell


Gigwell is a complete booking management solution that offers convenience and simplicity. The software feature a massive range of advanced tools that helps businesses maximize revenue and streamline more booking. With the help of this software, companies can manage their contracts, organizing calendars, and processing payments that save lots of time and effort.

One of the best and most exciting facts about this solution is that it offers a vast database of best venues and festivals that helps agencies to find the best places for their appearance and performance quickly. By using this, users can fill their open dates and maximizes their tour schedule for higher revenue. Gigwell comes with an automated ticket collection system that automatically generates tickets, reports, and analytics.

Gigwell also includes core features such as complete contact management, sales predictions, show performance reporting, mobile calendar, and more. It offers a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you can easily access all tools and features. Gigwell is commercial software and offers ten different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core advantages.

#47 Seq


Seq is a diagnosis software that provides you robust visibility to identify problems present in complex applications and microservices. Application logs assisting in predicting and solving various issues. Seq permits the natural solution to point out the events and patterns in essential applications that allow your system to behave well. It is the place of centralized logs file with some significant power to solve problems and built for advance logging based on a modern structure with a unique message template pattern.

You do not need to extract data and each event captured systematically and then sent to Seq in a clean pattern. Many libraries support message templates natively, such as Serilog and Nlog, that make the best platform for logging. In addition to logging, you can analyze and chart to create beautiful charts and dashboards, and besides alert and integrated service, it lets you update about the problem before its effect.

#48 NinjaRMM


NinjaRMM is an IT service management solution designed for both large and medium-sized businesses. This software comes with a lot of key features, including task automation tools. With the help of these tools, you can efficiently perform and automate a variety of tasks. The software comes to provide all the tools you need to enhance IT management that helps make you teach more efficiently and reduce costs.

It also offers background management, patch management, networking management system, remote controls, and repairing tools that make it an all-in-one solution. To use this, you must have a Mac or Windows device and provides a simple and easy understand dashboard where you can easily access it’s all tools and features.

NinjaRMM’s network management agent provides the capability to monitor all routers, printers, firewalls, and switches as well as configuration backup, etc. Just like most of the similar solutions, it also comes with a complete branding system that automates multiple tasks and helps to increase productivity. Endpoints, Cloud Engine, Activity Monitoring, Remediation, Remote Access, TeamViewer Integration, and User Access Control are also features of the solution.

#49 BookSteam


BookSteam is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software used to schedule and manage appointments, classes, and workshops without any effort. The software has thousands of users that help them to eliminate the trouble of conventional paper booking. With the help of these businesses can easily set up schedules for employees, create an appointment and send reminders, etc.

It is also best for clients and offers an online payment feature to book an appointment anytime anywhere. Just like most of the leading appointment and scheduling solutions, BookSteam also integrates with scheduling widgets and websites to accept bookings. As compared to all the other similar software, it is quite simple and offers a simple dashboard where users can easily access each tool and feature.

BookSteam’s most prominent feature induces 24/7 booking, calendar synchronization, client management tools, online payment, customer review, and much more. It is a commercial appointment and scheduling solution that comes with more than five different price plans. Each plan has its own cost and core advantages.

#50 Verlocal


Verlocal is a booking software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an all-in-one solution that focuses on user-friendliness and helps companies to save money and time. With the help of this, companies can manage their reservations seamlessly and directly facilitates booking from their official website. It is a powerful solution and supports unlimited bookings to help quickly scale their operations.

It is a feature-rich solution that makes it easier for businesses to manage their bookings. Its booking layouts are customizable and offer multiple templates. An expert team uniquely creates each model, and the user can easily choose and customize each one without any limitation. Verlocal comes with gift certificate features that help track customers who previously bought or redeemed the certificate.

One of the most exciting facts about this solution is that it comes with a light CRM solution that helps businesses to manage customer interaction more accurately and streamline processes. Verlocal’s key feature includes unlimited bookings, guest management, booking notes, customer history, vendor management, and more.