MoneyWell is a platform to adjust all of your income and expenses. Use this tool to get comprehensive charts and graph-based reports. It lets users proactively manage their spendings using the envelope budgeting system, keeping track of banking use, and the easy importing option.

The best about MoneyWell is that it is a multiplatform application. The best thing is that all versions are synchronized to use the same data from different platforms. MoneyWell is perfect for capturing all your financial transactions while you are in a checkout line. So, start using this tool and get a complete graphics detail on all of your spending and finances.


MoneyWell Alternatives

#1 CheckBook


CheckBook is a digital check register that enables the users to manage their bank and check records at a centralized place. One of the best features of CheckBook is that it works as a personal finance manager and maintains check records.

It was designed for Mac OS X, but now it is also available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. CheckBook is the next generation of powerfully simple finance that makes it easy for the individual and small enterprises to maintain their day to day expenses, income, and all types of cash flows.

CheckBook assists the users in maintaining every financial transaction and finding anyone anytime with a powerful search system. The user can also reconcile their accounts to the penny. The best about CheckBook is that it supports the accounts of other financial apps as well.


#2 GnuCash


GnuCash is a free accounting tool for individuals and small businesses to maintain mega-transactions right over their smartphones and tablets. GnuCash is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. This open-source accounting software lets its users manage the record of their day to day transactions.

Those small businesses that are looking for full-fledged accounting software are advised to use GnuCash and centralize their whole accounting department. The interface of GnuCash is so simple yet flexible and powerful that it assists the users to track their bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenses.

There is also a digital check register in the GnuCash app that is based on the international accounting frameworks to ensure accurate reports and balanced books. The advantages of using GnuCash are maintaining double-entry records, a digital cash register, the record of daily income and expenses, tracking transactions, graphs, and reports, etc.

GnuCash app conveys a perfect overview as well as the format of your business information. You ought to consider that it gobbles up CPU and memory, so the execution of your framework might be hampered. GnuCash gives a rich suite of components for dealing with your records and individual funds.

#3 You Need A Budget


You Need A Budget is a personal home budget management application that allows you to get things done in a way like never before. YNAB is an exceptional tool for you if you are worried about maintaining your budgets or unable to follow your budget.

You Need A Budget is a fine budget management tool that helps you maintain your budget from income and expenses to paying off debt and saving more money. Based on the simple accounting principles, YNAB lets its users quickly and efficiently control their money, debt credit limit and meet the financial goals.

YNAB app provides full control to the user over its financial transactions from paying off debt, wasting money to breaking paycheck to paycheck cycle, and much more. By following a few basic rules, everyone can maintain a good home budget and stick to that. YNAB is available for PC, Android, and iOS and helps everyone gain control of the financials.


#4 CalendarBudget


CalendarBudget is a finance management application. It lets its users break their record of expenses and wasting habits and turn them into savings. However, its unique feature is that it is web-based finance management software. So, there is no need to download and install any software. Just make an account and access it from anywhere. It is considered one of the best web-based money planners and budgeting software for maintaining personal financial issues. Without any planning and setting goals, it is impossible to reach the saving goals.

The advantages of using CalendarBudget keep a record of every transaction, calendar reminder system to remain update, track income and expense to monitor the saving and spending plan, check account balance anytime, set saving goals for future, no downloading, no installation a full-time accounting environment in the cloud, no complicated system.

#5 Mint


Mint is a web-based money management application. Check out what Mint can do; credit card records, bill due and payment records, bank register, bill management, budgeting & investment, credit score, etc. No downloading, no installing, use in the air.

Today in the world of technology, earning more is no more complicated, but managing the earning is the real one. Mint is that accounting software that lets its users manage all their financial matters at one centralized place of the Mint.

It is about your expenses or budgets or about saving goals. Mint is such a type of money management application that lets you maintain every financial transaction and meet your saving goals by breaking the habits of wasting money. So, use Mint and do some justice with your income. Mint is a simple, secure, and effortless way of controlling your financials and making the dream a reality.

#6 Controle.Finance


Controle.Finance is a web-based finance tool for managing your money. It enables the users to maintain and monitor the budget online. Managing income, expenses, investment, debt, and many other ledgers are part of this platform. This web-based platform will assist you in managing all your financial matters. It is integrated with all those tools that will assist you in managing your personal fiancé.

The advantages of using Controle.Finance is that it tracks income, expenses & investment, manages accounts in multiple currencies, imports excel expense tracking spreadsheets, generates custom reports, and much more. The user can also compare against expenses and get a clear overview by creating bar, pie, and line reports. It lets the users control unlimited transactions, use the unlimited number of categories & subcategories, use multiple currencies, and much more.

#7 Squirrel Books


Squirrel is a small business and accounts management application for Mac users. Experts in the accounting field design squirrel, and that’s why it provides high-quality accounts and budget management platforms. Squirrel Books provides expert accounting and bookkeeping services at prices that the user can afford. Squirrel Books also assist the users of QuickBooks to use their work in Squirrel Books as well. It is effortless to manage payroll, taxes, and much more.

The advantages of using Squirrel Book are accounts receivable & payable, invoicing, record journals, post general ledger, bank reconciliation statements, payroll processing, year-end W-2 & 1099 forms, comprehensive financial reports, and clean up bookkeeping. It helps in sales tax returns, payroll tax returns, business income tax returns, personal income tax returns, tax planning & guidance, estates & gift taxes, state individual & business income tax returns, trust tax returns, budget system command control, and many other features.

#8 Moneydance


Moneydance is a personal fiancé management application for Mac OS X. By using the Moneydance, the user can manage the crucial accounts effectively and efficiently. Moneydance is also best for managing multiple bank accounts. Besides of Mac OS X, Moneydance is also available for some other platforms as well. It is considered an –easy-to-use platform that lets the users manage every financial matter of theirs.

The best benefit of Moneydance is that it is integrated with all those features that are the necessity of the users, including online banking and bill payment, account management, budgeting & investment tracking. Moreover, Moneydance can handle accounts in various international currencies as well and performs a kind of financial task quickly and efficiently.

The other features and functions of Moneydance are online banking system, summary system, reports in a graphical view, various account registers, reminders, to-do lists, investment tracking, budgeting, financial controls, and much more.

#9 Jumsoft Money


Jumsoft Money is a financial tool for managing your economic life. By using this application, a user can keep the record of their daily income and expenses. Moreover, visa records, house loan, investment, assets records can also be maintained by Jumsoft Money. Jumsoft Money is available for Mac and iOS. Jumsoft Money is a powerful and secure application that helps the user to control their financial life.

It is effortless to oversee account balances, keep budgets, and to manage bank accounts, credit cards, assets, and cash by using the Jumsoft Money. The other features available in the straightforward platform of Jumsoft Money are creating and maintain different accounts in a single platform, and easy budgeting organizing and handling, smart scheduling, and controlling system.

It offers investment support and tracking system, advanced report generating system, multiple data files, direct downloading access anytime from anywhere, and much more. Jumsoft Money is one of the best finance management applications.

#10 Quicken


Quicken is a multipurpose personal finance management program that is used for meeting the requirements of personal financial management life. By using this program, the users can control the basic requirements of financial issues like money management, budgeting, income and expense management, and many more.

Quicken app is available on both Mac OS X and Windows Operating Systems. By using this personal finance management program, the users of both operating systems can get full command and control over each of their financial transactions. Quicken app provides complete financial solutions, bank-level security, see and track all of their bills, and other financial transactions in one place.

The app can be accessed from anywhere by sync it with the online account management system of Quicken. When it comes to reliability and accuracy, then Quicken provides the users with state of the art bank level of security and accuracy.

#11 Acorns


Acorns – Invest Spare Change has made it simple to invest the spare in your future. It is one of the best and easy to use app that helps you to spend and save in the background of life. The application has a community of more than three million people who can do it intuitively.

Acorns offer a painless investment of your spare change into a diversified portfolio of the ETFs of up to 7000 stocks and bunds automatically. With the help of this app, you can easily invest over time in recurring investments daily, weekly or monthly, and a one-time investment if you have extra cash.

The best part about Acorns is that it allows you to withdraw your amount anytime without any charges. Acorns include prominent features such as to invest as little as $5, easily spend over time, easy to use, the maximum time over time, watch the progress, high security, and more.

#12 Stash


Stash – Invest Learn Save is a Finance mobile application by Stash Invest for Android and iOS devices. Like all the other similar investing platforms, it also offers slight shares that let you invest how you want, no matter the share price. That means you only need $5 to start to invest in well-known stock and exchange-traded funds and themes that can help you create a balanced portfolio based on your beliefs.

It’s Auto- Stash feature lets you automate investing and saving so you can easily create wealth in the long run. It is a powerful application that offers coach features to help you navigate the world of investing through personalized challenges.

A complete variety of challenges to earn points, learn, and become the wealthier investor. Stash offers blog service where new articles and tips publish every to help you develop smarter financial habits and become a confident investor.

As compared to all the other similar applications, it offers lots of new tools and services to deliver and complete experience without any limitations. It introduces personal investment accounts, individual retirement account with all the tax benefits, and custodial investing accounts for children under 18. Stash also offers physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to deliver a complete security system.

#13 Qapital


Qapital is an easy to use Finance application that allows you to save money automatically and take control of your spending. It is a powerful application that offers three different options to save your money, such as Save Money on Autopilot, Spend and Get a master Checking account, and Invest let your money for you. Each one has its features and methods.

The application is specially made for those people who have extra money and want to save or invest in any business. It manages all the tasks and offers a reliable platform to manage your finance needs.

Its spending mode offers a free checking account with a Qapital visa Debit Card. This will help you stick your budget and take control of your spending by keeping you informed. It has a list of core features that make it better than others.

#14 Money View


Money View is a leading platform that offers all-in-one finance solutions such as track spends automatically, view bank account, set budgets, bill reminder, and much more. It is the best solution that empowers people to be more aware of their finances and to do better with their money pro-actively.

The most addictive thing about this platform is that it allows you to get a load of more than 2, 00, 000 in just a few hours to solve your financial problems. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is entirely secure and does not gain access to your personal information, bank OTP, password, and account number.

Money View is available to use on Android and web platforms, and you can access it anytime around India. The platform includes core features such as simple and easy to use, manage expenses, notifications, generate reports, set budgets, and much more.

#15 Stash Free


Stash Free is a personal finance and investing application that helps you to save and invest. The app is developed and published by Stash Invest, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices.

The application is specially designed for those who want to invest their amount in business and earn some commission. Unlike most of the other applications, Stash Free lets you buy fractional shares of stocks and funds, so you can quickly start investing with just $5. Through this app, you can explore a massive list of investments and build your portfolio while you learn to be a confident investor.

One of the best things about this platform is that it offers unlimited trading, education, and opportunity, and much more that makes it a comprehensive solution. The app also provides personal investment accounts, custodial accounts, and retirement account to invest for children under 18.

Each account has its benefits and lets you buy stocks, bonds, and funds with no add-on trading commissions. All Stash account comes with access to its new and education platform.

Read helpful guides and articles about investing, budgeting, and saving. Stay up-to-date on financial news and take quizzes to test your knowledge etc. There is also a massive range of unique features that make it more engaging.

#16 Cleo


Cleo is a platform that enables the users to track their spending, provides them a budget to save money, and offers a clear path to pursue their goals. The platform allows the users to know how to spend their money and on what they should spend it. Cleo provides a whole plan to its users to save their money to fulfill their dreams.

The application helps the users in saving money by evaluating what they can afford and what not through its AI technology. It allows the users to set goals, and with this platform, they can make it happen. Moreover, users can earn one percent of interest on their savings.

Cleo offers games and quizzes to allow the users to provide them financial awareness, and they can earn money through it. Lastly, the best thing about Cleo is, it automatically puts some money aside for the user every week.