NAPS2 Alternatives



NAPS2 stands for Not Another PDF Scanner 2. An OCR for scanning documents to PDF and other types of files. NAPS2 can be also used for transforming PDG, images and scanned based documents into a text editable formats and then manipulating them as well… read more

12 NAPS2 Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro is an all-in-one scanner and OCR program for scanning and saving documents in various type of file formats. Use Scanitto Pro for converting documents into the writable and editable mode. Scanitto Pro is a user-friendly and convenient yet powerful and advanced OCR application. Scanitto Pro is packed with the professional level of features and functions that are there to make the work of users easier and simpler. Scanitto Pro is recommended for those who are seeking for a comprehensive scanner and OCR for creating digital copies of PDF files, scanned images, documents, sketches, photos and any other type of scanned or image format files.

Some amazing features of Scanitto Pro support for almost all output file formats, powerful and advanced integrated OCT module, support for various international languages, single to multi-page documents creation option, compatible with all Windows operating systems versions, easy copy, paste & editing system, fully compatible with all drivers, etc.


2. SimpleOCR

A 100% free OCR and scanner that can be used for all type of purposes either it is about personal usage, educational need or for commercial purposes. The users will explore in SimpleOCR the best columns layouts, non-standard fonts, color correction, etc. If you are such type of user who dislike to write same documents every type or want to have a software that can convert the PDF files and scanned images into a text format then SimpleOCR is a software for you that will assist you in performing all these functions.

When it comes about accuracy and reliability of conversion then SimpleOCR provides accuracy up to 99%. If you want to use SimpleOCR for non-commercial purposes then SimpleOCR is totally free. Some interactive features of SimpleOCR are a large vocabulary & dictionary to support all words, format retention, image retention, plain text extraction, simplified error correction, single & batch OCR, zone OCR, etc.


3. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that lets the users convert scans, images and other types of PDF documents into those documents that can be edited easily and conveniently. ABBYY FineReader is regarded as one of the best OCR for its accuracy and functionality. It empowers the users to convert their scan images, PDF documents or other types of image-based documents into an editable format and then make changes easily as they want. ABBYY FineReader is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. ABBYY FineReader has four versions that are the sprint, professional, corporate and pro for Mac. The combined features of all these versions are scan & digitize paper, convert & create PDF, proofread conversion result, automation & batch processing, support for over 190 international languages networking licensing and much more. All these above-mentioned features and functions make the ABBYY FineReader the best choice for OCR. To the extent the transformation speed goes, this application is astonishing. CPU and memory assets are vigorously utilized, to be honest, however this is the value you pay for great yield comes about.


4. Prizmo

Prizmo is an OCR that is specially designed for Mac OS X. Prizmo lets the users of Mac OS X convert simple and complex images into text files and then edit them as per personal requirement. The unique function of Prizmo is that it lets the users scan even entire movie poster to grab what is written on it. There are many OCR available on the internet that work as a scanner only but thanks to Prizmo that works beyond scanning, Prizmo can be used for anything and for any purpose. Just take the picture of anything and then Prizmo will show you all details in a text format.

These are the some functions and features of Prizmo are user friendly interface, best extraction system with improved and interactive grid system, ultra-fast image procession tools & systems, supports for all input and output formats, task-based data processing, and many more.


5. Free OCR to Word

Free OCR to Word is for converting the image to Word or text format. Free OCR to Word is a free-to-use application for converting the image into word or text format and then edit them too. Avoid all type of tedious retyping and recreating work and simply use the Free OCR to Word for completing all these tasks with the help of an automated system. Free OCR to Word enables the users to convert all type of image, scan and PDF formats into text format. It actually works more than a scanner. Free OCR to Word also lets the users use scanned images or even images taken from the digital camera and within few click get an editable and searchable files in text or MS Word formats.

From scanning to processing advanced images and from getting high OCR accuracy to direct scanner connection, Free OCR to Word provides all type of features either it is about scanning simple images or scanning complex one.


6. OmniPage

OmniPage is an advanced and professional OCR for converting documents easily and fastly. It is for those who wants to save their precious time that is otherwise wasted because of doing repetitive nature of takes. Avoid unnecessary tasks and transform the paper environment of your office with the digital system of OmniPage that will let you change all your scanned and hard copies documents into files that you can edit, search and enhance their security as well.

OmniPage is available in three versions that are OmniPage Standard, OmniPage Ultimate and OmniPage Capture SDK 19. The basic function of all is to provide the integrated set of tools to users for scanning, OCR, ICR, OMR, PDF and document conversion. OmniPage is also best OCR for individuals, businesses, professional and developers for getting speed and accuracy. In addition to converting, the user can also send the set result directly to others or can simply save them also.


7. A9T9

A9T9 is an online platform for OCR where the users are required to upload they want to get in text format and then simply start the OCR and get the result in few minutes. A9T9 use the database of OCR API for performing OCR functions. The best about A9T9 is that it also lets the users instead of downloading the images first and then uploading at A9T9, directly insert the link of the image into the OCR engine of A9T9, select language from the available list of languages and go for OCR and after few minutes they will get the result of their task. The result will be provided in the form of text that the user can also download to save in their computer for further sharing or simply printing.

There is the only restriction for using A9T9 and that is image must be below the size of 5MB otherwise it will be rejected by the A9T9 for OCR purpose.



GOCR or JOCR is a free OCR software that can be used for converting scan images into the portable pixmap, PCX or text files. According to GOCR, it can even handle single-column sans serif fonts of twenty to sixty pixels in height. It then reports the result with Seri fonts, overlapping characters, handwritten text, heterogeneous fonts, noisy images, large angles of skew, and text in anything other than Latin alphabet. Moreover, GOCR is also capable in translating barcodes.

GOCR can be used in two options either use it as a standalone command lien application or use it as a backend to other programs, it will perform at both means efficiently and effectively. GOCR comes with gocr-tcl graphic interface and can be used as OCR engine in OCRFeeder as well. The image formats supported by GOCR are PNM, PBM, PCX, TGA, and PPM. Moreover, GOCR also converts another type of formats.


9. TopOCR

TopOCR is an OCR that is designed with the purpose of making it sure that user is getting a user-friendly and simple platform for scanning their books and magazine of all types that have been taken from the digital or mobile cameras. The best about TopOCR is that it integrates an image editor and word processor that are too integrated with advanced and multifunctional tools. The uniquely available function of TopOCR is ‘Real-Time Document Camera Image Preview and Capture Dialog’ that lets the users scan all type of images and convert them in text editable formats easily and conveniently.

All images input and output formats that are currently being functional in the industry are supported by the TopOCR. So, upload the file you want to convert, select you desired output format and even languages and get the file in a text format. TopOCR is one of the best OCR and text editor to make the work simple.


10. Readiris

Readiris is an OCR to make your paper environment paperless. Readiris is an OCR that has only one motto and that is no retyping, no paper, just smart documents. Readiris is a complete PDF toolbox that is used for converting documents without retyping. Readiris is the way to automate your business document processing. Readiris is for easily exporting all processed documents into favorite cloud hosting service in order to keep track of all files and documents anytime anywhere. Readiris is a powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use OCR. Some stunning features of Readiris are converting files to MS Office formats, audio files, and eBook. Readiris supports over 130 international languages. It is also used for automatically creating and recreating complex layouts. Readiris also integrates advanced documents editing tools that let the users create even their own eBooks and audio files. Moreover, Readiris also supports for table recognition that is its unique system.


11. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is for creating the paperless environment in your business place. Soda PDF is for both individuals and professionals to deal with their PDF files and documents as they want. Soda PDF is an all-in-one solution for all type of PDF files that lets the users convert and manage all for their files of all formats. Soda PDF also lets the users create even custom forms. Soda PDF is also used for annotating files. The other advantages and functions of Soda PDF are made you work the real one, create professional documents within seconds, take control of files, easy document revision system, support for over 300 file formats, tools for creating a paperless environment, directly store work to almost all cloud storage platforms and much more. Soda PDF is one of the best OCR and PDF manager application for your business that will provide you various deployment options and much more. For a paperless environment, Soda PDF is a software that you must use.


12. FreeOCR

Just like its name, FreeOCR is a free-to-use character recognition software (OCR) that lets the users convert as many scan images into an editable format as they want. FreeOCR is, in fact, the pack of free OCR and all are available for free to download. FreeOCR is for Windows operating systems that include the free OCR engine of Tesseract that is known as the best one OCR engine. There is also a Windows installer built-in in FreeOCR that supports almost all type of multi-page tiff’s, fax documents, scanned images, PDF files including compressed tiff’s.

FreeOCR can be used for extracting text from any image that you provide in the filtering engine of FreeOCR. Moreover, FreeOCR is totally free and there are no registration and hidden costs of using FreeOCR. Either it is about JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMO, PDF or another scan and image formats, FreeOCR is expert in converting all into text formats.

More About NAPS2

NAPS2 stands for Not Another PDF Scanner 2. An OCR for scanning documents to PDF and other types of files. NAPS2 can be also used for transforming PDG, images and scanned based documents into a text editable formats and then manipulating them as well. The best about NAPS2 is that it is a user-friendly OCR where every function can be performed by the user by one click only. Just chose your setting or set up multiple profiles for the carious type of devices and go for the task, NAPS2 lets the users save their documents (including PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP or other types), mail to friend or simply get the print.

Some interactive advantages of using NAPS2 are compatibility with WIA & TWAIN, all editing options from rotate to rearrange, identify text using OCR, availability of 20 international languages, powerful command tools for automation and scripting, and many more.