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NCSS is one of the best statistical software to get the accurate the comprehensive and easy to understand graphics and output of any text and numerical data. NCSS is a computer application for statistical and data analysis. NCSS includes over 230 documented statistical and plot procedures… read more

17 NCSS Alternatives & Similar Software


GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism is a cross-platform graphical representation data platform that delivers the solution of analyzing, graphical representation and presentation of data in two scientific format. GraphPad Prism is equally useful for both educational purpose and large enterprises to view the understandable statistics of the organization.


QuickCalcs is a combination of various calculators and statistical methods. The calculators available in QuickCalcs can be used for categorical data, continuous data, statistical distributions & interpreting P values, random numbers, chemical & radiochemical data, analyzing, etc.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a data visualization platform for the graphical representation of data and getting the in depth sight of the business within few minutes. Tableau Desktop contains the almost all those tools and instruments that provide the business owners with the complete business solution of all of their complex data issues.


Analytica is the alternate of old and traditional spreadsheets and data representations tools that are used for building and representing the business models. The easy to use formation system of Analytica enable the business persons and other designers and developers to easily create the models they are thinking about.

R Project

R Project is a platform for statistical computing to statistically explore the datasets and convert any kind of text based data into graphs. R Project is a freeware application for statistical graphing and computing.


GenStat is a statistical and data analysing tools that is basically the pack of statistic tools and packages. GenStat delivers the users with the simple platform that is further integrated with a comprehensive system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language.


OriginLab is a data analysis tool that provide the engineers and scientist with the technical charts and system for 2D and 3D plotting and all kind of fitting including curve and peak fitting.


Lisrel is a scientific and statistical tool that provide the basic models and methods for structural equation modeling. The structural equation modeling system of Lisrel provide the users with the system of management of data of almost all fields like social & management sciences, biological & behavioral sciences, and other professions to empirically assess their respective models and theories.


Maple is a technical computing and statistic software that is basically designed for the engineers and mathematicians for performing data analysing and analytic functions. Maple is integrated with the technical features and solutions of symbolic computation, and provide the various other solutions for engineering.


SigmaPlot is a graphing and scientific data analyzer that contains the solution of the basic graphing needs of the users. SigmaPlot is a graphing, statistic and scientific data analyzer for creating exact graphs quickly and easily.


Xlstat is for getting the perfect data analysis in MS Excel. Xlstat work as standalone system and also with the MS Excel by integrating into the MS Excel. It is widely used data application that integrated as an add-in the MS Excel.


Pathomx is a graphing and data analysing tool for fasting the analysis process with the interactive data workflows built on Pathomx. The drag and drop and multivariate analysing tools of Pathomx allow the users to speed up their analysis with the data workflows system of Pathomx that are based on the Python.


InStat is the replacement for the heavy and complex statistical program that is designed for the engineers and scientist. InStat integrates the basic features of statistical jargon and data analysing system that lets the users analyze their data in various formats within few minutes.


Stata is a professional level of statistical program for the professional that is integrated with the basic statistics packages and data management tools. Stata is not a single data analysing tool;

StatSoft Statistica

StatSoft Statistica is a highly comprehensive data management suite for dealing with a large set of data and getting the statistical analysis of that data. StatSoft Statistica is not about statistical analysis of data only;


JMP is a data representation tool that empowers the engineers, mathematicians and scientists to explore the any of data visually. From a single purpose to meeting the specific requirements, JMP contains the solution for all.


Wabbitemu is an accurate emulator for Texas Instruments based calculators TI-73 to TI-86. It is a most popular emulator for Z80 calculator that offers animated screenshots, keystroke logging and save states etc.

More About NCSS

NCSS is one of the best statistical software to get the accurate the comprehensive and easy to understand graphics and output of any text and numerical data. NCSS is a computer application for statistical and data analysis. NCSS includes over 230 documented statistical and plot procedures. The best about NCSS is that it exports and imports almost all major databases, spreadsheets, and statistical file formats. NCSS is a robust yet easy to use graphics and statistical program that can be used by academia, medical research, and business research purpose. NCSS delivers the users with the system of easy to use and highly customizable various graphics and statistical tools that let the users to easily visualize and analyze the data. NCSS comes with the basic solutions and integration of advanced level of documentation. Either you are researcher or business professional, within few steps you can get the meaningful and reliable numeric result and easy to understand graphics. The users can start with their own independent data and start from the initial level. In the same manner they can also directly go for the desired analysis as well and start from the same level also. It is not about analysing only; NCSS offers the users with and advanced data management system as well to explore the advanced level of features to manage the all type of data.

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