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NCSS is one of the best statistical software to get the accurate the comprehensive and easy to understand graphics and output of any text and numerical data. NCSS is a computer application for statistical and data analysis. NCSS includes over 230 documented statistical and plot procedures… read more

17 NCSS Alternatives & Similar Software


1. GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism is a cross-platform graphical representation data platform that delivers the solution of analyzing, graphical representation and presentation of data in two scientific format. GraphPad Prism is equally useful for both educational purpose and large enterprises to view the understandable statistics of the organization. It is a way to represent the data in a 2D graphing and statistical way. The main technical features of GraphPad Prism are statistical comparison system, column statistics, linear regression & correlation, non-linear regression, clinical lab statistics and many more. The availability of the unique system of analysis checklist allows the users to check the data for possible errors after finishing the data. By this, the users can ensure the accuracy of the data. This system provides the solutions for checking the independency of errors, unpairing of data, easily comparing of two groups, nonparametric test and many others. Although is designed for making the work easy and simple but it is basically for carrying on the complex level of tasks. At the same time, the users can carry on the multiple tasks and all the part of the work will be linked with each other.


2. QuickCalcs

QuickCalcs is a combination of various calculators and statistical methods. The calculators available in QuickCalcs can be used for categorical data, continuous data, statistical distributions & interpreting P values, random numbers, chemical & radiochemical data, analyzing, etc. Simply move to the official website of QuickCalcs to access all these calculators and choose that one that you want to use. The categorical data calculator of QuickCalcs provide the users with the solution of the data of Fisher’s, Chi Square, McNemar’s, and NNT. Continuous data system contains the solution for descriptive statistics, detect outlier, multiple compression tests and various other tests. Then comes the statistical distribution and P values interpretation system that is basically used to calculate the various test values. In short all these scientific calculator of QuickCalcs are best for data analysis and provide the users with the best system for creating and converting the even molar solutions and performing various other functions as well.


3. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a data visualization platform for the graphical representation of data and getting the in depth sight of the business within few minutes. Tableau Desktop contains the almost all those tools and instruments that provide the business owners with the complete business solution of all of their complex data issues. Tableau Desktop is one of the best data representer and analyzer that keeps the work in flow. It is very easy and simple to use platform that is integrated with the hundred times faster solution for almost all business problems regarding data representation. The drag and drop system of Tableau Desktop make it easy for the users to leverage their business skills and get the best possible output from the analytics and graphs reporting tools of the Tableau Desktop. It is not ended here; the users can even work at multiple tasks at once and they can connect the all of their data as well. Either you are working in SQL database, spreadsheet or in the Hadoop; Tableau Desktop will provide you with the system of connecting all these at a centralized platform and accessing the same from a single platform as well. At last there is sharing system for a better team collaboration and perfect data guided decision making system.


4. Analytica

Analytica is the alternate of old and traditional spreadsheets and data representations tools that are used for building and representing the business models. The easy to use formation system of Analytica enable the business persons and other designers and developers to easily create the models they are thinking about. They can even make collaboration with the other team members as well by utilizing the communication tools of the Analytica. It is a platform that is used for creating, analyzing, and communicating quantitative decisions models. It is also used for decision making, information visualization, numerical analysis, etc. There is an independent system of Analytica named Monte Carlo that enables the users with the system of quickly evaluate risk and uncertainty and find out the solution for the variable data as well. Analytica is one of the best visual software that provide the intuitive environment for creating, exploring and sharing the quantitative models. The main highlighted features of Analytica are diagram, model hierarchy, flexibility, solution for risk & uncertainty, fast execution & development, highly optimized, sharing system, elegant integration with the other tools and databases as well. Analytica is equally useful for all kind of users and business persons.


5. R Project

R Project is a platform for statistical computing to statistically explore the datasets and convert any kind of text based data into graphs. R Project is a freeware application for statistical graphing and computing. The best about R Project is that it is a multiplatform application that runs on UNIX-based operating systems, Windows, and Mac. R Project contains the language and environment for graphics to access the certain system functions. R Project is capable of running any program that is stored in the script files. R Project is useful for the data miners and statisticians for building the data analysis and statistical software. It combines the features of S programming language along with the lexical scoping. R Project is integrated with an extensive range of graphical and statistical features alongside classical statistical tests, time-series analyses, classification, nonlinear modeling and linear modelling. The best about R Project is that in addition to all these statistical features, the instruments of R-Project can be extend more via the third party extensions and functions. R Project is not about statistical features only; it has the solution for programming as well and provide the dozens of programming features in the shape of command line interpreter as well.


6. GenStat

GenStat is a statistical and data analysing tools that is basically the pack of statistic tools and packages. GenStat delivers the users with the simple platform that is further integrated with a comprehensive system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language. GenStat performs two basic functions of data analysing and statistical representation. For data analyzer, GenStat work as data analyzing tools and for statisticians, it work as statistical tool. All depends upon the essence of the work of the users. However, both type of users will be provided with the system of an easy to use menu based interface and powerful flexible system to organize the work throughout the project. All this will be supported by the command language interface of the GenStat. The main strength of GenStat is the availability of an extensive range of statistical and data analysing techniques that have been designed by the professional statisticians of the world. The list of features includes the solution for basic statistics, analysis of designed experiments and linear mixed models, microarray analysis, spatial analysis, time series, statistical process & control methods, survival analysis and many others. In short, GenStat provide the solution for all kind of data analysing and statistic issues.


7. OriginLab

OriginLab is a data analysis tool that provide the engineers and scientist with the technical charts and system for 2D and 3D plotting and all kind of fitting including curve and peak fitting. OriginLab is the one of the best data and scientific analysing platform that is used for the all kind of statistical representation of data. OriginLab is the tailored with the requirements of the engineers and scientist that delivers the both with the easy to use interface and the ability for advanced users to customize the graphing and analysis tool of the OriginLab. OriginLab provide the highly customized and configurable themes, custom reports, templates, and even the programming and batch processing. First, of all there is proper system of workbooks, notes taking and graphs making that will reduce your dependency on the traditional spreadsheet platform. The single workbook of OriginLab provide the almost ninety million rows and seventy thousands columns. The users can even add the embedded or floating graphs in their work as well. The custom reports and analysis templates of OriginLab provide the users with a comprehensive system for automating repetitive tasks. There are almost hundred plus graphs in the OriginLab that allow the users to create quality graphs according to the data requirement.


8. Lisrel

Lisrel is a scientific and statistical tool that provide the basic models and methods for structural equation modeling. The structural equation modeling system of Lisrel provide the users with the system of management of data of almost all fields like social & management sciences, biological & behavioral sciences, and other professions to empirically assess their respective models and theories. Most of the theories and models are mostly formulated as theoretical models for latest and observed variables. The latest version of the Lisrel includes the various other statistical applications that are used for structural equation modeling, data manipulations, basic statistical analyses, generalized linear modeling, generalized linear modeling for multilevel data, and for non-linear and hierarchical modelling. Lisrel is the best choice for the standard and multilevel structural equation modelling. From data manipulation to data generation and from data transformation to logistic regression, Lisrel contains the solution for all type of statistical issues and data analysing. If you are looking for a statistical tool to get a control over the complex survey designs then here is the Lisrel whose multilevel system will provide you with the system of control on multilevel linear and non-linear models to conduct the complex survey designs. The list of models in Lisrel for sampling distributions include the multinomial, Bernoulli, binomial and few others.


9. Maple

Maple is a technical computing and statistic software that is basically designed for the engineers and mathematicians for performing data analysing and analytic functions. Maple is integrated with the technical features and solutions of symbolic computation, and provide the various other solutions for engineering. Maple is a way to reduce the development risk and ensure the better products. Maple combines those features that make it easy for the users to analyze, explore, and visualize the mathematical problems. By using the Maple the users will not be forced to utilize the simple tools only as Maple provide the users with lot of tools and allow them to choose from various mathematical models and usability making it perfect for both the educators and researchers. Maple is way to organize the multiple projects and apps by using the intuitive workbooks of Maple. The main highlighted features of Maple that can be said as advantages of using Maple are system for performing the new operations, solve the all kind of mathematical problems, availability of intuitive & flexible data frames, system for creating the complex level of interactive apps, perform calculations with the thermophysical system, statistical analysis and visualization tools. And lot of others. Maple is beyond the data analysing functions.


10. SigmaPlot

SigmaPlot is a graphing and scientific data analyzer that contains the solution of the basic graphing needs of the users. SigmaPlot is a graphing, statistic and scientific data analyzer for creating exact graphs quickly and easily. The advantages of using SigmaPlot are that it quickly create exact graphs, easy data visualization, publish chart & graphs anywhere, data analysis, etc. SigmaPlot works beyond a simple spreadsheet system and assists the users in précising their work. It assists the users in creating the high-quality graphs within minute instead of spending unlimited hours in front of traditional data analysing platforms. SigmaPlot integrates the most of the features of MS Office as well that lets the users to easily access their data from the MS Excel spreadsheets and workbooks and present them even in the form of presentation in the MS PowerPoint. Most of the features along with dashboard of SigmaPlot is based on the basic structure of the MS Excel and PowerPoint. However, SigmaPlot is one step advanced as compared to the SigmaPlot as it offers the most advanced graphs and publication quality charts. It provides the users with more options for modelling, graphing and charting from simple to the complex technical data as compared to the other graphics software.


11. Xlstat

Xlstat is for getting the perfect data analysis in MS Excel. Xlstat work as standalone system and also with the MS Excel by integrating into the MS Excel. It is widely used data application that integrated as an add-in the MS Excel. Being a cross-platform application, Xlstat can be used from both Windows and Max OS X operating systems. The three main advantages of using Xlstat are availability of intuitive statistical and data analysing environment, easy integration into the MS Excel and the availability of almost two hundred features. The features that are the part of the Xlstat are designed keeping in view the individual business requirements of the most of the businesses. All version of Xlstat provide the essential statistical functionalities and tools that are designed according to the need of the users. The core highlighted features of Xlstat are user friendly system for getting a grip on scientific work, solutions for almost all fields, availability in multiple international languages, availability of dialog boxes to organize the both data analysis and interpretation of results and support for both automation and customization. The statistical tools and features of Xlstat can be used either by default or can be modified according to the personal requirements as well.


12. Pathomx

Pathomx is a graphing and data analysing tool for fasting the analysis process with the interactive data workflows built on Pathomx. The drag and drop and multivariate analysing tools of Pathomx allow the users to speed up their analysis with the data workflows system of Pathomx that are based on the Python. Pathomx is especially for the scientist and engineers by using which they can get and access to open source, custom tools and scripts. Pathomx is one of the best workflow based analysing platform that delivers the high quality analytical tools to the users that maximize the usability. It lets the users to create the simple to complex analysis workflows including the univariate and multivariate through the simple to drag and drop interface of the Pathomx. The tools and features that are available in the Pathomx are highly customizable and configurable that lets the users to instantly create and finish any project and immediately analyze the result. The prototype scripts created via Pathomx can be export or share with other users as well. It is a free and open source tool for the scientist that is created by the professional scientist. The drag & drop analysis, multivariate analysis, pathway visualization and custom scripting are the four basic advantages that can be accessed via using the Pathomx.


13. InStat

InStat is the replacement for the heavy and complex statistical program that is designed for the engineers and scientist. InStat integrates the basic features of statistical jargon and data analysing system that lets the users analyze their data in various formats within few minutes. The five main advantages of using InStat are step by step guide to starting the statistical analysing process, clear analysis choices along with explanations, easy to understand results, and unique style of analysis checklists to reconcile the data. Analysing the data is not a big deal and graphical representation of data is also very simple but ensuring the usage of right data and the perfect result is a serious matter that need consideration. There is a proper analysis checklist system in the InStat that can be said as the reconciliation system for the verification of data. InStat delivers a double check system to verify the data that have not violated the any of assumption set by the users. This system lets the users select that test that is in aligning with the experimental design set by the users. In that’s way, InStat ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data. Specify your goal and get to that in real-time.


14. Stata

Stata is a professional level of statistical program for the professional that is integrated with the basic statistics packages and data management tools. Stata is not a single data analysing tool; it is basically the set of the various graphs and statistical data representation tools that are based on the need of the users. it can be used by any discipline then be it is behavioral sciences, educational institutes, medicine industry, public policy, biostatistics, epidemiology, public health or any other. Stata is the giant house of unlimited features in which there are many that may be common for you but there are dozens that will be surely new for you. The best about these features is that these further opened into other categories make it easy for the users to go with any of them. The ultimate aim of all these features is to make the work of users simple and easy. The main highlighted features that are the part of the Stata are the availability of all kind of linear models, time series, data management system, survival analysis, availability of unlimited graphics, multilevel mixed effects models, power & sample size system, basic statistics tools, treatment effects, statistical methods and dozens of others.


15. StatSoft Statistica

StatSoft Statistica is a highly comprehensive data management suite for dealing with a large set of data and getting the statistical analysis of that data. StatSoft Statistica is not about statistical analysis of data only; it also work as a simple to use predictive analytics platform as well that present the real-time and in-depth picture of the data. StatSoft Statistica allows the users to embed the analytics results of StatSoft Statistica everywhere and get the high level of success in the industry. By using the StatSoft Statistica the users will get the advantages of embedding analytics, empowering the people and accelerating the innovation in the internal environment of the organization. The first and utmost purpose of any data analysing and statistical analysing tool is to provide the users with the system of making the best decisions at the perfect time. Thanks to StatSoft Statistica that in addition to providing the real-time picture of the business provide the users with the system of making the right decisions as well. By using the StatSoft Statistica, the business persons can easily predict, plan and anticipate the quality issues on right time that they had never before. It is the perfect way to deliver the scoring solutions and meeting the demand of external stakeholders on time.


16. JMP

JMP is a data representation tool that empowers the engineers, mathematicians and scientists to explore the any of data visually. From a single purpose to meeting the specific requirements, JMP contains the solution for all. JMP is based the system of interactivity, comprehensive, customization and extensibility that means the modification system of JMP according to specific requirement of the users. JMP is a way to touch the unexpected results by utilizing the highly advanced features of JMP that are available in the shape of data acquisitions, data cleanup, data visualization, basic data analysis system, filter & subset of data, design of experiments, statistical modeling, what-if analysis, sharing of results and dozens of others. The above mentioned features of JMP are enough to tell about the JMP what it can do for its users; either use it for the reliability analysis or consumer and market research; JMP will never let you down. The best about JMP is that it permits the users to start from any format of data and then get the output in any other format as well. The databases system of enable the users to catalog their massive amount of data and information and visually organize the any transaction.


17. Wabbitemu

Wabbitemu is an accurate emulator for Texas Instruments based calculators TI-73 to TI-86. It is a most popular emulator for Z80 calculator that offers animated screenshots, keystroke logging and save states etc. It is available to use on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac and Android etc. The software requires a ROM image. Wabbitemu includes an easy to use setup wizard that will help you to create a ROM image for your TI. It is one of best and easy to understand software. After the installation, you need to bring up the menu by clicking the left edge of the screen. One of the best and most interesting things about this software is that it offers customization option that allows you to change emulator setting in order to improve your working experience. Do try it out, it is one of the best calculators for everyone.

More About NCSS

NCSS is one of the best statistical software to get the accurate the comprehensive and easy to understand graphics and output of any text and numerical data. NCSS is a computer application for statistical and data analysis. NCSS includes over 230 documented statistical and plot procedures. The best about NCSS is that it exports and imports almost all major databases, spreadsheets, and statistical file formats. NCSS is a robust yet easy to use graphics and statistical program that can be used by academia, medical research, and business research purpose. NCSS delivers the users with the system of easy to use and highly customizable various graphics and statistical tools that let the users to easily visualize and analyze the data. NCSS comes with the basic solutions and integration of advanced level of documentation. Either you are researcher or business professional, within few steps you can get the meaningful and reliable numeric result and easy to understand graphics. The users can start with their own independent data and start from the initial level. In the same manner they can also directly go for the desired analysis as well and start from the same level also. It is not about analysing only; NCSS offers the users with and advanced data management system as well to explore the advanced level of features to manage the all type of data.