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New Centurions published and developed by FantaSoft LLC is an RPG, Strategy, and Single-player video game. The game centers on the group of new police who tries to patrol different streets of Los Angeles. Roy Fehler, a law student, along with his family, joins the LAPD… read more

13 New Centurions Alternatives & Similar Games for PC


1. Xenonauts

Xenonauts attracts greatly on the sci-fi universe of the original X-COM to make a very familiar turn based tactical adventure. The video game isn’t only a clone though with lots of enhancements that permit it to stand own feet and never lean too seriously on the reputation of X-COM. Just like the original smash hit the game-play is divided between two key elements; the tactical turn based combat and also the global management where you will improve your troops and very carefully consider your ongoing strategy while ensuring you maintain air superiority.The enhancements to the worldwide security aspect of the game are well welcomed in Xenonauts with improved systems making it simpler to handle the world defenses through randomized occasions which players are alerted to rather than being saved in the dark about the events around the world. The opportunity to battle against incoming UFOs with your personal fighter jets in real-time combat is another great addition and provides players more control over this aspect of Xenonauts.


2. Battle World: Kronos

Battle World: Kronos is a Turn Based Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game along with a battle structured video game the game enables you to participate into campaigns, skirmishes and wars to your opponents with the Yerla Faction. You are able to manage your current troop units, teach them and workout the most advanced weaponry against your enemies. This game allows you to explore the game world. You can play the video game on the web with your friends in multiplayer gaming mode. Battle World: Kronos provides two such campaigns, one where you’ll struggle for the Yerla faction and yet another for the Rebels in that play out very differently. All up you may expect 40-50 hours of gameplay well above most advanced day games which ensures excellent value for money before you even take into account the multi-player. Battle World: Kronos is a video game for the veterans of the genre that don’t mind a top difficultly bar and a really lengthy game which throws situation after situation at you.


3. Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena provides the most popular board game into the online world using a turn based strategy game having a similar vibe to Dofus or Wakfu thanks to the assets borrowed using their particular game worlds. In Krosmaster Arena gamers need to generate their unique team of heroes and apply their unique skills to assert victory. With more than One hundred of these figurine characters to select from players are certainly spoilt for option. Despite this the video game boasts a simple to understand experience which is light-hearted but also fiercely aggressive amongst the higher ranks. For gamers that are looking for to ease themselves into Krosmaster Arena they require not walk directly into Player vs Player (PvP) either with PvE modes along with a campaign and also dungeon mode each of which are a good supply of in game currency (Kroz) which may consequently be used to unlock Krosboxes which contain the effective Krosmasters (your heroes). As the colorful graphics may suggest the video games audience is a young one, experts of turn based strategy video games will be happily surprised by what they find in the video game depths, especially after they get into the colourful as well as competitive PvP the game offers.


4. Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance 2 is one of the older tactical role playing games. Set in a little fictional country the sheer quantity of choices along with randomized components guarantees greater than a single play through. Your adventure will give you across Arulco, a tiny location ruled by a ruthless master. As you may expect your task in this game is to dump the master for good by using the local citizens and militia. The tools at your disposal in this fight are the huge selection of variants of mercenaries that you can recruit as well as equip them with all the necessary weapons and skills. Unlocking all of this equipment and also the choice to hire new and more mercenaries is in your hands and that actually makes the game more interesting and it includes an excellent flow in the play as you go from rag-tag team to well-equipped deadly team. Personality stats and skills also play a huge role that slowly develops as your mercenaries perform actions during the gameplay. With all the fantastic drama and hardcore battles, Jagged Alliance 2 is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.


5. Wakfu

Wakfu is a free to play MMORPG which utilises a turn based tactical battle style over more traditional MMO mechanics. The first adventure in Wakfu serves as both the guide and also the story foundation. You’ll likewise be able to select one of several 15 available classes, these aren’t your standard archetypes either having a unique lack of your standard warriors and also mages contained in the game. With a few very exciting skill designs this can be quite possibly the hardest decision you will need to make in the Wakfu universe. The gameplay of this game is based on gamers exploring the game world finishing quests, taking part in the community, utilizing the economy, impacting the ecosystem and a lot more. Gamers are free to roam the video game world like traditional MMORPGs although combat takes place on a turn based game field when an opponent is experienced. The most known feature of Wakfu though is the impact which gamers have on the video game environment. You won’t find mass re-spawning in Wakfu that really enables entire types of enemies to become seriously diminished in an area as well as extinct entirely for a duration of time.


6. Heroes of Steel RPG

Select your party of 4 adventurers and apply them to reclaim humanity in Heroes of Steel Role-play game, a game available on many platforms that focuses on the combat aspects of tactical RP games. If you desire the combat of the genre but don’t need a lot of the extra content Heroes of Steel RPG is your perfect adventure. To begin your adventure gamers will establish their party of four characters that is pretty restrictive by typical standards. Each party slot is restricted to a specific character archetype with simply two selections for each one of these slots available. These slots force gamers to create a team made up of a fighter, mage, healer and also rogue which each have their own utility, skills, growth and also equipment restrictions. The basic approach to mechanics makes Heroes of Steel RPG completely suited to the mobile environment with very few some other games providing the same degree of content while keeping a minimalist design.


7. Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse mixes turn based tactics, cyberpunk as well as real-time turns together for one of the very most unique games you’ll play in the genre. Using a huge single player campaign to coach you in the mechanics and offer lots of challenge combined with the lots of multiplayer options the strategy never stops. The historical past of this tactical experience is a dystopian cyberpunk long term where gamers are the strategic leader assigned to an increasing faction of opposition fighters. These fighters battle against the oppressive government regime that plays out around a story based campaign with unique missions where your goal is generally to get rid of the enemy units which are existing. Having a wealth of multi-player game settings, options as well as rankings to increase the life of Frozen Synapse well behind the first campaign the challenge, discovery and also enjoyable simply never stops.


8. Dead State

Dead State includes the expanding demand for zombie themed video games along with traditional turn based RPGs to provide a long zombie themed adventure. Set soon after the zombie apocalypse begins you will command your number of survivors inside the fictional Texas town while you scavenge and also discover while keeping control over your home base, an abandoned school. Provided a lot of different mechanics that Dead State employs it’s quite simple for gamers to have completely different experiences. This is mostly because of the lack of the direction in the game that allows you to choose you’re upcoming move instead of being guided by a pre-specified path. Dead State has some good components to the experience and also some poor ones. If you are prepared to turn a blind eye to some of these issues though the great deal of content as well as zombie theme is still enjoyable.


9. Braveland Wizard

Braveland Wizard builds on the original turn based adventure by presenting a fresh Wizard hero for gamers to command. With lots of other improvements ensuring a longer and a lot more fulfilling adventure the video game is bound to captivate fans of tactical turn based video gaming and also the original Braveland experience. Accessible across several platforms and also providing three different difficulty levels Braveland Wizard is obtainable to both players returning to the franchise or beginners to the genre. Your experience begins with a newly graduated wizard at the command and a quantity of apprentices because the seek to explore the planet which help people on the way. The addition of dungeons you are able to farm and a detailed skill tree make the sequel an excellent enhancement within the original. Braveland Wizard isn’t immune from the issues of the very first game though as it still suffers from being a short game experience within limited replay potential.


10. Starcraft

Starcraft is a Military-themed, Sci-fi, Real-time Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the first entry in the franchise of Starcraft.

The game takes place in the fictional world during the 25th century. The plot of the game revolves around three factions fighting against each other to dominate the Milky Way called the Koprulu Sector. The three species are the Terrans (Humans from Earth), the Protoss (Humanoid species having advanced technologies), the Zerg (a race of Aliens).


11. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is an addictive, Role-playing, Action, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed and published Sega. The game offers a combination of turn-based, exploration, and Military elements.

It takes place in the fictional environment of WWII divided and ruled by 2 Super Powers such as the Federation and the Empire. The Empire set its border and shares with two superpowers to defend and protect its resources.


12. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel develops in the apocalyptic setting which the Fallout galaxy is recognized for and also opts for a strategic RPG method ensuring that plenty of strategy, customization and story to be liked. In this game a fresh new squad in the Brotherhood of Steel faction you can accept mission after mission inside the wasteland when you enable inhabitants and discover yourself in the center of a desperate and apparently endless war. Just like alternative additions to the Fallout world players can also enjoy several endings based on their selections through their adventure which does motivate a replay factor. The majority of adventures are activated from the general in charge of the sand who instructs your team to complete a certain goal. The destinations are quite varied and range from abandoned factories and villages to military camps and vaults.


13. The Banner Saga

Go into the world of Vikings in The Banner Saga an experience full of great story and strategic role playing factors. With essential decisions falling to you players are able to guide the path of their caravan because they cross a harsh and forgiving landscape. The story with this Viking fantasy adheres to the adventures of the caravan when you attempt to survive attacks from the Dredge, a competition that looks for war and despises the human race. Gamers will face a lot of challenging choices while they try to seek the weakness of Bellower, the fearless and near invincible innovator of the Dredge. The Banner Saga offers a very mature adventure and makes you take responsibility to your choices and subsequent actions.

More About New Centurions

New Centurions published and developed by FantaSoft LLC is an RPG, Strategy, and Single-player video game. The game centers on the group of new police who tries to patrol different streets of Los Angeles. Roy Fehler, a law student, along with his family, joins the LAPD. He becomes a partner with veteran patrolman Kilvinski and struggles to develop a good rapport with others in the surrounding environment.

The player has to get into the role of the protagonist and perform numerous tasks to seek out various points. During the gameplay, the character gets exposed to the seedier side of life and comes across some talented teachers. Over time the player performs numerous activities and achieves his objectives.

It enables the player to take and even complete multiple quests to proceed further. He is capable of jumping into the modern-day Los Angeles and get different experiences. Throughout his journey, the player comes across various hazards, goes on some adventurous places, and gets multiple rewards.

The game offers different levels and requires the player to complete all of them to win. New Centurions includes some features such as Turn-based, Isometric, Top-down Perspective, Enhanced Mechanics, Soundtrack, Interactive Gameplay, Great Graphics, and more.

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