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PaperPort is a commercial document management software used for working with scanned documents. With this solution, you can manage your documents quickly, easily, and cost-effective. It is known as the world’s leading desktop document management solution that helps you to scan, organize, find, and share all of your documents, PDFs, word processing files, and images… read more
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10 PaperPort Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. Opendias

Opendias is a professional document scanning and storage utility for the home user. It provides document storage and document work-flow application to the home or small business users. With the help of this platform, you can easily store your letters, bills, statements, and all the other important documents in a convenient, safe, and easily retrievable way.

It is an alternative to PaperPort and offers all the vital services and features. Its image document using a scanner or import PDF, ODF, or everyday images. Use OCR on these documents to extract the raw text. The assign a name, date, and other user data for easy indexing.


2. iMeet Central

iMeet Central is a cloud-based Project Management, Collaboration, File Sharing, and Workflow solution for all sizes of businesses. It helps teams, marketers, and large companies collaborate more effectively.

The solution connects people across teams, time zones, and continents. With iMeet Central, you can also create online workspaces where team members can easily collaborate around common goals as well as share files and centralize communication to enhance your team’s productivity.


3. Simple Doc Organizer

Simple Doc Organizer is an intuitive and easy to use software that allows you to archive, organize, and manage your documents and save them on local or server database. It provides you with the possibility to manage your all kind of documents by creating an organized archive containing classified documents.

The solution also allows you to import scanned images as the application support most TWAIN-compatible scanners. Also, the program displays detailed information and statistics about your documents and dossiers giving you a glimpse of how many files are currently stored in your database and how much free space is available to use.


4. eDoc Organizer

eDoc Organizer is the world’s leading solution that helps you share and manage all your critical documents. It provides a small business local application and enterprise web-based solution. You can be easily integrated into any size company and is an excellent solution for all the industries.

This easy to use software comes with OCR in seven major languages that provide versioning and user permissions. One of the most interesting facts about this application is that it offers online backup features and customization options that allow you to create a custom document and edit all your tasks easily.


5. Scan to PDF

Scan to PDF is a free to use solution that is compatible with a variety of Windows operating systems designed to turn scanned documents and images into the PDF files. Though lots of scanners come with software designed to transfer the photo to the desktop computer, this free program makes sure you can create a high-quality PDF file in an instant.

Scan to PDF is a quite simple and easy to use solution that turns your all kinds of documents into PDFs with just a single click. It offers an intuitive and straightforward user interface that solution can be operational within a matter of minutes.


6. Globodox

Globodox is another scalable document management software that is specially designed to enable medium or large organizations to quickly and securely manage and share documents. The solution features an integrated set of tools that lets you scan, search, secure, and share documents to keep an audit trail.

Using its workflow, you can route documents electronically to help you automate your business processes. Globodox is a complete solution that allows you to manage your report in more ways than you imagine.


7. FileCenter

FileCenter is a Window-based document management and the scanning software that is the most sought-after a replacement for PaperPort. The solution stores your files on your Windows file system and NOT in complex databases. It is best for all sizes of offices and has more than 50 000 users around the world who can use it to manage their documents.

As compared to all the other similar solutions, it is quite simple to use a solution; you need to add it to your system and edit your document. It uses the window file system to store files and eliminating a complex database.


8. ecoDMS

ecoDMS is a powerful document management solution that automates your document processes with revolutionary archiving and workflow systems. It is specially designed for all sizes of businesses and contains all archiving systems, upgrades, and support for the entire license period.

The solution offers easy and secure management and archiving system. ecoDMS is an automatic system that offers legally compliant and low-cost email archiving. It has a list of built-in tools that allow you to edit and manage your important files and share them with the others.


9. Sohodox

Sohodox is one of the best document management solution for small businesses. With this program, you can easily manage and view all kinds of documents from one single platform, organize documents and email the way you want using a folder, Metadata, and tags, the search engine makes all right records instantly available.

It is a security reach platform that allows you to capture and preserve every document and email that enters or exits the organization. The offers document and email of all your staff in one single archive with one-click backup and restore, ensure disaster recovery for your small business.


10. DEVONthink

DEVONthink is a powerful and sophisticated suite of software tools that help you to capture, organize, edit and find just about any document you can see possibly throw at it. It is a simple document management solution that manages your all kind of reports on the go.

Synchronize your data directly on the local network, via DropBox or any other WebDAV server with DEVONthink. It has lots of built-in tools that help you to create edit and manage your document without any limitations.

More About PaperPort

PaperPort is a commercial document management software used for working with scanned documents. With this solution, you can manage your documents quickly, easily, and cost-effective.

It is known as the world’s leading desktop document management solution that helps you to scan, organize, find, and share all of your documents, PDFs, word processing files, and images. For professionals, it takes the organization to the new level of productivity and combines fast, easy scanning with powerful PDF creation for simplified management of all your documents.

You can easily share, store, and find the document on the network or in the cloud. The significant part about this solution is that it has lots of built-in tools that help you to edit your document and share it with the others. PaperPort includes prominent features such as power PDF, print management, training, document capture and workflow, auto store, and much more.

PaperPort Reviews

written on January 8, 2020

You will get a free trial with this platform because it has all the professional tools for your document management, easy approaching file transfer facility, and much more. With that being said, it makes this platform the world’s most effective and efficient leading document managing software there is on the internet. With the high encryption security it provides, you also get online support, B2B customers, and other services that I have not even used. It has managed my documents in a way that they are easily accessible concerning any keyword I type in the software. You can use it and give your own opinion because in my experience it is the best platform I have seen till now.

Wanda H.
written on November 17, 2019

Sharing documents and managing on a very intuitive platform has never been easy when you are using Kofax Paperport. In my experience, this platform has given me all the necessary tools, and this has been a great platform available on the internet for your document management needs. Of course, it will provide you a free trial version, which will lead to eventually purchasing the whole platform. So I am here to suggest you directly by the platform because I have used it, and it manages all my data according to a specific order. Regardless of your file extensions like PDF or TXT, it will do all your work.

written on November 16, 2019

It is cost-efficient, reliably provide high-end security, and it gives so many tools for your document management that you are addicted to this platform. Regardless of your files format, whether they are Microsoft Word files, PDF documents, images, media files, or any other scan documents, it will take care of all the data. I convert the document into actionable digital information and also combined fast easy scanning, and PDF creation to manage all your documents. I do not have to elaborate more because you get the idea of the platform, and I know you will try for once.