Pegasus Mail


Pegasus Mail Alternatives for PC

#1 Drawboard PDF


Drawboard PDF is one of the best PDF software that comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to replace all the manual kind of things. The software comes with an extensive array of tools to automate the functions, and you have every facility like bookmarks, markup history, and keyword searches with the discovery panel. Drawboard PDF is making you feel like you have the real pen in hand with the real ink, and you can find the best experience with color choice, thickness, and custom opacity.

The software allows you to underline and strikeout the documents, and you have the benefit to add custom notes to each text annotation. You can even insert editable shapes, arrows, lines, polygons, clouds, and can add dynamic content like images, text boxes, notes, and ink signatures. Drawboard PDF provides you with edit tools in the drawboard’s radial menu, customize your layouts, and you can switch between the documents instantly with the tabs and panel options.