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PeopleGoal is simple yet powerful performance management software designed to help businesses of all sizes effectively address the performance and productivity of their employees. Among its features such as goal management, feedback management and customized reporting etc. It allows top management personnel to define and set clear business goals and then gauge the performance of their employees against those goals… read more
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23 PeopleGoal Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Viventium

Viventium is a cloud-based payroll and human resource software solution designed for small to midsize businesses. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the HR tools, services and features including talent acquisition, ACA tracking, business intelligence and time and attendance etc. The software enables users to track employees via the integrated HRIS system that includes data on employment, payroll and HR capabilities and also adds notes and uploads documents into each profile. The user can then provide employees with essential information such as employee policy handbook. With this software, employees can request paid time off using the ESS app that the manager can then approve or decline. Users can also run a mock HR audit modelled after the official DOL audit in order to ensure all regulation is being followed. Its payroll solution enables users to preview payroll before submitting and create custom reports using a variety of visualization options. There is also a dashboard where you can easily access it all features without any limitation. Overall, Viventium is one of the best HR solutions as compared to the others.


2. Ejobsitesoftware

Ejobsitesoftware is a cloud-based HR Management platform that allows users to create and implement a fully functional and advanced job board or job site easily and quickly. It is an ideal solution for companies that want to set up a niche job board for a particular location and regional Job board or a General Board. One of the best things about this software is that it offers customization options to meet the requirement of its users. With the help of this platform, job seekers can easily access job posts and send resumes via the job boards or the job sites. Businesses can streamline the hiring process and easily filter and pick highly qualified applicants. Ejobsitesoftware is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the major tools and features. The core features include employers can add, edit and delete jobs, advanced search, detailed reports, video resumes, edit homepage theme and much more. It has two different price plans such as Option 1 and Option 2; both plans have different costs and benefits.


3. WebHR

WebHR is an integrated HR (Human Resources) software designed and to help businesses with all aspects and processes of HR management. It is specially built to cover the base of their employee’s journey from hire to retire. The software is implemented by up to 16,000 companies around the world, and it simplifies the management of employees and provides HR staff with all the major tools in order to handle their HR processes effectively and efficiently. This HR solution also comes with IT features that enable businesses to automate many HR processes and aspects that reduce the workload on HR personnel and enable them to become more effective and productive in their areas. WebHR boasts of an extensive features list including a complete recruitment solution, user-friendly payroll tools and reporting etc. The software is available to use on multiple languages such as Spanish, English and Chinese etc. that make it simple for all the international companies to integrate and adapt the software to their workflow and fully maximize its implementation. WebHR key features include a complete recruitment solution, effortless payroll, comprehensive reports, online job portal and customizable data field etc. Overall, WebHR is an excellent all-in-one HR solution as compared to the others.


4. TribeHR

TribeHR is a Social Human Resource Management software that allows professionals to perform their tasks more efficiently with just one suite. With this software recruiting the right people, manage small to large pools of talent and more become easy and quick. HR personnel also add more value and provide better output by enhancing speed and quality on lots of new administrative functions such as updating employee records and monitoring etc. TribeHR is a comprehensive HR solution that comes with all the major tools and services. It allows managers to engage and interact with employees in a very unique and social manner and offers all the major social HR features including personalization, feedback, engagement, feedback, collaboration and culture alignment etc. Other feature includes applicant tracking system, social network integration, hiring teams, searchable company directory, dynamic organizational chart, goal management and much more. TribeHR is a commercial program and has different SMB and enterprise plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


5. PeopleStrategy eHCM

PeopleStrategy eHCM is a powerful Human Resource Management software that offers a secures, easier and better way in order to enhance organizational productivity and efficiency through its integrated solutions. The software access to information from any location, and empowers the entire workforce through mobile access to reduce administrative costs and to improve job satisfaction. It delivers integrated talent acquisition, workforce management and performance management services. PeopleStrategy eHCM is also known as all-in-one HCM software that helps transform the management of HR processes. It simplifies administrative work and helps reduce errors and non-compliance. The application also improves communication and allows each employee to see impotent notifications and announcements through a personalized home-page. It captures all the valuable and insightful metrics and enables users to extract strategic view of how well the advantages enrollment processes are working. The performance management model replaces all the paper-based and manual performance review process and allow automating and configuring them. With this employee can access their performance and capture signature electronically. PeopleStrategy eHCM also includes core features such as self-service mobile access, talent acquisition, core HR, payroll, workforce management and time clock integration etc. Overall, it is a comprehensive HR Management solution as compared to the others.


6. Employee Engagement Hub

Employee Engagement Hub is an employee engagement software that leverages feedback, performance analysis and gamification in order to help businesses empower their employees to become highly efficient and productive assets, boost productivity and revenue growth. With this solutions, businesses can find it easy to connect with their employees and convert them into the brand ambassadors via training, feedback and recruiting. The discussion boards and forums fuel the creation of employees community, where each and every employee can easily discuss ideas, collaborate with each other, share best practices and more. The program allows upper management to discover top talents and identify their best performers that make it easy for them to more reward their perfect employees via gift card and lots of fun products. As compared to all the other similar HR solution or employee engagement solutions, Employee Engagement Hub offers lots of new features, tools and services that make it more interesting. The most prominent features include advocacy, recruiting, employee feedback, training, best practices, process improvement and gift cards etc. Try it out, if you need a comprehensive employee engagement solution.


7. Fairsail

Fairsail is an award-winning Human Resource Management software from Sega Group. The software provides HR teams with the leading tools they require to acquire talents, train employees and retain the best staff members. With this software, HR teams are able to work adeptly with the simplified people management solution. It scales as the business grows so companies can work with it even as they expand. One of best feature about this platform is that it provides access to global data and analytics that allow recruiting managers to control and oversee every facet of the employment process. There is a powerful Employee Record solution that helps HR teams executives and managers can gain access to the employee’s information at any time. This makes finding staff and who they are reported to and work with an effortless process. The best is that employees themselves can update and maintain their personal profiles to enable their immediate managers to contact them or their family in case of important matters. Flexible dashboard, customizable selection processes, talent management, vacation and absence rules an onboard these also feature of the solution. Fairsail is powerful HR solution for all size of companies.


8. Mighty Recruiter

Mighty Recruiter is an all-in-one web-based HR solution that helps quickly attract, find and hire the right applicant using an intelligent system that analyze a job description and comes up with the highly qualified applicants. The software makes it easier for companies to attract a qualified pool of applicants by making job positing uniquely interesting. The job description is compared with the top candidates in the proprietary database of millions of resumes that is growing every passing day. As compared to all the other HR solutions, it is more powerful and offers everything hiring managers to attract, match, hire and manage the most suitable candidates. Its intelligent analysis software matches candidates with the job descriptions and ranks them by their relevance, freeing recruiter from reading hundreds of resumes. Mighty Recruiter can automatically highlight the most suitable applicants for review. What it helps is getting in touch with highly ranked candidates and effectively managing the entire reviewing process. The software sends and receives status-update messages automatically and make it possible to quickly and effortlessly hire the ideal candidates. There is also a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is an excellent HR software for all size of businesses.


9. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is an Up-to-date Human Resource Manager for small, medium and large businesses. It is one of best and most powerful solution that collected all the best practices in hiring and HR management and delivered a complete system where you can easily make the most of collaborative recruiting and employee management to an extent you never believed was possible. The software is well-integrated and easy to use, and it will thereof blend in your software infrastructure regardless of how it looks. The integrations are the source of faultless effectiveness, alongside numerous valuable services and features, some of that cannot be found in any similar HR solution. Breezy HR is a comprehensive solution that covers all HR needs, from advertising open positions to streamline employee communication, and does so with the minimal human intervention. This HR solution is connected to AngleList and LinkedIn from where it sources talented candidates and invites then them to the system with just a single click Google Chrome Extension. Adding new applicants is also simplified using its advanced levels calendar integrations and resume parsing for skipping long and boring forms. Another great fact that makes it ideal, it allows you to post openings on all premium job board, use scoreboards to measure performance and evaluate applicants and mostly because it is a mobile-friendly system that keeps teams connected regardless of their location. Candidate Management, Email and Scheduling, Unlimited Users, Developer API, Reference Check, Customize Pipelines and Mobile Optimization these are core features of the solution.


10. Recruitee

Recruitee is a leading collaborative hiring application that offers intuitive design and can help to streamline your hiring activities and manage your employees more efficiently. The software is used by more than 600 companies around the world, and its customer base is continuing to grow day by day. It is simple and easy to use solution offers a drag and drop interface that is fully brandable and customizable. It allows users to create custom pages for each job opening easily. You do not need to create job description from scratch as Recruitee provides a library of up to 200 job description templates of the various position that save your time and cost. As compared to all the other similar platforms the software has a massive range of advanced tools and services that help you to create a stunning career site without any limitation easily. The software most prominent features include API and JS widgets, automated job board integration, secure monthly employment, custom pages for each job, manage your ad spending across job board, personal email integration and schedule jobs etc. Recruitee has four different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


11. GoCo

GoCo is an integrated HR management and payroll management software that is specially built for small and midsize businesses aimed to help streamline their HR processes such as hiring and onboarding. The software provides businesses with the platform that allow them to implement 100% online benefits management with the backing and support of expert benefits advisors across the country. Managing and performing payroll tasks is a breeze with this software. Integration with the leading payroll application allows you to keep your existing payroll providers. With this software company remain compliant with industry standards and regulations. Your businesses is kept updated on the new employment and benefit compliance laws automatically. The best part about GoCo is that it centralizes all information, documents and benefits in the singular, unified location which you can access anytime. Everything is organized for easy and fast navigation. Security is also topnotch, as GoCo uses bank-level encryption in order to protect all the data from unauthorized access. There is also a simple but powerful dashboard where you can easily access it all features. Its core features include automated HR processes, onboarding, 100% online benefits enrollment, automatic payroll deductions, integration and much more. GoCo is a best Talent Management solution as compared to the others.



HIRENAMI is an all-in-one cloud-based Talent Acquisition and Talent Management software designed to make hiring a whole lot simpler and faster. Being a web-based, the software gives you total control over your hiring process from anywhere anytime using any device with internet connection. The software enables you to reach out to the larger pools of qualified candidates and contains you with the tools you really need to thresh out your applicants and narrow down your list to the best and brightest individual who cloud be your prospect employees. It introduces a new talent development application function that is dedicated to helping unlock the potential of every employee via training and coaching. As like other it also includes core features such as video screening, predictive analytics system, online training, next-generation learning management, assign training and flexible org structure etc. HIRENAMI has different SMB and enterprise plans, and each plan has its own cost.


13. Crelate Talent

Crelate Talent is a world’s most leading talent management and applicant tracking software that allow recruiters to keep in touch with candidats and evaluate their submissions. The software is specially designed for recruiting agencies, network builders, corporate recruiters and legal hiring firms. As compared to the similar software it comes with additional features and services to deliver a complete experience in a single platform. Smart recruiters know that building powerful networks in the industry is vital in the job market. This solution makes it a breeze to track a conversation and keep in touch with the talented, influential people. It becomes even faster to hire people with the job posting in the multiple formats with integrations and with numerous popular job portals. The best fact is that it works seamlessly with email so you can save contracts, parse resumes and start a conversation with applicants. Crelate Talent includes core features such as simple job dashboard, company portal, activity stream, searching, email integration, data storage and mobile client etc. Overall, Crelate Talent is one of best Talent Management solution as compared to the others.


14. OnPay

OnPay is a comprehensive payroll software that provides scalable programs for small and midsize businesses. The software offers cloud-based services that streamline payroll processes and automates tax filing and payment workflows. Entering complete payroll information such as hours and bonuses I did seamlessly. It also incorporates other responsibility including the benefits and compensation insurance for pay as you go workers. OnPay is known as the most affordable and cost-effective solutions in the niche as it takes care of unlimited payroll run for W-2 employees and 1099 contract workers monthly. They offer to pay employees through check or direct deposit. However, direct credit is not available for all employees. Only those who apply for the features and pass the risk assessment conducted by OnPay can use it. Handling payroll taxes is also optimized by the program as it calculates your state and federal payroll taxes. They do the withholding, tax payment and filing of tax forms. The software abides by its accuracy guarantees that means they will take responsibility if there are any errors in the tax filing. OnPay enables the advanced note-taking feature with image and document attachments. Users can also add comments, edit and format the notes. In addition, you’ll gain access to an online HR library where you can obtain employee handbook templates and employment laws by state. It also consists of onboarding and offboarding, annuls review and performance plans etc. With this, you can track accurate time with an ease that makes it better than others. OnPay also has lots of core features that make it more interesting.


15. TribePad

TribePad is a web-based tracking system deliver out of the box functionality for numerous companies and organizations around the world. The software was developed with the idea to assist companies to understand the role of technology in their hiring process and also help them to enhance their employment strategy and engagement. TribePad is available to use on anywhere around the world anywhere around the world and support almost all the major devices that allow users to access information in every situation and organizes the employment process with the minimal management interference. The same system could be used for smart analysis and revealing both perils and positive trends in the company’s workflow. In term of recruitment features, you can expect the software to allow you to run multimedia candidate profiles, organize and conduct a video interview with them and test their ability without having to use an additional system. At the same time, you will get both automatic and manual talent polling, take away some of the recruiter’s difficulty burden and decide who the best candidate is. TribePad is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the major tools and services in order to deliver a complete and more realistic experience. Do try it out, it is an excellent HR Solution for all size of businesses.


16. PurelyHR

PurelyHR is a Cloud-based leave management software for small to mid-size businesses. The system allows HR departments to track staff leave requests and approvals as well as manage diverse time off policies and hierarchies. Additional modules include time clock and timesheet and an e-signature platform for warning and other important HR-related documents. It provides a self-service portal where employees can view and update their profiles. Administrators and HR personnel can access a searchable employee database and easily manage all the HR documents. Its powerful time clock and time off features allow employees to track attendance and request absences that can be tracked for future reference. PurelyHR has a simple dashboard where you can easily access it all features without any limitations. This HR solution includes core feature such as monitor attendance with visual reports from anywhere, set grace periods, IP restriction, timecard approval reminder and weekly timecards etc. It is commercial software and has different SMB and enterprise price plans.


17. Findmyshift

Findmyshift is an all-in-one online employee scheduling software solution that enables that creation of staff rosters, track labour cost, management of shift request and communication with staff. It is a comprehensive software developed in a way that managers and staff can access the system at any time and anywhere with an internet connection. Findmyshift is a simple and easy to set up, it provides its users need to manage their employees, all within the web browser. The best thing is that it no require any special hardware and software. Its drag and drop scheduling system and built-in time clock make it better than others that track the hour’s employee are actually working and automated reports which help facilitate better cost reporting and more accurate payroll. With this users can easily generate accurate payroll data by combining employee timesheets, schedules and overall time rates. Findmyshift also includes core features such as timesheets, time clocks, calendar integration, backups, document storage and SSL encryption etc. Try it out, if you need an online employee scheduling solution.


18. Schedulefly

Scheduleflya is a web-based software solution that provides scheduling and communication solution restaurant businesses and their staff. The software is specialized to answer the business and communication needs of restaurants and ensure their success while providing speed, ease, and simplicity for its users. As a scheduling tool, it creates staff schedules from anywhere. Best of all, you get to deliver a schedule to everyone easily with just a single click through the email and text message. Any schedule change can be made simply, and everyone is informed. The software also provides staff information whenever needed such as complete name, number, and email. Schedulefly also has a comprehensive file sharing system where you can easily upload and share vital training, manuals, menus and team photos with staff. There is also the capability to track who is downloading your documents as well. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is quite simple but offers a complete solution. It’s most prominent features such as job post, fly notes, daily crib sheet, reminder, mobile access, multi-unit dashboard, and staff directory, etc. Schedulefly is really a powerful employee scheduling solution for restaurants.


19. OpenSimSim

OpenSimSim is a powerful employee scheduling software that is recommended to small and medium size businesses. The software is uniquely designed for the establishment in the retails, hospitality and restaurant industries and comes with the aim to help employers manage their workers by having access to employee schedules, assign shifts, approve day of request and lots of other features that will help employers in the management of their staff. With the help of this management solution, employees can get more confidence in managing their businesses. It lets you run your business right in the palm for your hand anywhere, any device and any time that save your lot of time and increase productivity. Through this software you can send invites to all your staff and activate them right away. Once activated, your staff will immediately get notified of their tasks and schedule. There is also an option that lets you create, copy and edit shift templates before you publish them. It has unique logbook designed for you to keep constant communication with your managers and share information with them. Complete staff management tools, vacation and leave management, weekly budget, multiple templates and inbox these are also feature of the solution. OpenSimSim has different price plans and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


20. Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is a commercial software designed to manage your employee scheduling. It is one of best alternative to Schedulefly and offers all the similar services with lots of new employee management tools and features. With the help of this platform yo,u can easily generate shift schedule and track overtime in order to manage your labor costs. It introduce an advanced level reporting tools that allow you to monitor your employee’s work hours, avoid overtime and stay on the budget. Through this you can also able to create and publish work schedule and assign using its simple drag and drop interface and you’ll automatically warned in the event of any schedule conflicts. The software also contains pre-designed work schedule plans that you can adopt to your activity requirements. Snap Schedule software offers accurate tracking of employee absence and time off in order to provide detailed labor cost report that make it better than others. The software also includes core features such as more than 25 custom fields for each employee, drag and drop interface, create and share unlimited scheduling, dashboard, customizable branding and third-party integration etc. Snap Schedule is a powerful employee scheduling and management software for all size of businesses.


21. When I Work

When I Work is an Employee Scheduling and Time Clock Application that is straightforward and simple to set up and use on PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices. The solution helps employers and employee manage attendance with ease. With this, the employee can clock in for work through their smartphone. You can choose to set up a dedicated terminal inside your office premises or enable employees in the field to clock indirectly from their mobile wherever they may be at the office or on the field. The solution introduce a powerful GeoCheckin feature that allows you to monitor employee attendance in multiple locations and through its GPS tracking and live map view, you can make sure employees clock in from the right job sites. When I Work is also known as an all-in-one employee scheduling solution that is streamlined and simplified. An entire week’s schedule can be made in just a minute because call relevant employee data is present and the schedule is given a complete view as to attendance and manpower need. An employer can opt to create schedule lasting for weeks or for months and employees can be easily informed through push notification once they are re-available. It also introduces a Timesheet exporting feature that makes your work simple. Unlike most of the scheduling solution, When I Work also has a dashboard where you can access it all features and tools without any limitation. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


22. Resource Guru

Resource Guru is an effective scheduling solution that is designed to keep you and your team on track of your business, meet deadlines and manage lots of major things. It is a cloud-based solution that helps you to eliminate all the major scheduling problems and facilitate delegation and appropriation of resources and equipment. Resource Guru is also known as a resource planning solution and helps you keep your business’s asset under control. In a single, smart calendar, the solution will assemble all projects, tasks, client, and meetings as well as give you the full image of who’s been assigned what and how his assignment is progressing. The calendar offers a unique Availability bar that can assign all task at a time and maximize the utilization of your person’s potential. In order to focus on a particular project or group, you can use a custom field and filers such as locations, department, skills and so on. This field will also be useful to pull out all the relevant data and report on the accomplishments on the particular project. In order to handle sick, leave, vacations and all the other absence, the solution provides you with a flexible leave planner. There is also a list of core features that make it more interest. Overall, Resource Guru is an excellent scheduling solution for all size of businesses.


23. MocDoc HIMS

MocDoc HIMS is an all-in-one Hospital Management System software design for all size of hospitals. It is a powerful solution that digitizes all transactions, medical records, documents and all the other major things in hospital and clinic in order to eliminate paper-work and provides an online platform that connects General Public with Doctors and delivers all the real-time, authentic information relevant to their need. One of the best things about this software is that it offers complete patient registration system that allows you to save all the patient related information and access it anytime anywhere even on any device. As an all-in-one hospital management software, MocDoc HIMS also offers Lab Information System, Inventory Management, Diagnostic Management, Daycare Management, and Pharmacy Information System. Each one has its own options and information to saves. It is a commercial hospital management system and comes with different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features. The core feature includes inventory control, electronic medical records, schedule appointments, accident, and emergency management, billing system and marketing control system, etc.

More About PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal is simple yet powerful performance management software designed to help businesses of all sizes effectively address the performance and productivity of their employees. Among its features such as goal management, feedback management and customized reporting etc. It allows top management personnel to define and set clear business goals and then gauge the performance of their employees against those goals. The solution also offers performance review management that enables employees to assess their own performance that makes it better than others. PeopleGoal is simple and easy to understand the solution that no require any IT expiries to run this solution and deliver complete guide that teaches you all about its features. The software comes as the alternative to Sega Platform and offers all the similar services with some new tools and features. Its core features include feedback request, customizable performance, real-time reporting, 24/7 customer support and much more. PeopleGoal also a commercial solution and has different price plans, each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

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