SurveyAnalytics is a world’s leading survey platform that offers a suite of interconnected and easy to use information collection and analysis solutions. It is one of the best platforms that let the users gather and act on information so they can make better decisions.

One of the most addictive things about this platform is that it offers powerful DIY tools that allow users to take control of feedback from real-places in real-time. The platform also introduces an enterprise-grade research platform that provides companies with feedbacks and listening system capabilities in more than 30 industries, gathering feedback and analyzing the various form of data through online, mobile, and custom pane or community.

SurveyAnalytics is also known as the collaboration platform that allows users to share surveys and results as well as stylesheets. With the help of this platform, the user can easily create and share an unlimited survey to get real-time feedback. It includes prominent features such as client dashboard, dial tasting, developer API, scripting API, gaming, and mobile survey, etc. SurveyAnalytics have different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


SurveyAnalytics Alternatives


0 is another mobile forms automation solution specially designed for enterprise users to create, manage, and gather feedback. It is designed with flexibility in mind as it caters to any industry with its powerful, customizable form creation tool. is one of the most robust solutions of its kind that offers customization and integration to attracts more audiences around the world. introduced a unique electronic form system that allows users to seamlessly transition their paper-based processes into multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It is more than just digital paper forms as it automates workflows, and enhances overall productivity across your company. The solution also raises data capture by notifying your workforce with triggered alerts. offers a more effective way of processing audit data instead of using simple spreadsheets and paper-based systems.

Its mobile audit solution adds context to audit data through the embedded images, GPS coordinates, and time stamp information to give you more visibility. also includes prominent features such as data collection, trigger alerts, SSL-secured web traffic, automatic notifications, task management, and offline access, etc.


#2 Brew Survey


Brew Survey is a world’s leading mobile survey and feedback platform, allows you to create feedback from anywhere with your mobile devices. With the help of this tool, you can quickly implement your designs and integrate your elements from its unique dashboard and publish them to your devices to get real-time insights.

Brew Survey is also known as a powerful tool that lets you create surveys and feedback forms that are attractive and loved by your clients. The best feature is that you can easily create and publish surveys without any limitation and directly send them to your devices for an instant and get all the real-time feedback.

The platform also gives you an application that speeds up the creation and distribution of professional-looking survey forms. Brew Survey also provides you with bundles of customization options that allow you to integrate your elements into your forms, reflecting your brand, or company. It is an alternative to SurveyMonkey and offers lots of new features that make it better than others.

#3 Nebu Dub InterViewer


Nebu Dub InterViewer is a flexible data collection platform, allows conducting face-to-face, telephonic, and internet research using a single hub. It is simple and easy to use the system that comes with some advanced features and tools. The solution also allows researchers to work from any location and devices because all they need to use it is an internet connection and a web browser.

Its built-in question templates increase the response rates of questionnaires. Nebu Dub InterViewer introduces a new management control system that allows all nodes from the central server and enabling users to work from any location for a richer global interviewing experience. It has an interactive design, and an intuitive interface allows quickly checking the visual representation of questionnaires.

Like the other similar platform, it also offers all the primary data collection modes that allow users to carry out interviews for all modes using a single script. The platform includes core features such as advanced plugins, multi-languages and multiple time zone support, centralized platform, interactive design, and responsive templates, etc.


#4 Zoho Survey


Zoho Survey is an all-in-one online survey tool that addresses basic survey requirements and needs. It is an adequate option for any size of companies and organizations that want to conduct surveys in customer satisfaction with a variety of custom or pre-built templates.

The platform provides users with a massive range of built-in reports and effective charts that help them analyze and comprehend the survey results and derive intelligently actionable insights. With the help of this tool, users can also export survey data in standard formats for a more traditional spreadsheet viewing.

Zoho Survey offers integrations with other its advanced tools and leading business applications such as MailChimp and Google Apps. It is specially designed to make survey creation and administration easy and painless. The solution comes loaded with pre-built survey templates so you can build and conduct online surveys within minutes.

You also have the choice to launch more custom templates for more specific audiences and results. The addictive thing about Zoho Survey is that it supports multiple languages, that means you can create surveys in more than 30 languages, and start collecting responses from anywhere in the world.

#5 Wufoo


Wufoo is an online form builder or survey application that provides lots of tools for users to quickly design and create online forms with its intuitive drag and drop interface. With the help of this platform, you can create customizable forms on the web with the app’s theme designer and also allows you to own colors and logo.

Its rule builder enables you to create dynamic forms that follow the modern logic you have specified to perform certain actions, including skipping certain pages and emailing specific individuals based on form field selections. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that the developer’s code manager provides lots of copy-and-paste code snippets to help you embed your form into your website, email newsletter, and Facebook page.

It also allows you to get form notifications through text messages, emails, or even an RSS feed to save you updated on your online payments and form proposals. Wufoo’s payment integration system enables you to quickly process credit cards from your users after collecting information from them through the Wufoo-powered form. Wufoo includes core features such as up to 300 form templates, custom rules, notification, reliable security, and REST API, etc.

#6 SurveyPocket


SurveyPocket is survey software that claims to revolutionize the way organizations conduct surveys and collect real-time feedback from the audience. It is a simple and easy to use tool that contact surveys and interviews from virtually anytime anywhere using its Android and iOS application and capture accurate real-time data.

The solution supports more than 35 different languages and is used in more than 15 countries and up to 33 industries worldwide. SurveyPocket is simple to use and help organizations to meet and even exceed their research requirements. The user can have their surveys up and running in just 10 minutes regardless of their locations.

The program allows users to choose from more than 50 different question types, and while the data is being collected in the field, the user can review all the responses in real-time. The exciting thing about this platform is that it works offline and stores the data securely before the device re-connects to the internet. Companies can add their custom logo and branding to the interface and also have complete control of the format. SurveyPocket also has a list of core features that make it more effective.

#7 AskNicely


AskNicely is a feedback and review management software specially made to improve customer satisfaction. It integrates seamlessly with the CRM system, from where it automatically gathers feedbacks data using one question customer surveys. AskNicely is also allows known as one of the simplest and most popular marketing tools that attract more audiences around the world.

It is an alternative to SurveyMonkey but offers lots of new features that make it better than others. One of the most exciting and enjoyable thing about this platform is that it offers a unique customization system that allows the users to use simple drag and drop system with lots of new widgets that help users to create an attractive design.

Another great thing about this tool is that it allows users to segment and categorize channels, products, and employees to understand how performance is doing and where their attention is most needed. AskNicely also offers lots of key features that make it better than others.

#8 Examinare Survey Tool


Examinare Survey Tool is an ideal survey software for sales, marketing professionals, and other users looking for data mining products to quickly create and conduct surveys both on the web and in the field. The survey tool helps businesses to collection real-time feedback from the consumer as well as determine the direct connection to their customers ’ likes and dislikes.

The platform has a part of more than 14 million surveys and is widely used by businesses of varying types and sizes. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it is extendable to multiple business applications such as Dropbox, WooCommerce, and Zendesk. Aside from easy creation and administration of surveys, the tool offers automatic, reporting, localization, and SSL-encryption for tight data security.

Just like the other similar platforms, it also offers key features such as unlimited surveys, 7 question types, support more than 25 languages, IP Blocking, fully customizable design, and much more. Examinare Survey Tool has six different price plans; each plan has its price and features.

#9 Insight Stash


Insight Stash a user-friendly survey software that enables companies and organizations to create beautiful, professional-looking feedbacks forms for their websites. It helps users to create forms and surveys quickly with the help of given options. With the help of this platform, the user can collect high value, very actionable insights from their website visitors in mere minutes.

The user has total control over the design, choosing to work with Insight Stash’s extensive list of filed or customize their feedback forms and surveys using their CSS styles. It is a fast and easy way to create and implement forms and surveys on their website so he can gather insights from their website visitor, whether returning customers or potential clients.

Just like the other similar platforms, it also includes core features such as design firms, survey management, custom triggers, custom buttons, report fields, and customization options, etc.

#10 Pigeonhole Live


Pigeonhole Live is a survey and polling platform specially made for event planners and participants, employees, and companies. It is also designed for external events, including forums, industry, conferences, and customer engagement events. The solution can also be used for internal events such as town hall, sales kick-off, and online meetings, etc.

The primary objective of the platform is to establish interactive conference meetings where the user can easily ask a question and share their opinions and ideas. Its live poll and survey features allow users to vote on predefined answers to questions or provide their answers by typing in text. Live Q&A, vote on the question, detailed reports, create events, key statistics, projector panel, surveys, comments, test mode, and admin panel, etc.

#11 Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is one of the best and easiest contact form plugins to create modern forms for websites powered by widely-used WordPress. It is a bit different platform as compared to the other similar survey or forms platforms but offers lots of new services and features that make it better than others. It allows for creating advanced forms within minutes optimized for a mobile device.

The platform is also easy to integrate with many of the popular web applications as well as online services such as PayPal, Zapier, and Active campaign. With the help of this platform, forms can easily embed on WordPress-powered websites using its built-in tools that allow selecting fields and configuring options.

Gravity Forms is simple and easy to use the program and does not require any programming skills. The solution introduces an advanced field to make the form even more powerful by allowing capturing names, numbers, phone numbers, and addresses.

The standard fields cover all the main form field-types like a drop-down, radio buttons, text fields, and paragraph fields. Gravity Forms also includes core features such as limit entries, email notifications, role management, entry management, form scheduling, and much more.

#12 Voxco Online


Voxco Online is a cloud-based online survey platform that is used by professionals and researchers from the academe, government agencies, and maker research firms and lots of other organizations, businesses, and industries. It is described as a flexible and feature-rich online survey creation and distribution platform that allows users to build any type of survey and customize them using the modern toolbox.

The toolbox allows the users to add video, audio, and images to their surveys. Voxco Online is an alternative to SurveyMonkey and offers lots of new key features that make it better than others. The most addictive and enjoyable thing about this platform is that it allows the users to send notices to the people they invited to place feedback. This reminder can send through email or text messages.

The survey solution also helps the users to customize their surveys to promote their brand. Some most prominent features are statistical analysis, panel management, drag and drop interface, customer segmentation, social media, and much more.

#13 SurveyAnyplace


SurveyAnyplace is another online survey platform that allows you to create engaging surveys that promote user engagement. It is one of the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey and offers all the similar services with some new features. More importantly, it helps you to improve the surveys you already have and collect all the customer-related data.

It is integrated with Facebook and price reasonably to meet the needs of different clients. SurveyAnyplace offers modern-looking surveys that entice many respondents and are easy to interact with using modern mobile features. It is a simple but powerful platform that allows you to create different kinds of surveys or quiz easily.

The platform has a massive collection of advanced tools that attract more audiences around the world. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it offers offline capability, which means surveys can use offline and be uploaded later on once connectivity is available. SurveyAnyplace includes core features such as hundreds of widgets, web and native embedding, customizable multi-device design, rule-based end screen, skip logic, and much more.

#14 Surveypal


Surveypal is a survey management software specially designed to simplify and accelerate survey reporting-related processes. The powerful management tool integrates smoothly with your existing CRM (customer relationship management) system allows you to get real-time customer insights and act on them quickly and decisively.

With the help of this platform, you can easily remain in touch with your customers and make smart, data-driven decisions and actions that improve customer experience and steer your business to success. It is one of the best ways to list to the voice of the customers and fully comprehend what they look for.

Surveypal delivers accurate data reporting with the opportunity to learn and enhance what you can resolve customer issues faster and increase customer spend. Both survey and customer feedback is essential in keeping your business aligned with your corporate goals and ensure that your customers are happy with your brand. Like the other similar platforms, it also offers simple drag and drops editor that allows you to create your survey. Surveypal also offers lots of key features that make it better than others.

#15 SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley. It provides free customization surveys and a suite of paid back-end programs that include data analysis, bias elimination, sample selection, and data representation tools.

Moreover, it also offers large-scale enterprise options for companies interested in data analysis, brand management, and focused customer marketing. It is one of the best and simple ways that allow you to create a high-performance culture by understanding employee engagement.

The platform has more than 25 million users around the world, and more than 3 million survey responses collected every day. SurveyMonkey is best for you and your organization to manage your company’s data with advanced security and controls. Survey panel, app directory, content marketing, application management, customization, and multiple survey types are core features of the platform.

#16 JobNimbus


JobNimbus is a powerful project management and CRM solution specially designed for building constructors and home service providers. It is the easiest way to manage projects, contacts, and tasks. The software is also cost-effective that helps businesses streamline many time-consuming operations such as document sharing, contact management, and lots of others without going over their budget.

As the system is cloud-based, it not require any software, hardware, IT expertise, and maintenance. JobNimbus has millions of users around the world who can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

The software includes core features such as job management, contact management, custom dashboard, customization, file sharing, web access, custom reports, task management, image sharing, and much more. JobNimbus has a massive team of professionals who always busy delivering something and the latest.

#17 Qualtrics


Qualtrics is a cloud-based feedback management solution that caters to several industries. It is a simple but powerful solution that has a point and click interface that enables you to modify your reports and forms in real-time. The solution has a range of question types that help managers designed customized feedback forms for employees. Its branching logic in questions allows users to ask different questions to enable you to ask different items to different groups by using the same form.

The solution offers Real-time reporting through the dashboard that also helps you to measure, compare, and analyze results. To make it more powerful, it also provides gap analysis tables, development guides, and competency rankings.

Like the other similar feedback management solutions, Qualtrics also offers lots of advanced tools and services that manage a variety of tasks. With the help of this solution, managers can monitor the rater’s progress in real-time and individual access guides. It also has lots of key features that make it better than others.


0 is one of the most leading customer support software designed for those who are still using a fast and easy way to deliver heroic customer service. The software geared towards SMEs, but it also comprehensive for large enterprises. With the help of this solution, businesses are collated all customer conversations in one channel where their team can easily collaborate to handle, personalize and manage responses with efficiency to satisfy customer concerns via phone chat, email, and social media.

Add or remove part-time agents when needed, as well as allow you to track and engage customer sentiments with complete integrated social tools. also will enable you to create your custom Support Center with advanced level desk editor, choosing your color, contact forms, or even fully tweak the design with HTML and CSS to match your website.

Its content manager allows you to customize and update the support center for a different brand without any IT skills. To deliver the comprehensive experience, offers Salesforce Integration that allows the sales and support team to share the same holistic view of a customer resulting in inconsistent service.

#19 SurveyGizmo


SurveyGizmo is a cloud-based survey software solution that makes it easy for businesses of all sorts to easily create and design surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires. It is an alternative to Typeform and offers all the similar services with some new features and tools. Reaching out to potential customers managing organizational and staff relationships, and conducting research have become more convenient through this software.

Its customizable interface makes it easy for users to offers an interactive experience to their audience. Companies can easily and quickly create a chart, pipe data, and loop pages using their advanced options and features to create an enriching survey experience. One of the most important facts about this survey solution is its ease and suitability of conducting surveys through the online solution.

To get the targeted audience to fill out the surveys or questionnaires, SurveyGizm’s pivotal that the survey interface is flexible, engaging, and straightforward. Businesses need to kind in questions into the surveys. The rest of the customization, theme, and reports are the major part of the plans that are offered by SurveyGizmo. There is also a massive range of core features that make it a better survey solution for businesses’ sizes.

#20 SoGoSurvey


SoGoSurvey is a robust survey software solution that is simple yet powerful to use. You can choose ready to use survey templates or create your own by using a wide range of tools. The software has millions of users around the world who can use it to collect their customer feedback to enhance their service or products.

You can use the solution to build a feel and look that represents your brand. It is more than just questions and answers solutions; the surveys are strategically built to help engage your participants and build trust and relationships. Once results are collected and visible, you can quickly transform them into operable data.

Powerful reporting analyzes data in real-time and generates professional and customizable reports with multiple graphics, charts, and tables. It also includes Data pre-population. You can save the participant’s time and effort by pre-filling your online survey with details that you already know, such as company name, etc.

SoGoSurvey comes as the alternative to Typeform but offers lots of new features and services that make it better than others. Its most prominent features include more than 16 ready to use surveys, track survey invitations, question display logic, automatically generate surveys, customization and make surveys anonymous, etc.

#21 CheckMarket


CheckMarket is a professional survey platform created to help you and your team design and implement useful and engaging surveys and give you all the relevant and high actionable insights. The solution provides you with a massive selection of survey templates crafted by professionals from which you choose one that suits your needs.

Once you are done creating your surveys, the software lets you distribute them simultaneously via your preference channel, whether email, SMS, and social media, etc. As compared to all the other similar survey solutions, it is quite simple to create surveys and collect feedback and insight compared to the traditional survey and research practices.

It comes with a robust text editor then enables you to design your templates from scratch, or you can start by choosing a professionally designed survey from its extensive template collection. The survey software introduces lots of new tools and features that automatically manage their significant tasks. CheckMarket core features include rich-text editor, support more than 44 languages, customizable responsive design, automation and integration, white-label options and text analysis, etc.

#22 SurveyMethods


SurveyMethods is a cloud-based online survey solution designed to help businesses create and develop online surveys, polls, and event registrations. It offers an excellent way of discovering your audience’s through on the new product or the competitor. Also, it provides vital tools for evaluating employees and collecting marketing intelligence.

It is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to conduct sophisticated online surveys to create key insights for effective data-driven decisions. The software has more than 100 styles for graphical presentations and 20 question structures. The solution also enables you to brand the survey with your company’s logo, color, and fonts.

There is a massive range of professionally designed templates that are entirely ready to use. SurveyMethods also includes core features such as online surveys, payment options, event management, email newsletters, survey management, data analysis, etc. It has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and benefits.

#23 QuickTapSurvey


QuickTapSurvey is an advanced level mobile survey and data collection service designed to help companies create effective and customized polls. It is an ideal app for those who want to generate surveys and gather answers offline with their Android and iOS devices.

This is the only survey application that enables data capture anywhere, even without an internet connection. QuickTapSurvey, the perfect system for collecting customer reviews as well as for research, audits, lead capture, and interactive kiosks. With the help of this software, users don’t have to rely on paper-based forms and surveys.

The best thing about this application is that it transforms data-collecting into an easy, fast, and engaging process. It also allows users to create insightful reports and take quick action instantly; users can also import surveys from the world’s leading survey platforms such as SurveyMonkey and gather responses even they are not online.

The solution also enables users to easily export data to Excel, Salesforce, MailChimp, and lots of other popular tools. It delivers a platform with that you can create and design the perfect surveys for your business. You can tailor your surveys and determine whether your survey will be completed by the consumer or be self-administered and add a screen layout. Beautiful design, auto-reply email, kiosk mode, add your branding, and unlimited responses are core features of the solution.

#24 SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is an all-in-one survey and feedback management software that allows businesses to easily create and administer surveys for determining the pulse of their employees and customers. It allows users to create and distribute surveys, prompting genuine and authentic answers, comments, and different opinions from respondents.

Its Employee Pulse Surveys helps businesses create to enhance the working environment that is conducive to employee growth and collaboration and improves productivity, among others. On the other hand, the customer pulse surveys help businesses and organizations identify what empowers their clients to buy or avail their services and products, what ticks them off, and what makes them come back.

SurveySparrow is designed to help users with a crystal clear image of what the sentiments of their target people are and harness the power of review to steer their company towards a better and more profitable direction.

As a customer pulse survey solution, it allows you to engage customers and discover and flaws of your services and products, and collect real-time feedback from your clients on how you can further enhance their quality. SurveySparrow also includes core features such as deep insights, mobile-first surveys, audience management, recurring surveys, etc.

#25 Typeform


TypeForm is a comprehensive survey software that comes with all the major tools, features, and services for businesses, institutions, and organizations to deliver a more realistic experience. The software comes to find a complete solution to this challenge by making forms exciting and a fun activity to fill.

To make it happen, it changed the standard text and blank boxes structure of the forms and uses lots of interactive mediums that make the target people want to be part of the activity. Creating a way on Typeform is very easy and simple yet a lot different from the other available applications in the market.

Unlike most of the surveys feedback management solutions, it also comes with free API that allows you to integrate your all surveys and forms with other applications that enjoy delivering a complete experience. Typeform also includes core features such as unlimited forms and surveys, free API, data export options, hidden filed and pricing calculator, etc. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#26 LimeSurvey


LimeSurvey is a free and open-source web-app for conducting surveys online. This web-based software allows users to conduct surveys, collect responses, analyze statistics, and send data to other applications. It offers both kinds of surveys, ones which are short with a couple of questions and others which are lengthy and have a lot of questions.

The admin interface is easy to use and allows the surveyor to create questionnaires comprehensively and easily with the help of its templates. The statistics feature of the software provides a real-time analysis of the collected data.

LimeSurvey also provides a feature of running surveys offline through its Android app. The good thing about it is that anyone with an MS Office experience can generate a professional survey on it because of its simplicity and ease of use.

It supports both open and closed surveys for the developers, and a user can reuse his previous survey content saved in the software. The feature of unlimited access to administration and controlling the target group through quota management makes the LimeSurvey stand tall among all other surveys.

#27 Kwik Surveys


Kwik Surveys is a GDPR compliant online survey creator that helps you collect data and drive research using online surveys. You can create surveys, analyze results and adapt effortlessly. No coding skills are required. The platform can help you, your team, or your organization transform any idea into an insight-driven project. Use this service to collect data for tracking trends over time, identify areas for improvement in customer service, measure the sentiment of an audience about a product launch or create surveys for marketing purposes.

Create online surveys in minutes with industry-standard question types, including open-ended text boxes and anchor text. Get insights from the data generated by your surveys with advanced analysis tools that are built right into KwikSurveys. Create surveys using simple drag-and-drop tools for multiple selections, checkboxes, text boxes, and more. Additionally, you also get advanced analytics to build reports based on your data. Build drill-down reports based on multiple selections, set up filters to show only certain responses or categories of responses.

All reports are built-in real-time thanks to the WebSockets technology that allows them to update instantly. You can view your results in a bird’s eye view or focus on specific actions people perform when they participate in your survey. All in all, Kwik Surveys is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#28 Nextcloud Polls


Nextcloud Polls is an open-source application to conduct polls. It’s compatible with Nextcloud and can be deployed as a service or integrated into it via OAuth. The installation is simple and can be deployed in a few clicks with no additional software requirements in the back-end. Once it’s up and running, you can use it from within your server with no further configuration necessary.

The service is compatible with any modern browser, even on mobile. Easily create a new poll or delete existing ones using the desktop client. You can manage personal votes from the profile page, and view poll results from a selected group. Moreover, you can also generate a QR code to vote via a mobile device or a camera-enabled browser with an added feature to display the generated image in the Nextcloud client.

You can see how many people have voted and what they have voted for by clicking on individual options. The more options available, the more specific your poll becomes, and the fewer people will be able to vote directly inside their web browser. All in all, Nextcloud Forms is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#29 Nextcloud Forms


Nextcloud Forms is a cloud service that helps you create as many forms with as many questions and share with as many people as you like without any limitation. The form builder has a very simple interface and provides both front-end and back-end editing tools, allowing you to work whether they are logged in or not. When creating a form, you can choose from a pile of pre-defined questions or just start from scratch, adding as many questions as you like.

The form builder also provides a new feature called Data View, which allows you to see the current data entry in a table format with details on each question. The guests can easily share the created forms via URL or QR code, and anyone can access the same without having to log in to Nextcloud.

In addition, the form data entry itself is handled by JavaScript and is stored locally on your device using IndexedDB, Browser local storage, or WebSQL DB. This way, forms are accessible from any device that has internet access, including mobile or desktop devices. All in all, Nextcloud Forms is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#30 EUSurvey


EUSurvey is an online survey management tool to create, publish and manage questionnaires and other interactive forms in most web browsers. It’s the easiest way to create engaging online forms, deliver surveys to your users and manage responses. Quickly build your survey in minutes using our secure online form editor. You can even publish HTML5-based surveys for free on the web.

EUSurvey enables you to create fully interactive surveys without any coding knowledge by using simple, drag-and-drop fields and questions that are stored in an easy-to-use question database. Instead of building everything from scratch, you can choose from hundreds of ready-made questions and embed complex questions using our advanced question editor.

You can send invitations to your users or register them directly in EUSurvey. Your survey will be seen by the participants in their web browser, thanks to embedded unique tracking IDs. Whenever they are redirected back to EUSurvey, they will be able to answer forms again without having to sign up again. Moreover, it features integrations with many tools, including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Twitter metrics, and more. All in all, EUSurvey is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#31 Microsoft Forms


Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool that allows you to create surveys, collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events. The platform helps organizations unlock the power of their data by providing a flexible platform for data capture, analysis, and presentation. Forms embed into business applications, websites, and mobile applications, so you can share data on the platform where workers spend the most time.

All data is secured with Azure Active Directory, single sign-on, and application-specific passwords to protect against unauthorized access. Additionally, control over who can access your forms. To create a form, select the fields that will display on the form and add them in the order that they should appear in your workflow. Your forms can be accessed by multiple users, so consider whether you want to add any personal information to them.

Each field type has its own unique set of properties that can be defined when creating or editing a specific field type. Visualize data in seconds with powerful, real-time charts and automatically generated reports. Easily export to Excel for customized, in-depth analysis. All in all, Microsoft Forms is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#32 Flisti


Flisti is an online polling service that offers all the features of a poll with minimal effort. You can create a poll within a few clicks. You choose the number of options, your question, and your answer choices, then click submit. Polls are organized into the categories of tech, humor, and life. Flisti provides charts that show what readers thought when they voted on different questions to allow for trend identification in future polls or to find out what content resonates most with your audience.

Flisti can be embedded in any website, thereby sharing the results with the entire Internet. Clicking on the poll link opens a new window and displays the results and options selected by your community. There is also a comment section, allowing users to continue conversations about the poll. All in all, Flisti is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#33 Webform


Webform is a module for Drupal to build any type of form and then collect and submit data, which can be sent to any application or system. It allows you to collect data in various ways, filter the data by room, and sort the submitted items by date or time period. You can also configure Webform to export submissions into other systems like another Drupal site, PHP script, or spreadsheet.

Besides that, there are many other features packed into the Webform module for you to explore and build forms with it. For example, it is possible for people submitting items not only to fill out a form but use checkboxes or uploaded files as well; there are CAPTCHA protection measures to ensure spamming does not occur on your forms, or you can create an appeal process of decisions taken with rules for dealing with disputed submissions. There is a lot of other options you can create to design and build forms for your users.

The module is designed to let you build forms to collect data from your site visitors and accommodate submitted data from multiple sources such as questionnaires, event signup, web surveys, etc. You can use its own templates to render your form views and fields so that you can still use custom fields or any other CSS-based field type. All in all, Webform is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#34 OhMyForm


OhMyForm is an open-source tool that helps you generate professional-grade online surveys, forms, and polls that are mobile-friendly. The application is designed with modern design, security, and usability in mind. The interface is easy to use and takes a few minutes to set up a poll. It features a total of 11 question types that have editable starting and ending pages. Export the results and submissions into an Excel spreadsheet and analyze the results. Import the JSON or CSV results into Google Analytics support. All in all, OhMyForm is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#35 Faker 3


Faker 3 is free to use fun app that makes it easy to make pranks with your friends easily. It is free to use the iOS application that contains multiple tools and features to make it one of the best Prank Call application. With this app, you can make pranks with your friend by changing voice, record messages, set ringtones, and much more.

You need to launch the app into your devices, and after completing the installation feature, you can access all tools and features. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it allows you to schedule the call, adjust call information, and record calls with just a single tab. Faker 3 also allows you to customize and adjust behavior to make it even more realistic. Its core feature includes set caller photos, record and edit voice messages, unlock all behavior options, and much more.

#36 Gratefulness


Gratefulness is a simple, private, and colorful gratitude journal application that visualizes your goals and keeps you focused. With the help of this app, you can easily set and create your own vision boards that go with you everywhere. It is free to use the application, and you can access its service on Android, iOS, and even web browsers.

The best thing about this application is that it supports almost all kind of image formats and allow you to freely add unlimited images with words that represent your goals and dreams. It also has lots of ready-to-use templates that are uniquely created by an expert team. You can freely choose and modify each one without any limit.

Gratefulness also comes with a blog feature where you can read motivational and inspirational articles to boost you to achieve your goals. Gratefulness’s most prominent feature includes backup and restores, daily reminder, app lock and passcode, and much more.

#37 NiceLabel Designer Express


NiceLabel Designer Express is an all-in-one labeling service providing software that allows you to design your barcode labels and improve your print productivity. You can quickly produce professional labels without opting to make the investment in training and coding. There are multiple features to look forward to that are intuitive label designer, support for multiple types of barcodes, predesigned label templates, simple wizard, maximum productivity, extreme customizations, and more to add.

The software is eliminating all the printing errors via providing a printing interface to users, and you also go with integrating labeling with an existing application and master data. NiceLabel Designer Express is like Microsoft Word, and you will be quickly into it even if you are a novice. Stay out of the high cost of labor work via adopting automated printing, so say goodbye to all sorts of manual operations.

#38 Qualtrics CoreXM


Qualtrics CoreXM is an insight generator software that provides rich insight and takes the best possible action. The software allows a business to get the right data to make smart decisions to streamline productivity and efficiency. Resolve business issues with a better approach having a single system of action for everything from customer insights to market segmentation. Make your online store to take a competitive lead with more sales and boost performance based on customer insights, R&D product research, strategy and planning, marketing, and brand research.

The software brings data from hundreds of data sources on one centralized platform and manages all interactions with customer panels, targeted research, and more. CoreXM automatically runs complex text and statistical analysis and directly notify people what actions are needed to be taken for accurate results. Its multiple valuable features are brand awareness, poling, naming and concept testing, transactional NPS, event feedback, market sizing, no coding, automated triggering, data access controls, and many more.

#39 SurveyJS


SurveyJS provides a solution to users in building up fully-customizable surveys, forms, and quizzes that can seamlessly integrate. The solution helps the users in embedding surveys on their websites which visitors can fill if they want.

Users can add this survey creator to their website which will automatically create a survey for the users based on the data collected from visitors. Users can implement their own data storage to build the survey and they can run it on their domain. It displays surveys in the same window together with the content.

It enables the users to customize and modify their surveys which they can add to their websites or apps. It not only provides a creator but users can also get access to the results which they can use to analyze different aspects. Users can everything in their cloud which they can access from anywhere to create a survey.

#40 SurveyPlanet


SurveyPlanet is a simple and powerful online survey tool that helps the users to avail the free unlimited surveys and responses. This cloud-based solution offers a set of tools to design and share surveys online as well as reviewing the results. It comes with custom themes that allow the users to build their surveys according to their needs.

The solution enables the users to add images in their surveys, which can help the responders in understanding the surveys. The best thing is all the surveys created through it work on all devices from desktops to mobile devices. Users can preview all of their surveys before sending them.

Along with its fast survey creating feature, SurveyPlanet enables users to use multiple languages to create their surveys. Even if the user does not feel like writing a survey, he/she can use a pre-written survey template. Users can add their logos to the surveys for more personalization.

#41 Customer Thermometer


Customer Thermometer is a customer service and support solution that allows your customers to provide feedback quickly by rating your service. As compared to other similar customer service solutions, it is much powerful and offers all the modern tools and features that engage your customers to place feedback.

One of the best things about this platform is that it offers a thank you page, on which you can leave additional comments, complete with social buttons, and a trackable hyperlink that makes it better than others. Most of the users use this to respond directly to their customers and measure the net promoter score. It also has a fully customizable survey system and works on almost all mobile devices. Customer Thermometer surveys allow you to add a logo easily and to choose from a wide range of icons, checkboxes, and crosses, etc. It also allows you to select seasonal icons to create your own branded icons.

After creating your survey, the software allows you to upload your desired contact list and send emails. All emails are sent via secure servers so that they don’t end up in your recipient’s spam or junk folders. Customer Thermometer’s core feature includes a simple dashboard, customize color, and use your logo, integrate with all the leading platforms, import CVS files, and much more.

#42 SurveyExpression


Surveyexpression is a robust customer support software that allows you to create and design multiple online surveys. It is a web-based solution and comes with a drop and drag interface that makes it easy to create any poll without any effort. Several templates are available in the solution, and you can select any one of them to design an attractive survey. Each template is uniquely created by an expert team and also monthly updates with new templates.

The unique thing about this platform is that it is free to use. There is a limitation on the collection of responses, and you can only gather 200 responses per survey. It also allows you to get 18 different high-level question types such as multiple choice radio buttons, ranking, checkboxes, essay boxes, and much more. An option of exporting the data is also available in the solution that makes it more interesting.

Created and share Unlimited surveys, professional reports, create own surveys using its tools, expert guides, survey libraries, data exports, and email notification are key features of the solution. SurveyExpression is a commercial survey software and comes with several price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core advantages.

#43 Engageform


Engageform is an engaging quiz maker that allows you to create quizzes, surveys, and polls to generate leads and engage users. An engaging quiz is the best way to start a fresh conversation with your audience. With this service, you can introduce a new product or service, assess employee performance, or measure the impact of marketing campaigns. You can make a quiz in a few minutes, and you do not need any programming experience to create one. This lets you bring the quiz-making process under your control and ensure that it works well.

With just a few clicks, Engageform will generate questions that fit perfectly into your message and allow you to quickly see how people respond. With the click of a button, you can then export all the results and send them to someone else. We’re improving Engageform by adding new features all the time. Join us! And share your feedback. It will make our product even better. All in all, Engageform is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.