Switch2OSM Alternatives

#1 Google Maps


Google Maps is a free mapping and navigation service by Google. It provides global satellite images, and street maps, and panoramic streets view as well. It is also used for live traffic as well. In addition to providing simple mapping and traffic navigation services, it is also used for route planning for traveling either by foot, vehicle, or public transportation. The best thing about it is that it provides users with the system of embedding Google Maps in their blogs or websites.

Its free service can be used for finding the addresses of local businesses and other organizations. There is also a contribution system named Google Maps Maker that allows expanding and sharing its mapping service. Currently, it is offering its mapping and navigation services for almost all cities and locations across the globe. It is also available in the form of desktop applications and for smartphones as well.

#2 Leaflet


Leaflet is a reputable and leading JavaScript Library that allows you to build web mapping applications that are light in weight. The software surfaces all the agile tools in the bank that provides you the professional mapping of applications. Leaflet is facilitating developers with the functions which they required the most, and its structure is designed appropriately, and usability and performance are the main concerns of Leaflet.

The software comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and consists of a single page that used to circulate in large numbers and support both desktop and mobile platforms. The software is dispensing multiple features that follow out of the box layers, robust customization, complete browser support, dynamic visuals, and more to add. Leaflet is providing you a chance to create the best mapping library in no time with a versatile range of features and control that is cost-effective and saves developing time as well.

#3 OpenStreetMap


OpenStreetMap is basically a map provider and map creator that provides the maps of the major locations across the globe and provides the users with the system of editing these maps. It is, in fact, the map of the world that multiple people under an open license have created. It uses a topological data structure with four core elements: nodes, ways, relations, and tags. The OSM data primitives are stored and processed in various formats. The data available can be used for both traditional applications that’s make it different from other map services.

It features information about the local roads, railway stations, cafes, coffee shops, and much more that are available in the shape of aerial imagery and can be accessed from almost all those devices that use the internet connection or support the GPS. The best about OpenStreetMap is that it provides the users with accurate and up-to-date maps and information. However, one problem is associated with it: the non-availability of the live traffic navigation system.

#4 Alta4


Alta4 is a web-based GIS software and service that has been successful with its advanced IT solutions. The platform provides businesses with multiple ways to increase productivity by working on collaboration and bringing innovative product implementation tailored to the needs of the users. You have fast photo documentation that is secure too, and you have all the data in place to map faster. Apart from the mapping, you have geo-marketing, geo analysis, and routing service as well.

Alta4 is the name of success when it comes to HTML mapping and has been over the years providing the software solution for ArcGIS server that allows you to make customization and create an online map for sure easily. The platform maintains all of your needs to run your online map service at a low cost, and more likely, you can find many integrated solutions here.

#5 Mapbox


Mapbox is mapping software that comes with the integrations, location search, navigation support into any mobile and web application. The software facilitates the developers with the tools that allow them to change the meaning of navigation via designing maps and location-based applications. Get an extra advantage of the extended APIs, SDKs, and more likely, you have a live-updating map that allows you to build better mapping, navigation, and reliable search experience across multiple platforms.

The software comes with the studio that is kind of a photo-shop for the maps giving control to have rich colors, fonts, 3D features, and right angles of the camera. Talking about extensive features that include powerful routing engines, turn-by-turn directions, AI-Powered semantic segmentation, detect things on the road, display driver assistance alerts, create custom map styles, and more to add. Furthermore, Mapbox brings data from the thousands of sources, and the maps that you have designed are then can be used for empowering on-premises applications running GL JS, and now you can navigate SDK for android and IOS.

#6 OpenLayers


OpenLayers is open-source software that comes with the JavaScript library, which is used to display map data on web pages. This software is a completely versatile way to put your map and is capable enough to display map tiles, vector data, and makers that are loaded from any source.

There is also a possibility to use the geographic information of all kinds courtesy of newly developed OpenLayers. OpenLayers is completely free to use and based on JavaScript sand, and you have effortless styling for your map controlling having CSS. Take a look at multiple features that are different levels of API, cutting-edge support, canvas 2D, WebGL support, out-of-the-box mobile support, tiled layers, quick start, and much more.

#7 Pix4Dmapper


Pix4Dmapper is a leading photogrammetry software that is used for professional drone mapping purposes. The platform capture the RGB, thermal and multispectral images with any camera, and users can use it to digitize the images in digital maps and 3D models with it. Moreover, it enables users to process projects with the software on the online process.

The platform offers control to users to assess, control, and improve the quality of their projects. It enables users to use quality reports to examine the generated results, details, and other quality indicators in the project. Users can accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes. Pix4Dmapper enables users to collaborate in the projects with the streamline project communication and teamwork.

#8 WebODM


WebODM is a drone mapping software that allows users to generate maps, point clouds, DEM, and 3D models from aerial images. Users can also run the software on the computer, and they can also use offline without any difficulty. Moreover, it comes with orthomosaics, which helps in georeferencing and allows users to create orthorectified maps. Users can also use its elevation models for georeferenced digital elevation models, and they can get 3D models in OBJ format.

The platform allows users to take measurements with ease, and they can track the stockpiles through the software. Moreover, it also offers such features that users can easily compute plants’ health, such as VARI, NDVI, GNDVI, and many other indexes. The software helps users to create and use Ground Control Points for additional accuracy.

#9 Java Persistence API


Java Persistence API is a Jakarta EE application that is known for its programming interface specification that provides you information about the management of relational data in enterprise Java applications. This utility is on the significant approach to ORM. You have several implementations like hibernating, eclipseLink, and Apache OpenJPA. The metadata you are using is typically defined by annotation right in the Java Class or XMR, or it may be a combination of both.

With this programming utility, the developers can do multiple things like mapping, storing, retrieving data present in the relational databases to Java Objects. The software allows you to work by directly interacting with the object rather than dealing with the SQL statements. There is a persistence Metadata that is responsible for the mapping between Java objects and the database table.

#10 OkMap


OkMap is a leading and reliable cartographic and GPS software that enables you to download maps and, more importantly, you can create custom maps for various activities. The software comes with multiple functionalities like georeferencing digital maps, create custom maps, track statistics, track graphs, perform navigation, and more to add. The software benefits you with multiple navigation tools like a compass, and multiple features are attached with it.

OkMap provides you the valuable means to perform professional activities in the field like doing the searching, rescue, trekking, mountain bike, 4WD, geocaching, and more to add. The software is interactive as far as usability is concerned to work on your computer with either web maps or digital maps. There are multiple features on offer that are responsive design, create waypoints, routes, monitoring capability, upload data to the GPS, estimates travel times, geocoding, interface Google Maps, and much more.

#11 Polymaps


Polymaps is a valuable and free use JavaScript library that allows you to create versatile and interactive maps and is designed for modern web browsers. This software utility is providing expediency for image and vector tiled maps with the help of SVG format. Polymaps is surfacing extreme support for the visual presentation for the toiled vector data and, more importantly, enforcing robust display of the datasets over maps.

More likely, you have the fully loaded and scalable data, which means information can be easily shown up from the country to states, cities, neighborhoods, and individual streets. You can easily understand the CSS rules to define the exact design of your data since Polymaps is using Scalable vector graphics. Moreover, the software uses the popular SMTF for its images and data, so publishing information is quick.

#12 Openmaptiles


Openmaptiles is a self-hosting and design map software that comes with open-source tools to make things a lot easier as far as the compatibility of your maps is concerned. You have the ability to host the world maps in real-time via using your own server or by using the private cloud and, more likely, can generate the vector tiles of your choice from the tags or from geospatial data.

The software is providing you a way to not consume too much time on the map server, which is also an affordable option for you. The authors can take a pretty advantage of the powerful map hosting that, in turn, can be valuable for serving both raster and vector tiles.

#13 Eos.com


Eos.com is a professional cloud-based analytics platform that is all set to extract valuable geospatial data and provide you a reliable way to analyze satellite imagery either for business and science purposes. It is all about making a positive start courtesy of using the best in class geospatial data and custom algorithms. There are multiple features on offer that tile-based map rendering, NDVI analysis, predict yields, create crop profiles, indices generating, cloud and shadow masking, extract volume calculation, developing and applying the custom algorithm, and more to add.

The software brings the data that is highly actionable data that need to drive your business. There is GIS-assistant based on the geospatial technologies that, in turn, extract the authentic information from the big data that can serve real business tasks. Besides, Eos facilitates you with multiple things that are crop monitoring, land viewer, high-resolution images, and Aspectum.

#14 Zoom.earth


Zoom.earth is the free to use platform that allows you to view live satellite images to check the weather, rain radar, track storms, and much more. You have a picture-perfect high-resolution display, and you can zoom the map in real-time view. There is also a possibility to explore the recent images of storms, wildfires, property, and more. After every 10 minutes, the map is updated, and imagery is provided by NASA’s geostationary satellite.

There is no complication on the usage, and you can find out your area with ease and also set the time and date to see the relevant results. There are multiple features on offer that are live view, anywhere support, map labels, storm tracks, day-night time, multiple timing settings, zoom to center, measure area and distance, and more to add.

#15 Nearmap


Nearmap is a technological Aerial map providing service software that enables you to make informed decisions and measurements. The software platform is all about inspecting and analyzing locations from everywhere, which then can turn a high-definition aerial map into a robust project management tool. There are multiple features on offer that are instant understanding, detailed change analysis, comprehensive imagery coverage, consistent clarity, cloud-based approach, discovery tools, and more.

Nearmap is showing its versatility with 3d aspects that are significantly easy to use and up-to-date, providing you the best-in-class aerial imagery. You have the insight that will allow you to take a competitive edge with data, and no one will see it.