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Vinpok Split

Vinpok Split is a fastest and advance way to turn your iPad device to a second touch screen display compatible with your android phone or laptop. It allows you to make a triple-screen setup and also add an extra monitor that boosts productivity in minimum time… read more
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8 Vinpok Split Alternatives & Similar Software


1. DisplayPad

DisplayPad is an online cutting edge solution that designed to use your iPad as a second or extra display for your Mac device. It allows a comfortable carrying facility, and you can extend desktop easily with a wireless display. DisplayPad using the carefully tuned technology that makes it more responsive and smoother.

It can rotate the screens easily and changes the mode of the display automatically. DisplayPad has the ability to position the display any-where relative to desktop devices. The solution is compatible with the Intel 64, Intel 32, and Mac OS x 10.6 or higher versions.


2. Spacedesk

Spacedesk is a multi-monitor display extension screen that turns your smartphones or Chromebook into an extra display for windows PC and tablets with ease. The android phone automatically detects the free window desktop app then connects and transforms the device into a touch screen display.

Spacedesk is a lightweight and fast solution that provides the display quality with minimum lag. It has the ability to select the position of the extended screen relative to the primary device and support the auto rotational options as well. It allows you to use android screens to show gadgets like YouTube & Facebook, rendering screen for Photoshop & AutoCAD, side-by-side display for word or excel, and real document in portrait mode.


3. Air Display

Air Display is an online solution that provides the spare Mac screen an extra or second display for your primary Mac device. It is easy to use a solution by launching the app on your additional Mac then connect the wirelessly with a free host app, and instantly the screen expands. It also connects with USB-C, Thunderbolt and Ethernet with ease.

It provides the facility of client apps that turn the Mac into the second monitor for another device and you can easily download it from the website. The solution gives easy installation with on your Mac device with free Air Display host app then client-app automatically running on your device for extra display.


4. iDisplay

iDisplay is a revolutionary tool that converts your iPad or iPhone to a second touch screen display for windows, Mac or mirror desktop with ease. The desktop application such as Photoshop, MS excel and others support iPad or iPhone with the same features by using the tool. It allows you to complete your task using multiple screens that increase the productivity rate in minimum time.

It provides an interactive touch screen wireless display that extends your screen with your tablet seamlessly. iDisplay gives the facility to use the USB for ultimate performance if there is connection problems in WI-FI. The tool has a responsive ability that turns your Android or iOS to extra display by working with 60fps.


5. Luna Display

Luna Display is a hardware solution that designed to turn any iPad or Mac into a wireless and second screen display. It allows you to manage both devices to work efficiently and quickly with a single control. Luna Display works in three modes such as Mac-to-iPad, Mac-to-Mac, and headless with ease.

It supports a quick set-up facility, simply plugs it into Mac then launches the app and runs. The tool is available for USB-C and MiniDisplayPort that enable hardware setup easy for you. It is a product of LIQUID technology and specially designed for the sake of working wirelessly. In case, the Wi-Fi is not available; then you can easily connect USB to your devices to continue your work.


6. Mountie

Mountie is an advanced and online tool that gives the strong mount for the sake of adding the second screen to devices. The tool allows you to use your iPad as a second display with the new grip optimize. It supports dual grip units with 2.6x in front grip surface area and 4mm apart from screen to enhance balance for quick and safe attachment to your laptop with ease.

The tool is compatible with iPhone, all recent tablets between 5mm and 9mm, any laptop and all MacBooks. It allows multitasking with the multi-monitor with the facility to clip your phone or tablet to the side of the device.


7. ScreenFocus

ScreenFocus is an online tool that allows you to work with multiple monitors at the same time and control your systems with a single setup. The tool facilitates you with dim screen features that enable you to stay focus only on actual working and avoid the distraction of side monitors. It is a cloud-based solution and compatible with desktop platforms.

One of the core features of ScreenFocus includes brighten up a monitor in no time, which means that you need to move your cursor to awake the screen otherwise when you move the cursor away from the screen automatically dim again. The supports PressKit that has videos, screenshots and icon to understand the functionality and working.


8. Duet Display

Duet Display is an online tool that converts your android or iOS system into the extra display for your PC & Mac devices with zero lag and high performance. It provides the most advanced display for your device and using the dual-display reduces your time to switch content that improves your productivity as well.

It allows you to work with the latest CPU support and not requires the dongles & converters. The tool supports every major platform because it is a cross-platform solution that provides the facility to choose your preferred platform with ease. Duet Display uses the encryption type of 256-bit with the local availability that keeps your data safe and secure.

More About Vinpok Split

Vinpok Split is a fastest and advance way to turn your iPad device to a second touch screen display compatible with your android phone or laptop. It allows you to make a triple-screen setup and also add an extra monitor that boosts productivity in minimum time. It provides the facility to connect Vinpok Split screen with your original screen and you can flip to any angle which is suitable for interviews and meetings with a smooth screen share feature.

The tool can convert your smartphone into a computer like a plugin Android flagship smartphone. It can easily attach one or two extra screens with your laptop and work with all laptops with the help of mini HDMI or Type-C.

The core features of Vinpok Split includes flexible viewing with rotatable ability, turn android smartphones into working station, compact and lightweight, and many more.

It offers on the go triple touch screen monitor that enable you to work fast and stay productive. Vinpok Split gives secure and easy plans to purchase the fully featured tool.