VueScan is a unique kind of drivers’ provider for the scanners. It is available for free and in the paid version for almost all operating systems. One of the biggest problems with the old scanners is that with time, the manufacturer of the scanner stops providing the driver and other relevant software of the scanner… read more

What are best VueScan Alternatives?

#1 WinScan2PDF


WinScan2PDF is the name of easy to use software for scanning the documents into PDF files by using your scanner. It is the simplest and easiest way to convert the documents to PDF files by deploying the default scanner installed on the PC. The simple to use interface of WinScan2PDF will make the process of conversion very easy and straightforward for you.

The best about WinScan2PDF is that it is a portable program that requires no installation at all. You can copy the program into your USB as well and can use the same from the USB as well. The most straightforward interface of WinScan2PDF offers the easiest and quickest access to the users and do very few configuration settings only.


#2 XSane


XSane is the name of an advanced graphical scanning frontend. It uses the advanced SANE library to get compatible with scanners that make it better than others. The software comes with the aims to assist the users in acquiring images with scanners and with other devices like video devices, cameras, and those devices that are supported by the SANE.

As we have already mentioned that XSane is a unique kind of product; its way of working is also different from its competitions. The user interface of the XSane is straightforward, easy, and user-friendly. You don’t need to be an expert at all or having prior technical knowledge at all for using this simple to use graphical end program. You can set the scanning parameters as per your requirement.

#3 AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter


AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter is a new kind of document scanner and file converter for most of the operating systems. AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter aims to put its users at ease to scan their simple documents into PDF format accurately and directly.

It doesn’t ask for too many configuration options from the users’ end. The best about AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter is that its customization features are minimal. But it is containing only standard options rather than offering too much hodgepodge.


#4 ScanDrop


ScanDrop is a multipurpose scanning program for the Mac OS X users. It permits its clients to scan their documents for free quickly, and they upload the file to any of their popular online cloud storage services. After uploading the documents online, it will be available in your online account. You can access it and share the same with others anytime and from any part of the world.

ScanDrop also allows the users to select the specific folder in the system to store the file there. The best about ScanDrop is that it is fully compatible with the TWAIN standard scanners and also that scanner that belongs to the ScanSnap range.

#5 Softi Scan to PDF


Softi Scan to PDF is one of the best programs that is called as one of the best PDF scanning application. It permits the users to scan images and documents and save them into PDF format. The best about Softi Scan to PDF is both beginners and professionals can use it.

Softi Scan to PDF is packed in a clean in the user-friendly interface from where you can choose a scanner device and press the ok button to get the files. Softi Scan to PDF also makes the users able to enable the auto-feed system and use the scanner’s dialog.


#6 métier Scan2PDF


métier Scan2PDF is a powerful solution that offers the simplest way to produce PDF files from different kinds of documents, paper copies, and photographs, or even slides, etc. It comes with a range of powerful tools and features that manage your complete scanning work.

With just a single click, you’ll be able to scan one page or even a whole file of pages without any limitation. The best thing about this software is that it is a plug and play solution; you need to add and enjoy it all features. métier Scan2PDF user-interface is quite impressive and delivers a complete guide that makes it simple beginners.

#7 Dvx WIFI Scan


Dvx WIFI Scan is an advanced level ACSI model-based API that used for getting documents scanned from their favorite web browsers. Dvx WIFI Scan lets its users launch a previous scan for their entire wireless network SSIDs around the corner.

With the usage of Dvx WIFI Scan, you can launch a wireless access points scan that writes its result on the screen. The stop and start WiFi interface of the Dvx WIFI Scan gives the users the option to get the MAC address of the connected interface.

#8 gscan2pdf


gscan2pdf is multifunctional scanning software that allows the users to get several pages scanned and then save them into the desired location within a few steps only. It will enable the users to save the scanned documents either as a PDF file or a DjVu file.

The unique feature of gscan2pdf is that it controls the sheetfed or regular scanners with SANE through scanadf or scanimage and then allow the users to get multiple pages scanned at once.

#9 FreeKapture


FreeKapture is a new kind of program that makes the connection between your default scanner and the PC with your scanner. By using this program, you can scan, print, and save the images in multiple formats.

The user-friendly and easy to use interface of FreeKapture will make you able to capture images from scanners of almost types and save them on the PC as well. FreeKapture is based on the TWAIN system and API that allow the users to use it with every scanner from new to old one.


#10 Softi ScanWiz


Softi ScanWiz is one of the best PDF scanners available in the market. This fast to use and well reliable program that makes the Windows users able to get the overall support for scanning to PDF and scanning to TIFF formats.

The best about Softi ScanWiz is that it is capable of saving the scanned documents as compressed multipage PDF or TIFF files and also in various other image formats. Among the many features of the Softi ScanWiz, the main highlighted feature of the Softi ScanWiz is that it allows the users to scan and build multi-page documents even with a flatbed scanner.

#11 Skanlite


Skanlite is the name of a highly professional and easy to use scanning program that is used to scan the documents and to save the images in multiple formats. Skanlite itself is based on the KSane backend, and the best about Skanlite is that it allows the users to save the scanned images in various formats.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it supports almost all the leading formats that you need to see in any scanning platform. You can open a save dialog for every image, or you can even save the photos as well in a particular directory with the auto-generated names and format of this program.

#12 iCopy Free Photocopier


iCopy Free Photocopier is a program that allows the Windows users to use their scan and printer to get their documents and images scanned in the format they want. It is the perfect program to combine the printer and scanner into a compelling copy device.

Within a few clicks, you can directly print your documents and images easily. Downloading, installing, and then running the program is very easy and straightforward. With the press of a button, you can scan the document easily and quickly. The simple to use interface of this program will allow you to manage both scanner and printer options like contrast, brightness, and several copies in a couple of seconds.

#13 Simple Scan


Simple Scan is a document scanning program that works quickly with all types of scanners. It is designed for those who have a scanner but unable to scan the documents because of missing the drivers. Simple Scan will allow you to get your document scanned in multiple image formats.

The best about Simple Scan is that it even makes the users able to get their photos scanned as well. All other settings are also possible to be made via this program. You can make the standard editing like cropping the unnecessary parts of the documents or images or rotating the document or making any other relevant editing.

#14 SilverFast


SilverFast is called first in digital imaging software for getting professional scanning and digital imaging. It is available as a digital imaging software and digital scanner for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

The site comes with the aim to assist those users who want to create digital images by deploying the innovative and industry-proven state of the art technology tools. Among a lot of features and functions, the biggest one of the SilverFast is HRD Studio that mainly emphasizes the particular functionality of image editing.

#15 MetaDMS Scan Software


MetaDMS Scan Software is free to use solutions for the Windows operating systems for scanning paper documents within few clicks. After scanning the reports, the users of MetaDMS Scan Software can then save the images to the format of JPEG and a few others as well.

For the information of the readers, MetaDMS Scan Software is fully compatible with the TWAIN scanners and transforms these printers into JPEG images and PDF documents. For the information of the readers, MetaDMS Scan Software comes with a wide range of options and functionalities.

More About VueScan

VueScan is a unique kind of drivers’ provider for the scanners. It is available for free and in the paid version for almost all operating systems. One of the biggest problems with the old scanners is that with time, the manufacturer of the scanner stops providing the driver and other relevant software of the scanner. But now we have a scanner driver’s provider named VueScan that offers the scanner drivers for even old scanners as well.

The software will make it easy for you to carry your old scanner that you can find the appropriate driver from either the manufacturer’s website. VueScan will take a few seconds to scan the drivers and will deliver the same.

It is the pack of all those tools that you need for your scanner. VueScan makes the users able to use their exiting scanner and start scanning the as many pages as they want. The advanced tools of VueScan will allow you to scan the automatic document feeders, scan to PDF, OCR facility, small document file sizes, and much more.

VueScan Reviews

Flint D.
written on August 21, 2020

My Panasonic scanner just shut down, and it wasn’t working since. I found out about this from, and I check its website, and I found a driver for my scanner. And it was working since then. I will appreciate and vote in favor of this website because it has never stopped my work. I am in love with it and the customer support module it offers.

written on July 27, 2020

I will not say that the website is good, but it can do so much better in its category. It is different from other drivers providing a platform. It is free, and besides that, there are other platforms where you can find drivers for hardware. Other platforms are now easily found on any top search of Google. But this platform is useful when you have the fun company has updated the version of existing scanners. You will need a driver because you cannot delay your work. And then, this website comes into play. In my opinion, it is just okay.

M. Blake
written on June 12, 2020

I use the pro version of this platform because it consists of additional tools and features because it will automatically scan a document in the scanner, whether it is of a new generation or old. I like many features of the website because no other platform is providing such facilities. I will vote in favor of VueScan.

written on May 12, 2020

My friend told me about this platform because my scanner was not working in the office, and I have to download the driver to update it. I found access to this website, and I open it, and I was amazed at the interface. It has a nice interface, and the menu is laid out properly. Downloading the software was the least of my concern. Because I was reading what they have mentioned on the website, and it was amazing.