WinScan2PDF is the name of easy to use software for scanning the documents into PDF files by using your scanner. It is the simplest and easiest way to convert the documents to PDF files by deploying the default scanner installed on the PC. The simple to use interface of WinScan2PDF will make the process of conversion very easy and straightforward for you.

The best about WinScan2PDF is that it is a portable program that requires no installation at all. You can copy the program into your USB as well and can use the same from the USB as well. The most straightforward interface of WinScan2PDF offers the easiest and quickest access to the users and do very few configuration settings only.

As compared to most of the PDF conversion and software for the scanners, WinScan2PDF comes with many features and those dedicated parameters and options that make its users able to view the documents before converting them. The users can view and set the page size and can specify the rotation angle.

For the better management of the time, the users can process the files in a batch mode as well. WinScan2PDF is a simple to use program that will simplify the entire conversion process for you. With the usage of an already installed scanner, you can scan each document.


WinScan2PDF Alternatives

#1 MetaDMS Scan Software


MetaDMS Scan Software is free to use solutions for the Windows operating systems for scanning paper documents within few clicks. After scanning the reports, the users of MetaDMS Scan Software can then save the images to the format of JPEG and a few others as well.

For the information of the readers, MetaDMS Scan Software is fully compatible with the TWAIN scanners and transforms these printers into JPEG images and PDF documents. For the information of the readers, MetaDMS Scan Software comes with a wide range of options and functionalities.

You will not face any hurdles at all while using this program. The installation process is straightforward, and the interface is very user-friendly. The installation procedure will not take too much time at all. It is packed with a simple windows based interface and contains a straightforward and easy to use structure.

With the click of one button, you can quickly get your documents scanned and saved them into PDF and many other files as well. The documents scanned can then be saved in JPEG format as well. The users can then, in the end, upload the scanned document into an FTP client as well as subject to the setup of the proper credentials.


#2 iCopy Free Photocopier


iCopy Free Photocopier is a program that allows the Windows users to use their scan and printer to get their documents and images scanned in the format they want. It is the perfect program to combine the printer and scanner into a compelling copy device.

Within a few clicks, you can directly print your documents and images easily. Downloading, installing, and then running the program is very easy and straightforward. With the press of a button, you can scan the document easily and quickly. The simple to use interface of this program will allow you to manage both scanner and printer options like contrast, brightness, and several copies in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, you can save the images or export to PDF without the need of other software. It is small to use a program that requires no installation at all. The best about iCopy Free Photocopier is that it is an open-source program and also available for free.

It is the solution for almost all kinds of scanners and printers. Whatever, scanner or printer you are using, iCopy Free Photocopier will automatically get itself compatible with that. The key features of the iCopy Free Photocopier are scanning mode options, a preview function, scaling by percentage function, command line parameters, and much more.

#3 XSane


XSane is the name of an advanced graphical scanning frontend. It uses the advanced SANE library to get compatible with scanners that make it better than others. The software comes with the aims to assist the users in acquiring images with scanners and with other devices like video devices, cameras, and those devices that are supported by the SANE.

As we have already mentioned that XSane is a unique kind of product; its way of working is also different from its competitions. The user interface of the XSane is straightforward, easy, and user-friendly. You don’t need to be an expert at all or having prior technical knowledge at all for using this simple to use graphical end program. You can set the scanning parameters as per your requirement.

XSane works with both color and black and white images. Before the start of the scanning process, XSane gives the details of the image size and dimension of the image or document that you are going to scan. Overall, XSane is a fitness program for all kinds of scanning purposes. For the information of the readers, only the sane-backends modules of XSane work with most of the scanners models when connected locally.


#4 FreeKapture


FreeKapture is a new kind of program that makes the connection between your default scanner and the PC with your scanner. By using this program, you can scan, print, and save the images in multiple formats.

The user-friendly and easy to use interface of FreeKapture will make you able to capture images from scanners of almost types and save them on the PC as well. FreeKapture is based on the TWAIN system and API that allow the users to use it with every scanner from new to old one.

By deploying this program, you can connect to multiple scanners, and likewise, many other devices are used for scanning documents. After scanning the documents, you can copy and save the images into your PC, as well. The interface of the FreeKapture is straightforward and user-friendly.

The main window of the program contains very basic and limited features rather than too many options that confuse the users rather than helping them and putting them on ease. During the process of scanning, you can view the scanned images and can get the other required details like the size and dimensions of the image, as well.

#5 Skanlite


Skanlite is the name of a highly professional and easy to use scanning program that is used to scan the documents and to save the images in multiple formats. Skanlite itself is based on the KSane backend, and the best about Skanlite is that it allows the users to save the scanned images in various formats.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it supports almost all the leading formats that you need to see in any scanning platform. You can open a save dialog for every image, or you can even save the photos as well in a particular directory with the auto-generated names and format of this program.

The best about Skanlite is that it gives the users the option to select the specific part of the file scanned as well. For using this service, the users are first required to get the quick preview and then select the desired area. After that either saves it or scan again to get the selected area only in high quality.

The user interface of the Skanlite is straightforward. The main window is divided into two sections. One section shows the scanned result, and the other portion is containing settings options.

#6 AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter


AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter is a new kind of document scanner and file converter for most of the operating systems. AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter aims to put its users at ease to scan their simple documents into PDF format accurately and directly.

It doesn’t ask for too many configuration options from the users’ end. The best about AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter is that its customization features are minimal. But it is containing only standard options rather than offering too much hodgepodge.

The main feature of the AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter supports for multiple scanners, send PDF as an attachment, basic image editing, batch scanning, convert image to PDF, define output settings, and much more. AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter scans the paper documents into PDF format quickly, directly, and accurately.

The other quality of AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter is that it permits the users to import their existing images and combine all the images files into a PDF document. It also allows the users to create PDF files easily from scanned data, and images are as quickly as clicking buttons.

Moreover, the users can edit the scanned images by brightness, adjusting the size, contrast, and much more. Batch scanning is the other feature of AXPDF Scan to PDF Converter that lets users scan multi-page documents together as a single PDF file.

#7 Softi Scan to PDF


Softi Scan to PDF is one of the best programs that is called as one of the best PDF scanning application. It permits the users to scan images and documents and save them into PDF format. The best about Softi Scan to PDF is both beginners and professionals can use it.

Softi Scan to PDF is packed in a clean in the user-friendly interface from where you can choose a scanner device and press the ok button to get the files. Softi Scan to PDF also makes the users able to enable the auto-feed system and use the scanner’s dialog.

Softi Scan to PDF offers the multiple PDF settings in which some highlighted are filter options, setting the brightness level. It also offers to set the DPI, setting the page size, specifying the output folder location, rotating the pages, automatically adjust images, and much more.

One of the most significant of Softi Scan to PDF is that it doesn’t put an extra burden on the system at all and consume very low system memory. Using Softi Scan to PDF is very easy and straightforward. It is also capable of scanning the PDFs files as well. Softi Scan to PDF works smoothly with all TWAIN-compatible scanners.

#8 SilverFast


SilverFast is called first in digital imaging software for getting professional scanning and digital imaging. It is available as a digital imaging software and digital scanner for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

The site comes with the aim to assist those users who want to create digital images by deploying the innovative and industry-proven state of the art technology tools. Among a lot of features and functions, the biggest one of the SilverFast is HRD Studio that mainly emphasizes the particular functionality of image editing.

One of the besting things about SilverFast is that it is compatible with almost three hundred and fifty scanner models from old models to the new one. Each time it will produce the maximum quality result from any scanning device and exceeds the results of the manufacturers’ software.

The main advantages of the SilverFast are the functions that it is offering to its users in the shape of the professional color management system, individual color and negative profiles for each scanner, integrated Auto IT8 calibration, efficient scratch, and dust removal system, and availability of advanced tools for both manual and automatic optimization. SilverFast is now part of the Archive Suite that is based on the RAW data concept and saves the filmstrips, slides, photos, and pictures, and all those data captured by this software.

#9 ScanDrop


ScanDrop is a multipurpose scanning program for the Mac OS X users. It permits its clients to scan their documents for free quickly, and they upload the file to any of their popular online cloud storage services. After uploading the documents online, it will be available in your online account. You can access it and share the same with others anytime and from any part of the world.

ScanDrop also allows the users to select the specific folder in the system to store the file there. The best about ScanDrop is that it is fully compatible with the TWAIN standard scanners and also that scanner that belongs to the ScanSnap range.

The powerful tools and functions available in the ScanDrop let the users preview their scans, crop images, and even use drag and drop feature to reorder the file. Rather than uploading the document, the users can delete the data as well.

ScanDrop is simply one of the best scanning applications and highly advanced than the default scanning program of your scanner. Recently ScanDrop has added another feature to the shape of support for the mail accounts. The Scan to Email feature of ScanDrop permits the clients to scan and attach a PDF file to their local desktop email program.

#10 Dvx WIFI Scan


Dvx WIFI Scan is an advanced level ACSI model-based API that used for getting documents scanned from their favorite web browsers. Dvx WIFI Scan lets its users launch a previous scan for their entire wireless network SSIDs around the corner.

With the usage of Dvx WIFI Scan, you can launch a wireless access points scan that writes its result on the screen. The stop and start WiFi interface of the Dvx WIFI Scan gives the users the option to get the MAC address of the connected interface.

Moreover, it will give you the option to get the LAN IP address that is currently in use. Dvx WIFI Scan is best for optimizing low memory consumption, so it will not put an extra burden on your system at all. For the information of the readers, the embedded database of Dvx WIFI Scan doesn’t interact with any external server at all.

It allows the user to be able to transfer all the data from the SQLite database on Android smartphones to a database or from of visual report on the user’s PC or laptop via LAN.

#11 Softi ScanWiz


Softi ScanWiz is one of the best PDF scanners available in the market. This fast to use and well reliable program that makes the Windows users able to get the overall support for scanning to PDF and scanning to TIFF formats.

The best about Softi ScanWiz is that it is capable of saving the scanned documents as compressed multipage PDF or TIFF files and also in various other image formats. Among the many features of the Softi ScanWiz, the main highlighted feature of the Softi ScanWiz is that it allows the users to scan and build multi-page documents even with a flatbed scanner.

Softi ScanWiz deploys the advanced G4 TIFF compression that allows the users to get a typical page in below the size of 30KB. The remaining feature of the Softi ScanWiz is adding pages to the existing scanned PDF files, Automatic Deskew function, detailed and thumbnail view of the scanned documents.

It also offers double-sided mode, driving a TWAIN scanner without even showing the default dialog and getting the scanned result in almost all image formats. If you want a program that should work easily with TWAIN scanners, then Softi ScanWiz is the answer to that. However, before deciding to buy the software, you can first avail of its free trial, as well.

#12 CloudScan


CloudScan is a document scanning tool that provides a simple and intuitive way to scan your documents, photos, or pages. The final output can be saved as PDF or any other document. You can scan and merge multiple document files or pages and make a single PDF. The easy-to-use interface has all the useful features listed without any confusing navigation. This tool comes in handy for people that frequently work with documents, scanned photos, and files, etc.

A highlighting feature is the image enhancement features like auto deskew, punch removal, and binary black border removal. You can use this tool with any TWAIN compatible printer from any web browser, redact metadata in order to save information, export to cloud storage, manipulate like crop, rotate, flip, etc., and share the output across the network. All in all, CloudScan is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#13 EasyScan


EasyScan is a simple yet intuitive document and picture scanning software that allows you to scan documents supporting a wide range of printers, including TWAIN standard ones. It has an updated database for every upcoming printer and detects it as you launch the program. No matter you are using inkjet, laser, dot matrix, or printer of any brand, it will do support them natively. EasyScan not only works with scanners but other peripherals that may include scanning functionality, such as multipurpose printers.

As some printers become obsolete, discontinued, or the company stops making their software updates. In this case, this tool comes in handy as it provides a proper software driver for every printer. It features image orientation and resizing options. There’s a preview option built in that gives you a real-time view of your edits. All in all, EasyScan is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#14 IDM Scan


IDM Scan is an app that allows you to scan documents and manage them. Multiple scanned documents can be merged as a PDF file with some editing options available. You can crop, rotate pages, flip them, merge, and separate them from a PDF file. A direct share button lets you share it on WhatsApp, social media, or as an email.

With this tool, you can easily create preset buttons for scanning, automatically create folders for the images, create the required directory structure with one click, control the required number of scanned documents, and easily export images. All in all, the IDM scan is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#15 gscan2pdf


gscan2pdf is multifunctional scanning software that allows the users to get several pages scanned and then save them into the desired location within a few steps only. It will enable the users to save the scanned documents either as a PDF file or a DjVu file.

The unique feature of gscan2pdf is that it controls the sheetfed or regular scanners with SANE through scanadf or scanimage and then allow the users to get multiple pages scanned at once.

For the better management of the results produced, gscan2pdf also offers the thumbnail views of the scanned pages as well and gives the basic editing functions like rotating, cropping, and deleting pages as well. gscan2pdf has recently added another feature in its list of features that is its new OCR system.

The OCR system of gscan2pdf is used to recognize the text in the scans, and then the result generated can be embedded in the DjVu and PDF file as well. gscan2pdf is simply one of the best programs that get itself easily compatible with almost all leading scanners.

The streamlined features of the gscan2pdf are it is fully compatible with all SANE, capable scanners, capable in reordering pages through DND, scan multiple pages to many formats, and much more.

#16 Windows Scan


Windows Scan is an app that allows you to scan pictures and documents and save them where you want them to be. This productivity app is a perfect tool for those who frequently deal with documents and scans them. The direct share button makes it easy to share it directly where you want to be. No matter you scan one photo or a bunch of photos, Windows Scan will do the job with ease.

A highlighting feature is a clear filter that makes the blurry, soft, unclear text and even wrinkled pages a readable page. All in all, Windows Scan is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#17 AutoSplitter


AutoSplitter is a useful solution that enables you to scan several photos at the same time and crop automatically, saving a lot of time and effort. It is compatible with multiple versions of Windows, including XP, 10, 7, 11, and 8. You can add as many photos on the flatbed scanner as desired, and it will identify individual photos from the scan all by itself. It organizes the photos and saves them into separate image files.

You can use it to scan each and every family photo instantly and efficiently scan various postcards, baseball cards, and other rectangular posts simultaneously. One of its main features is Captioning and Tagging, through which you can add text captions to your scanned photos and save dates and captions into exif metadata with great ease. Apart from this, it offers Retouch functionality that can restore vivid colors and contrast to old family photos. Lastly, it is capable of automatically cropping and detecting scanned photos to individual files.

#18 Scanitto Pro


Scanitto Pro is a simple to use document scanning software made for Windows OS. This saves you a lot of time in scanning and merging multiple pages in PDF. It supports the majority of scanners, including commercial and consumer scales. The scanned documents can be saved as PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, JP2, and PNG files and even make multi-page PDF or TIFF documents. With this tool, you can scan, recognize text and create editable and searchable electronic copies of paper documents.

A highlighting feature is the Optical Character Recognition which recognizes the text on hard copy and makes it editable with page layout analysis. Scanitto Pro offers one-click scanning and copying through its proprietary drivers. You can use them as an option to get exceptional scan quality and speed. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Windows to provide a complete document management environment that is intuitive and very easy to use. All in all, Scanitto Pro is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#19 Simple Scan


Simple Scan is a document scanning program that works quickly with all types of scanners. It is designed for those who have a scanner but unable to scan the documents because of missing the drivers. Simple Scan will allow you to get your document scanned in multiple image formats.

The best about Simple Scan is that it even makes the users able to get their photos scanned as well. All other settings are also possible to be made via this program. You can make the standard editing like cropping the unnecessary parts of the documents or images or rotating the document or making any other relevant editing.

There are various other features and functions, as well. Simple Scan also allows the users to print their scans, export them as PDF files, or save them in a wide range of other formats as well. For its simple, user-friendly interface, it is as easy to use designed to make its users able to get connected to their scanner and quickly easily. With this, you can have an image and document in an appropriate format.

#20 métier Scan2PDF


métier Scan2PDF is a powerful solution that offers the simplest way to produce PDF files from different kinds of documents, paper copies, and photographs, or even slides, etc. It comes with a range of powerful tools and features that manage your complete scanning work.

With just a single click, you’ll be able to scan one page or even a whole file of pages without any limitation. The best thing about this software is that it is a plug and play solution; you need to add and enjoy it all features. métier Scan2PDF user-interface is quite impressive and delivers a complete guide that makes it simple beginners.

Its most prominent feature includes OCR optical character recognition, scan with twain or without twain dialog, automatic detection of the scanner, network version, support multiple languages, password protection and integrated with a PDF viewer, etc.

#21 VueScan


VueScan is a unique kind of drivers’ provider for scanners. It is available for free and paid for almost all operating systems. One of the biggest problems with the old scanners is that with time, the manufacturers of the scanner stop providing the driver and other relevant software of the scanner. VueScan offers scanner drivers for even old scanners as well.

The software will make it easy for you to carry your old scanner that you can find the appropriate driver from either the manufacturer’s website. VueScan will take a few seconds to scan the drivers and will deliver the same.

It is the pack of all those tools that you need for your scanner. VueScan makes the users able to use their exiting scanner and start scanning as many pages as they want. The advanced tools of VueScan will allow you to scan the automatic document feeders, scan to PDF, OCR facility, small document file sizes, and much more.