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WeTransfer Alternatives for Android

#1 4Shared


Search, Store, and Share easily. 4Shared is a leading file sharing and storage service that offers the fastest way to access your documents, images, videos, and all kinds of files anytime, anywhere. It features a massive collection of databases and its convenient public search option. This search option allows you to search for and find the files you need within its database without any limitation.

4Shared is simple to define various search filters such as upload time, size, and type of data to get the best results and add the necessary file to your account. With the help of this service, you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, download, and upload any data from your account and share them with your friends and colleagues anywhere around the world.


WeTransfer Reviews

written on May 25, 2020

I hate the fact that you can the only send up to 2 to 20 GB files in the service for most people; it can be a lot, and for some people like me, it can just be a starting file size. Besides the size, the factor I like the most is the interface, and it works just fast as you can imagine. Of course, you will require strong internet for a secure connection so you can send your file as quickly as possible. It is the best file transferring web app I have ever encountered.

written on May 22, 2020

It is a great web-based service, and I enjoy using it because it can transfer the file in less time, and it is very user-friendly. I do not have to register on this website, and it still works just fine. Just enter your email the receiver email your message attached file, and you are good to go. I recommend most of my followers use the platform because it is straight forward and lean.

Garry Snow
written on May 15, 2020

This platform was founded in 2009, and I have been using it since 2010, and it has been a great partner and has provided many tools. Transferring file has never been this much easier. I will not complain about the file size of transfer, but they can make more improvements. I love the interface of the website, and the software is available for Android and iOS phones. Which in my opinion can be a great factor for mobile users.

Kendrick E.
written on May 14, 2020

It can easily work without sign in, but if you sign-in, it gets more interesting and provides you additional features that will cost about $12 per month. It does not require any zipping, so you can easily adjust the transfer rate of your files from 20 GB to 1TB. It depends on you whether you are available to transfer the file for a week or a month. That is the user’s choice.