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WorkWave Service is a field service solution that is available to use on mobile and desktop platforms. It connects field workers to the office which provide visibility into what’s happening in the field. The mobile app enables field workers to time in and out of jobs from the field, view job details and more… read more
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25 WorkWave Service Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Wintac

Wintac is leading on-premise business management software that caters to field service, installation and service contracting organizations. It is an alternative to AgileField and offers all the similar services with some new and advanced features. The core features of the solution include work order management, CRM, inventory and fleet management. It also offers advanced level scheduling, dispatching and work order management module with some extra tools that make it stronger than others. The colour-coded dispatch board enable users to drag and drop appointments so that dispatchers can easily monitor schedules and re-assign calls if needed. With this technician in the field can easily access their schedule remotely. Wintac also offers features for tracking current and potential customers, making estimates and offers and managing accounts as well as its Job costs can be broken out by inventory items, payroll and POs. It also allows you to share information on smartphones, tablets and laptops easily, and the system supports the e-signature capture feature in the field. Wintac offers integration with Microsoft Office and Quickbooks. Overall, it is an all-in-one businesses management solution as compared to the others.


2. AgileField

AgileField is a simple yet powerful field service solution that aims to get the right technician at the right location with the right equipment and the right materials to complete the job. It is a cloud-based solution and comes with all the major tools and services in order to deliver the complete and more realistic experience. Both residential field and commercial service organizations can utilize the system for scheduling and dispatch work order management, automatic notification, inventory and asset management, contact management and implementation processes eliminate double entry and bring transparency to the field. It is a perfect solution for companies with more than 25 or more employees. With the help of this platform, technicians can access the system from any smart device and work in discounted mode via the mobile. Another great thing that makes it stronger than other is, it offers integration with all the major CRM, ERP and accounting system. AgileField is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


3. ServSuite

ServSuite is a cloud-based business management solution by Service Pro that is specially designed for pest control and lawn care companies. The software features standard field service software capabilities that offer all the major services such as contact management, inventory management, GPS tracking capabilities. It also offers additional add-on modules with some advanced tools that make your work fasters and more simple. Unlike other similar platforms, it also has mobile applications for service businesses, through this application, users can adjust and synchronize techs schedules, manage new services and appointments and send emails to their customers. Other mobile app capabilities include viewing service, estimates data history and managing customer account information. ServSuite also offers marketing solutions that allow users to compile specific customer lists of clients within the desired criteria. It also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is an excellent business management tool as compared to the others.


4. ThermoGRID

ThermoGRID is a field management platform designed for small to midsize contractor companies. It is a complete program that offers an integrated suite of applications to automate the day-to-day operations of the business. Before sending a service out into the field, its application takes into account, the location of all available service technicians at that time, their skill, and ranking. The best thing about this software is that it automatically generated invoices, reviewed and signed by the client on any mobile device. ThermoGRID’s analysis tool calculates precise heating and cooling load volumes based on the size of the space, and tools allow for the auto-tagging of parts and equipment so the technician can easily quote the job without to do external research and their prices are stored in the database. Its most prominent features include dashboard, simple interface, time tracking, reports, project management tools and advanced level contact management tool that allows users to upload photos of the job site, service technician’s task sheets, and daily management reports. It also has different subscription-based price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


5. FieldEdge

FieldEdge created dESCO is an all-in-one cloud-based Field Service Management platform that is specially made for home service contractors in fields such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and all the other similar services. It allows companies to manage and control all the business operations remotely easily. Its dispatch board provides users with proposals regarding assignee for work order based on the technician’s skill set and location at the time of the job. In addition, the solution also helps streamline and automate the billing and scheduling of service. FieldEdge offers integration with Quickbooks with some new and advanced tools that make it better than others. It also comes with a native application for technicians, allows techs to access their tasks, services, and materials on-the-go. FieldEdge app also features a customizable price book that helps techs present different price options to customers that allow businesses to manage revenue generated easily. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


6. Mobiwork MWS

Mobiwork MWS is a complete field service solution that features GPS tracking, billing and invoicing, inventory management, work order management, electronic forms, scheduling and dispatch etc. It is a cloud-based solution and offers deployment options and native mobile compatibility with Android devices. With the help of this solution, the user can easily capture location which when they log in to the app on a smartphone that allows administrators to visualize map and paths as well as analyze movements. Its notifications include device events, geo-fencing and emergency requests. The solution and also allows administrators to utilize the system in order to track individual users. It also collects and analyzes data related to GPS tracking that provides timesheets. The software can be utilized by field service companies of any size and any type and in numerous vertical and can be used by one user to thousands of users. Mobiwork MWS pricing is subscription-based that depend on the number of users.


7. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan for plumbing, HVAC and electrical home service businesses. It is a cloud-based field management program that offers to schedule, invoicing, dispatch, sales, and more. The solution offers marketing ROI and conversion tracking capabilities that link every service request call to its sale or missed opportunity. Just like all the other field management solutions is also available to use on mobile platforms for field workers that allows them to offer visual sales presentations and process invoices and credit cards instantly. Its mobile application also includes core features such as custom reporting, call recording, messaging and real-time dashboard etc. ServiceTitan system is also deployable on other platforms including Mac and Windows that has a simple and user-friendly interface where you can access it all features without any limitations. It has different subscription-based pricing plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


8. Verizon Connect Work

Verizon Connect Work is a world’s most leading cloud-based field service solution that comes with all the major tools and services. It allows users to organize schedules, manage and track progress and manage all the dispatching process. With the help of this solution, office and field workers can easily receive job information and updates on their mobile devices. The schedules, invoices, customer information, quotes and more can be stored in the solution’s database which you can access anytime anywhere around the world. It also enables users to drag and drop unassigned jobs to their calendars, add details and schedule their tasks without any limitation. All the customer details can be viewed in one location and users can add multiple contact details, locations, documents, photos and log phone calls for each client. Just like all the other similar solutions Verizon Connect Work also offers integration system with a number of accounting packages that make it better than others. It also includes cote features such as time tracking, project management tools, simple interface, real-time dashboard and much more. Overall, it is one best cloud-based field service solution as compared to the others.


9. Service Cloud Field Service

Service Cloud Field Service is a cloud-based field service solution designed to initiate customer service activities from anywhere. It is designed by Salesforce Platform and works to centralize and optimize the agent efforts which enable them to handle customers’ requests and manage cases. It is specially developed to offer support mobility to agents that allow them to receive service requests and provide support from anywhere. From the Service Cloud device, agents can easily control and manage all active cases. With its community tools, customers can help themselves and others with self-service capabilities. Additional the solution capabilities include a Knowledge module, where both agents and customers can search for the answers they need. Service Cloud Field Service introduces a new collaboration tool known as Chatter that allows for issue escalations, and Social Service integrates the increasingly critical social media channels right into the customer service experience. Service Cloud reporting module gives front-line managers the ability in order to see critical business metrics from dashboards that are also accessible on phones or tablets. It also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Do try it out, if you need an all-in-one field service solution.


10. mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is another field service solution that helps customers automate everything from first customer contact to getting paid. It is a simple yet powerful solution that comes with all the major tools and services including customer management, dispatching, quoting, invoicing, billing and reporting. It has multiple features to support the field service-oriented business such as integration with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for accounting. The solution also has an offline mode that allows technicians to continue using the mobile app in areas without an internet or cell reception. It is entirely a cloud-based solution that allows you to access it on any mobile device with internet access easily. This enables field techs to access all the necessary information about a job right from their mobile device. mHelpDesk field service solution also provides visibility into staff schedules that help to dispatch and alert field employees. Just like all the other similar platforms it also has numbers of key features that make it better than others. The great thing about this platform is that its estimates and invoices are customizable that allows organizations to easily create templates that make sense for their business and customers. The mHelpDesk system also offers integration feature that allows you to easily integrate it with any unique company website, providing functional widgets, forms and login boxes.


11. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one cloud-based field service management solution that is specially designed for service professionals to automate their workflows. The program includes a native mobile app and complementary web portal and serves a massive range of industries including cleaning, plumbing, electrical and more. Housecall Pro is a complete solution that allows companies to forego paperwork in favour of digital automation. The solution contains all the core features such as job scheduling, dispatching, payment processing, automated receipts, estimates, and invoices, customer notifications, company chat, as well as postcard and email marketing automation. With the help of this solution, customers can book services via its mobile app, communicate through a centralized messaging system and make online payments. Housecall mobile app is available to use on both iOS and Android. There is a free version for single operators that offers many of the core features of the paid version. Its premium pricing is based on the number of users, and an enterprise license is also available that make it stronger than others.


12. SpiraPlan

SpiraPlan is an all-in-one Collaboration and Project Management System that manages project requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and bugs in one place. The solution is fully web-based, enterprise-ready and has an open platform which can connect to existing source code repositories or tools already used by your developers. The great thing about this solution is that it has an Agile Planning Board that is perfect for team meetings with colour-coding and drag-and-drop interface. The solution is specially designed to support agile methodologies including Scrum, DSDM, Kanban, XP, and AUP that allow teams to manage all their information in one environment easily. Unlike all the other similar platforms it also has a powerful dashboard where you can easily access it all features without any limitations. SpiraPlan most prominent features include as redefine project schedule, load balance project resources, customizable dashboard, determine resources level, create and edit project workspaces, clean and powerful user-interface and much more. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


13. Gantter

Gantter is a web-based project management software that is fully integrated with Google Drive. The solution comes with all the extensive set of project management and scheduling tools, as well as scheduling and collaboration capabilities. It also allows users to open and import their Microsoft Project files into the system that make it better than others. The solution is quite simple and easy to use that is an ideal option for all the individual users who want to plan the perfect birthday surprise or ensure that their home renovation project is completed within budget. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is much powerful and handles all kind of complex projects such as building construction, design, and implementation of a new IT service etc. Gantter Project Management is widely used by many types of users and businesses to manage their all the important project tasks and schedule their work. The most interesting features about this solution are that it offers Google Drive integration with some advanced tools that allow you to store and get your all files anywhere anytime. Unlike others it also has lots of key features and different price plans, each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


14. Contabulo

Contabulo is an advanced level general purpose board tools that can be used for a number of applications such as project planning, team collaboration and lots of others. Some of the implementations can be used for including corporate wikis, simple and complicated to-do list and tasking board. The solution can be used to help businesses store and manage their assets. It is also known as complete project management solution that is easy to use and extremely flexible that can use it for whatever purpose you have in mind. With the help of this solution, you can also create projects for you and your team complete with schedules, resources allocations, task assignment and file attachments etc. It also has a tool for knowledge management and educational purposes that allow you to easily create a board which contains wikis, rules and articles. There are also has a list of advanced features that make it better than others. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful platforms.


15. Office Timeline

Office Timeline is an award-winning project scheduler for professionals who need to create stunning visual project plans, schedules and Gantt charts. The program is specially designed for project managers, IT professionals, knowledge workers, marketers and consultants requiring a simple but robust platform that can quickly design and create complete graphical project slides. The great thing about this tools is that it is built with PowerPoint as an add-on that provides a familiar environment in order to produce in feature rich and stunning visuals for reports, updates, and presentation. Office Timeline is equipped with all the intuitive tools, and powerful automation features in order streamline project management and come with advanced level tools and impressive presentations. It also comes with lots of modern features and templates that offer different visual styles, colours and content that are customizable with Office Timeline Wizard so all the new users can easily learn to build timelines via step by step instructions. Aside from PowerPoint, the solution also works with other applications including Excel, Wrike, and Smartsheet for both importing and exporting data pointers that make it stronger than others. Office Timeline is available to use in different versions; each version has its own core features and price plans. Try it out; it is a powerful tool for experts and beginners.


16. Intervals

Intervals is a complete suite that combines with advanced level project management, time management and task management into one dynamic package, and designed for small to large businesses. It is a simple and cost-effective solution that easily manage their projects, tasks, and track time and project progress among others. With its fusion of features, the platform promises to help users complete their projects right on schedule without going beyond their intended budget. The solution boasts of a very extensive set of features which makes time tracking, project management, reporting, and accounting a tad easier, simple, and more reliable. The solution comes as the alternative to and offers all the similar services with some advanced feature such as integrated task timers, meaningful visual reports, upload your logo, daily task assignment, email update, real-time graphing, automated overdue invoice alter and much more. It has four different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


17. Actionspace

Actionspace is a powerful yet simple tool that helps you manage business projects and tasks using Office365 and SharePoint. It is an effective tool to increase team productivity and allows companies and departments to get more visibility and stay focused. With Actionspace, you can monitor numbers of tasks and projects all from within one application. It also enables to connect tasks and manage project teams as you work, analyze project steps and reduce all the repetitive tasks and errors. All your best practices for different projects can also be saved as templates which include all subtasks and associated content for your future reference that do your work fast and save a lot of time. Some of its features include easy managing and evaluating task progress, task statuses, automated workflow creation, among others. It also has an intuitive dashboard in order to view and check daily tasks and projects. Actionspace is a powerful enterprise task management and simple project management solution that offers all the major services in order to manage all the major tasks. Its most prominent feature includes an informative dashboard, quick to start, easy progress tracking, role-based access, plan schedules, no new logins, time tracking and fully featured mobile access etc. Try it out, if you need a complete solution to manage business projects and tasks.


18. Guru Technolabs PMS

Guru Technolabs PMS is a project management solution for all sizes of businesses and gives users total control over their tasks and processes. The solution provides a unified tool that provides project updates, estimations, task management, and collaboration. It is completely a customizable platform that can be customized to suit your business better and easily meet your requirements. Guru Technolabs PMS is a one-solution-fits-all platform when it comes to controlling of all your business projects. The best thing about Guru Technolabs PMS is that it comes with an easy to use interface that is fully optimized for mobile devices. On the top, the data privacy is secured with the advanced in data encryption. For businesses with a global team, Guru Technolabs is very accessible even for remote workers located all over the world. Attractive admin dashboard, user management, daily report, leave management, online PMS and responsive interface, these are also a feature of the platform. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


19. Daptiv PPM

Daptiv PPM is a leading project portfolio management software solution that can help you get a advanced level of visibility into the initiatives of your company. You can use this to create higher quality software plans. It is a simple yet powerful solution that helps you compare multiple projects to gauge performance and transfer lessons learned from one project to others. With the help of this project management solution, you can assess the status of their projects in real-time and also able to decide which projects to keep or cut. The solution allows you to deliver instant access to project data to all stakeholders through discussions and email notifications. Daptiv PPM is an excellent solution that makes it easy to support existing and new business processes. The project management software includes core features such as discussion board, email integration, report and dashboard, resources management and much more. Overall, Daptiv PPM is one of the best Project management software solution.


20. ExakTime

ExakTime is a user-friendly time tracking solution for all size of field service companies. The solution assists businesses in professionally logging employees’ working times and tracking workers as well in the process. With this solution, employers are also able to know where their workers even while they are not on-site. This allows for remote management of the workforce so the owners and managers can effectively conduct different tasks at once. ExakTime also enables managers to save a lot of time and money. It allows them to know where employees are on the field and how much time they spend working on the site. This way, they can easily monitor working hours and ensure that no customer is left unserved for the day. One of the most interesting is that, the platform is that all the company and employee data are stored in the cloud that is protected with powerful encryption tools. This cloud storage also allows for easy access, but the businesses can rest assured the ExakTime protects their sensitive information. It is a complete Time Tracking solution that also comes with some advanced benefits such as manageable payroll, photo ID verification and constant information. The solution also offers core features such as GPS location tracking time clock app, customizable dashboard and payroll integration etc. ExakTime’s price plans information is available only upon request.


21. UniPhi

UniPhi is a web-based Project Management Software that combines nine major areas of project management into a single package including document management, financial management, project collaboration, risk management, and contract management etc. The solution comes with powerful reporting tools in order to provide users with a neat, detailed, and thorough look at their projects and offer insights needed to improve performance and productivity further. With the help of this platform, users are able to the status of their project in real-time. Collaboration and communication also make it easy for their teams to get on the same page and access the single version of information as well as work together. Users also find it to work even when they are on the go as UniPhi can be retrieved anytime through their mobiles devices. Unlike all the other similar platforms it also provides you with portfolio dashboards and progress reports, tools that help you attain high value and action insights into the project, performance and giving you the solid basis you need to enhance productivity further. Cost management, integration and reporting, risk management and resources planning these are also a feature of the solution. Try it out, it best for all size of businesses.


22. FieldAware

FieldAware is a powerful solution created to make agents, workers, and representatives in the field more efficient and effective in performing their tasks. It is a professional services automation solution that optimizes call management and scheduling, as well as field operations for reps. the solution maximizes scheduling efficiency though greatly reducing travel time. However, it was built as a mobile application and has evolved to include office-based personnel. In allowing communication between agents in the field and management, meaningfully augmenting a representative’s capabilities. This features offered include scheduling, quoting, work order creation, and invoicing. FieldAware highlights its all the functionalities that bolster the capabilities of agents and optimize the coordination and communication between office-based personnel and representatives. It is a complete solution that comes with all the major tools and services in order to deliver the complete and more engaging experience. FieldAware most prominent features include work orders, time and labour, invoice integration, customizable templates, business management and much more. It is an excellent Filed Service Management Solution as compared to the others.


23. FieldAware Field Service Automation

FieldAware Field Service Automation is a comprehensive solution created to make workers, agents and representatives in the field more efficient in performing their tasks. It is known as a professional service automation software that optimizes call management and scheduling. The software maximizes scheduling efficiency while reducing travel time. Though it was originally built as a mobile app, it has evolved to include office-based personnel. It enables communication between agents in the field and management, significantly augmenting representative capabilities. FieldAware Field Service Automation highlights its functionalities that boost the capabilities of agents in the field and optimize the coordination between office-based personnel and representatives. This field service management solution also comes with all the major tools and features such as a mobile app, time and labour, work orders, mobility and time sheets, self-service and much more. FieldAware Field Service Automation has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


24. JitBit Help Desk

JitBit Help Desk is a complete help desk ticketing system that is used by freelancers, small businesses, and large businesses. It is designed for deployment via cloud hosting and self-hosting that allows users to manage and track incoming and support request emails as well as their associated tickets. The software leverages machine learning to automate tasks and enable you to focus more on customer service operations instead of tedious back-office tasks. Also, it focuses on UI simplicity and not contains any extra features or tools that irritate users. Unlike most of the traditional help desk solutions, JitBit has a powerful REST API that lets it integrate with dozens of external apps. The software can work seamlessly with your company’s existing solution, Active Directory, and email that make it better than others. Its reporting tools also make it easy to keep a critical eye on your team performance. The software comes with a set of built-in analytical reports that will give your business insights about various issues and customized report features that enable you to build your own reports quickly. JitBit Help Desk other feature includes complete ticketing management, team mailbox, canned responses, and real-time updates, file attachment support, secure web-based interface and asset management, etc.


25. Atomic ModSecurity Rules

Atomic ModSecurity Rules is an online platform that provides security for web applications and cloud workloads. It protects your information from a cyber threat by offering you a robust cybersecurity protocol.

It has various modules, and it gives full automated installation and updates which work towards protecting your cloud services and web apps. The program protects your apps against SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, coding abuse, protocol abuse, path recursion, web-spam, shell commands, and many other aspects.

More About WorkWave Service

WorkWave Service is a field service solution that is available to use on mobile and desktop platforms. It connects field workers to the office which provide visibility into what’s happening in the field. The mobile app enables field workers to time in and out of jobs from the field, view job details and more. One of the best thing about this solution is that it has a dashboard that provides real-time information, especially when paired with the mobile application. There are also a variety of scheduling features that users to manage services, packages, recurring jobs and one-time work orders. WorkWave Service’s appointment calendar and dispatch board show revenue per route with any unscheduled jobs. With WorkWave Service solution, users can reschedule an entire route for inclement weather or sick days as well as preview the new route in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. Just like all the other field service solution it also offers a route optimization features that calculates and delivers the optimal route choices based on customer preference, eligibility and drive time etc. WorkWave Service also has a syncs system in real-time with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.