Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a simple yet powerful recruitment management software solution and candidate tracking system created for small to mid-size businesses. It is a cloud-hosted and mobile-ready solution that provides its users with the powerful features and tools that can help them quickly publish job openings, source applicants, resumes and manage interviews, etc.

The program also equipped dozens of back-office tools such as document collaboration, territory management, and automated workflows to help you make your overall operations better. There is also a rich-security feature that allows you to keep your confidential data away from prying eyes.

As part of the Zoho productivity platform, Zoho Recruit offers a plethora of best-in-class features that will enable you to easily streamline your recruitment efforts and make sure that you don’t miss the best hire. Corporate HRs and staff agencies trust the software for offering user-friendly yet robust functionalities and a highly configurable interface that makes it easy to personalize.

Using the applicant page tool of the solution, you can look at complete applicant profiles at a glance without having to sift through piles of documents. Advanced search, candidate status, embed resume form, import from Zoho CRM, track the source, and parse resumes are the solution’s core features.


Zoho Recruit Alternatives

#1 ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter is a feature-rich job posting and applicant tracking software solution that allows businesses to post to several free job boards with a single submission and vet all candidates through a simple to set up online interviews. The software program is specially designed for recruit, job posting, hiring, applicant screening, and candidate tracking.

It helps companies quickly post to multiple job boards with one submission and screen all applicants with easy to set up an online interview, toggle between Q&A resume, and more. ZipRecruiter also has an openness that allows you to create custom branded job posts either by filling in a form or customizing pre-built templates and facilities multi-city job posting for the broadest possible job and exposure.

With these, businesses can able to add multiple candidates in a single account to collaborate on rating and vetting candidates. It comes with a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you access all tools and features. The core feature includes job posting, candidate screening, candidate matching, application management, resume database, activity dashboard, candidate tracking, quality controls, etc.


#2 GotHire


GotHire is a cloud-based recruitment management software solution that assists hirers with sourcing applicants and conducting interviews. It is specially designed to streamline and alleviate all the traditional difficulties of finding new employees. The software is available across a range of pricing packages for all corporate employers of varying scale.

Free, Business, Enterprise, and Custom Enterprise pro are price plans of the software that enable 1-5 user seats, 1-5 active job posting, and unlimited job posting with dozens of features. With the help of this software solution, users can create a single job post around requirements and post them to several job boards quickly.

GotHire is one of the best alternatives to Kira Talent and offers all the core features with some new tools and features. Unlike others, it also assists with scheduling that support the capture of one-way video interviews. It promises to deliver authentic responses by accurately simulating in-person meetings.

Applicants can able to easily submit videoed replies to the customizable interview round questioning and under the stipulated time conditions. There is also has interview recording features that make it better than others. The active job posting, CRM, job board posting, one-on-one interview, applicant profile, scoring, and skill testing are the solution’s core features.

#3 Fountain


Fountain is a hiring automation software solution designed for franchise operators and all kinds of on-demand distributed workforces. The software offers features such as custom applicant workflow, hiring dashboard, screening functionality, scheduling toolkit, view interviews, etc.

It is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps to hire teams in building their workforce through automated tasks and a mobile-first application. Businesses can use this for sourcing and hiring applicants to help with maximizing recruiting potential.

With the help of its automation of tasks such as sending messages to applicants, performing screening functions, and conducting a background check, Fountain helps HR teams to focus on all the more important tasks. It also allows you to create custom workflows to automate processes with the option to select minimum requirements for jobs and automatically post new jobs etc.

Like Kira Talent and other leading platforms, it also allows you to create your career page and add a post on any job website. Candidate tracking, assessment, candidate management, application management, compliance tracking, reporting, analytics, job description management, and Boolean searching are the solution’s core features.


#4 eSkill


eSkill is a scalable applicant assessment tool with accurate tests for different stages. It provides pre-employment, employee behavioral, and employee development tests. Using this tool, businesses not only find the best talent but are also able to create stronger teams through the more capable staff.

With the help of this solution, businesses can look forward to a simplified candidate selection process. It enables them to combine different criteria into one test so that they save a lot of time and money by giving only one assessment when needed. Also, the software has a slew of specific tests as well, including job-based tests to evaluate the abilities of all the individuals applying for particular positions.

eSkill start at a very basic level, and now it is used by most of the leading multinational corporations to evaluate millions of applicants. To make it a comprehensive solution, it offers custom assessments feature that makes it better than others.

eSkill also includes core features such as standard tests, subject-based tests, benchmarking, reporting tools, skills gap investigation, training needs assessments, etc. Basic, Premium, and Enterprise are three price plans of the software; each plan has its own cost and core features.

#5 Madgex


Madgex is a job board management solution that allows businesses and recruitment agencies to operate branded career and development hubs. It is an alternative to Kira Talent and offers all the core features and some new tools to make it a comprehensive solution.

With the help of Job Board Enterprise solution and Course Board solution, the software brings together a range of features to help businesses control and manage their online recruitment and unlock the value of their professional audience throughout every stage of their career.

Madgex also helps enterprise businesses create and run an online recruitment platform with new tools to create a fully branded job board. There is also a range of tools for search engine optimization, social media integration, and marketing that make it better than others.

It is a commercial recruitment solution that has multiple price plans. Each plan has its features and cost. The core feature includes employee account, search box, key event tracking, application management, visual analytics, resume search, data import and export, trend tracking, API, course catalog, automatic customer notice, etc.

#6 OneJobSlot


OneJobSlot is the most leading cloud-based recruiting and candidate tracking software solution created for the HR department within businesses of all sizes that allow them to control and streamline staffing operations. It comes with the tools to integrate and publish vacancies on existing job boards and niche job portals.

With the help of these businesses can able to track candidate across all stages and hiring processes. OneJobSlot is known as a feature-rich solution and allows the HR team to create and publish time-bound qualification tests and 2-minute video applications and broadcast them on several media channels.

Just like most of the leading solutions, it also lets users create career pages, use a white label solution to customize them to match brand themes, and add all the other required content. The software enables recruiting managers to keep track of all integrations and view positions that applicants have previously been interviewed for.

Unlike Kira Talent, it comes with a simple drag and drop interface that enable HR staff to filter workflow, candidates, and application based on scores. OneJobSlot also includes core features such as simple interface, candidate tracking, complete application management, assessment, interview management, and much more.



TRAFFIT is a simple yet powerful recruiting solution designed for and all size of HR and recruitment agencies that offers a massive range of tools publishing and advertising jobs, receiving and reviewing applications managing applicants, etc. It is a mobile responsive solution that can be accessed from any device and integrate with Slack to collaborate with users.

With this software solution’s help, users can easily create and publish job vacancies on their career page and lots of other job websites. It has a massive range of templates that consists of a number of categories; each category has its letters, design, and text. Users can easily customize each one without any limitations.

Default layouts can be created and branded, the edit for each role, and opened for applications with an attached application form. Applicants can also be added to the database directly from LinkedIn. Through TRAFFIT, HR can control the number of stages in their recruitment process, such as like and dislike candidates when browsing, invite a colleague to review, and much more. All you can do this from its simple and easy to understand dashboard, where you access all features and tools.

#8 Evalato


Evalato is a cloud-based evaluation software for awards, scholarships, employee recognition, and all the other similar programs. It is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the core functionalities and features that save your cost and time. With this solution’s help, businesses can create a customized process with tools for collecting, handling, inviting, monitoring, analyzing results, etc.

The software is specially designed to simplify the submission process for both organizers and candidates; it facilitates a 2 step application process such as registering first and submitting a later approach. Admins can create custom registration and submission form with its simple drag and drop form builder or allow you to make their custom webpage to gather submissions.

Candidates first register for one or more categories to enter the completion, and then they get their space where they can edit their applications within the given deadline. Through this, admins monitor and manage all registration and submissions in real-time from dedicated color-coded dashboards.

As compared to other similar web-based applications, it is more powerful and offers lots of new features and tools that make it a better evaluation solution for all sizes of businesses. Evalato core feature includes candidate portal, support more than 40 different languages, customizable forms, shortlisting, multiple judging rounds, webpage builder, customizable branding and real-time analytics and results, etc.

#9 Skeeled


Skeeled is a modern AI-powered candidate and recruiting management platform that ensures you hire only the best and most suitable candidate for your company. It is the most powerful solution and allows you to leverage your digital investments with a digitalized hiring process that can save your hiring managers plenty of time.

The software has an integrated personality assessment module. With this, you cannot only determine how suitable an applicant is for the job, but you can establish beforehand whether they can integrate the team and organization culture. Skeeled also comes as the alternative to Kira Talent, but its artificial intelligence features make it better than others.

It’s AI engine start working when the candidate screening process begins and utilizes the robust algorithm to rank candidates according to the job requirements and other qualifications determiners. This way, you can easily focus your time and effort only on the best and top talent. Skeeled introduces searching and filtering capabilities and enables you to customize your tags so you can easily search and filter your applicant database accordingly.

Apart from that, you can find candidates based on their language and location capabilities. It also includes core features such as candidate profile, AI-powered ranking, advanced search functionality, team collaboration tools, reports and analytics, custom career pages, etc.

#10 HireVue Build


HireVue Build is a digital platform to build the best and modern team. It is purpose-built to help businesses accelerate their hiring process, enhance candidate and employee experiences, and offer tools that help you train and coach the best team.

Most of the past outdated evaluation methods such as resumes and reimagine your selection processes applying better methods for hiring decisions and applicant experience created today’s talent. As compared to all the other leading platforms, it is quite simple and easy to use and makes it easy to identify best-fit talent without the bad experience of traditional assessments.

HireVue Build introduces a new video interview system that increases your team’s productivity, delivers better outcomes, and allows you to create the best applicant experience. HireVue Build also includes core features such as scheduling, assessments, advanced tools, a simple dashboard, multiple price plans, etc.

#11 VidCruiter VidInterviewing


VidCruiter VidInterviewing is an automated recruitment software solution that helps businesses digitalize and customize their recruitment workflows and processes. It combines digital, mobile, and video components into a single package on the customization options.

With the help of this comprehensive solution, users can create interviewing and recruitment strategies that are solely tailored to their specific needs and can be modified easily as recruitment scenarios change. VidCruiter VidInterviewing is also called a game-changer for businesses and companies that look to get the best candidates to become part of their teams. With this, you can innovate the way you do recruit and explore and radical means to help you find the best applicant even if that person lives on another side of the world.

Unlike most of the leading solutions, it also has a video interview feature that becomes the prevalent practice in the corporate world, especially when you have a large pool of candidates, and you need to screen them efficiently and quickly while ensuring that the best applicant gets through.

Video interviewing feature allows you to engage and interact with candidate anytime anywhere that eliminate the need for office interviews or conduct large hiring caravans. Live Interviewing, automated scheduling, audio and video interviewing, applicant tracking, skill testing, and video admissions are the solution’s core features.

#12 Active Interview


Active Interview is an all-in-one video-enabled candidate screening web-application that allows users to create custom questionnaires and invite applicants to participate in this video-enabled screen process. It is quite simple and easy to use a web-based solution that uses nothing more than a browser and webcam, applicants answer interview questions online, and the videos are then available for scoring by hiring managers.

Active Interview comes as the alternative to Kira Talent and offers all the core features and tools with some new services that make it better than others. As a web-based program, all the new users need to sign up without going through the enterprise sales process and be up and running quickly.

It is specially designed for all sizes of businesses and organizations like universities, small businesses, and corporations who want to enhance their hiring process by efficiently screening applicants that save travel expenses and gaining a better insight on the applicant than resume provides.

Active Interview also offers prominent features such as video and audio Interviews, support green initiatives, reach applicants around the world, access communication skills, normalize interview results, and pay as you go service, etc.


0 is a cloud-based video interviewing software program that is created for recruiters, hiring managers, talent acquisition teams, HR, and recruiting firms. It allows users to schedule live and on-demand video interviews, rate candidates, and collaborate with their team on feedback. Both candidates and participants in an interview without needing to sign up to the system with an email invitation sent out containing a time-limited direct link to the interview room.

With this, users can specify the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a job, compile interview questions based on the given requirements, and define evaluation criteria and rating scales before inviting them to apply for the jobs or schedule an interview.

Applicants can be invited to participate in a live interview that enables the conversion between the applicant and interviewer, where all conversation is recorded for later playback and review. Like Kira Talent and all the other similar solutions, it also offers core features such as complete candidate and interview management, automatic notification, scheduling, internal notes, interview recording, send text messages and question bank, etc. has different price plans that depend on your requirements.

#14 Kira Talent


Kira Talent is the world’s best holistic admissions software solution that makes your admission process faster, easier, and fairer, designed for higher education. It is created by a team of experts and offers all the core features and tools that help you to transform your admission process with on-demand, time video, and time assessments.

The solution allows schools to save time and get a holistic view and help you create a fair assessment experience for all applicants. Kira Talent software works with more than 300 programs worldwide to build an applicant-first assessment that identifies and chooses best-fit applicants and students.

Unlike most of the leading solutions, it also offers a simple dashboard, where you can easily access all features and tools and customize its dashboard that fits your school. Kira Talent is a commercial program and has multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#15 SilkRoad


SilkRoad is a cloud-based applicant tracking software solution created to allow recruiting firms and HRs source, engage, attract, and hire new talent for companies. It will enable recruiters to manage entire aspects of employee recruiting from inviting candidates and shortlisting to scheduling interviews as well as hire new talents.

Its comprehensive job distribution network allows recruiting firms to connect with thousands of online job portals that make it better than others. With the help of this, recruiters can also be able to share and post new job openings on these platforms as well as search for potential candidates for the job.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it offers customization tools to design a career portal and make them look engaging with blogs, videos, and testimonials. There is also has complete HR regulations, including Equal Employment Opportunity and Office of Federal Contract Compliance.

SilkRoad software also enables candidates, employees, and recruiters to share job openings on their social media platforms without any limitation. It also includes core features includes create performance appraisals, personalize roadmap, social media integration, drive applicant engagement, and turn employees into recruiters, etc.

#16 Naukri RMS


Naukri RMS is an online recruitment management software designed to perform various business-related operations. Through this, you can easily manage the hiring process, employee referrals, candidate interviews, applicant screening, and much more. It is a cloud-based solution and offers all the key services and features that make it an all-in-one recruitment management solution.

With the help of this software, you can set up a personal website on which you can post various jobs, and the applicants can submit the job applications. The interface of Naukri RMS is much straightforward to understand; you don’t need to learn anything. All websites settled through this software are mobile-responsive, which means that a person can easily browse your site through a smartphone.

There are many packages, and you can purchase any one of them according to your requirements. Through its referral management system, you can update employ records and can also customize the communication system. Just like most of the leading RMS solutions, it also offers an activity dashboard where you can manage all your activity and access tools without any limitation.

#17 CEIPAL TalentHire


CEIPAL TalentHire is an Online ATS solution designed on open-source architecture that offers scalability to all sizes of businesses. The solution is perfect for SMBs that want to move towards an intuitive onboarding and workforce management process. With the help of this, users can manage their entire recruitment and onboarding lifecycle, hiring processes, job posting, feedback, and others.

Just like most of the other similar software, CEIPAL TalentHire also integrates with several social media platforms that enable recruiters to post vacancies and reach out to applicants quickly. It offers an online resume parsing feature that helps recruitment teams save time by reviewing the important details of an applicant profile. Through its quick-view profile and multi-level filter, users can easily search the candidates without any effort.

There is also has a scheduling system that allows users to schedule interviews, create tests, and feedbacks that make it better than others. CEIPAL TalentHire also includes prominent features such as convert paper-based documents to PDF, capture e-signature, candidate management, activity dashboard, application management, and more.

#18 USATestprep


USATestprep is a platform which is best suited for teachers and school administrator that are seeking the performance and improving the student mastery level and giving them assignments and tests to improve their skill and become a productive contributor in the society.

The platform provides all the tools so the teacher can make test and assign to the student and get their results. It also allows them to analyses their performance, and the student can also interact with the teacher and get every type of information and can get like a meeting, lectures, and books so they can improve their academic records.

The platform is best suited for school or college because it will integrate every type of staff member in the system so they can work around their domain, and students can directly interact with their courses. The platform provides a hundred percent standard aligned curriculum resources and test prep for grades 3 to 12.

USATestprep offers various modules and features for teachers so they can access the records of the student and can assign them a different assignment, make them individually capable of doing their projects, and working in their field. The platform provides a free trial, and it is only accessible on cloud servers.

#19 Recruiterbox


Recruiterbox is a human resource management solution that makes the applicant tracking or complex hiring processes faster and simpler. The platform enables the users to create and manage new openings and helps the businesses in every step from candidate profile management to recruitment workflows. It streamlines and adds all the information of candidates received from different sources into the candidates’ profiles.

The platform helps the businesses to distribute their jobs to all the websites, career-pages, social media platforms, and search engines in a single click. Moreover, it helps human resource management teams to coordinate their busy schedules, emails, and interviews with calendar integration tools, which save time and frustration.

Recruiterbox provides users a centralized collection of the feedback given by every team member about a particular candidate that makes the hiring process easier and faster. Lastly, it makes the offer management process wholly paperless and provides teams with the necessary templates and tools to get the work done faster.

#20 Happster


Happster is a platform that helps the businesses and organizations to bring the best out of their teams. It allows businesses to keep the teams engaged and enhance employee recognition to bring growth and development. It eliminates issues such as decreased productivity, decreased profit margins, and negative customer experience.

The platform helps the employees to provide feedback in real-time regarding projects and workplaces, which gives them a voice in the organization. Moreover, Happster also enables the employees to interact with others and provide feedback anytime. It also helps the managers to recognize the sentiment of the employees in which they submitted the feedback.

Happster’s Heroes feature enables the managers to recognize the active and hard-working members of the team to boost up the morale of everyone. Moreover, it also offers a Qhub service, which enables the employees to ask questions from their peers. Lastly, it provides only paid services.