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Big Biller is an intuitive recruiting solution that fuses on the functionalities of an applicant tracking system with the robust recruiting CRM platform, resulting in a feature-rich recruitment tool that speeds up the process and makes more placements. The solution provides users with an optional Job Board plugin that allows recruiting firms and portals to post jobs to their sites and other platforms easily… read more

13 Big Biller Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Freshteam

Freshteam is a powerful Applicant Tracking software and Recruitment Applications solution that helps to hire managers, freelancers and all the other professionals in the industry to find top-notch talents for their companies. It is the newest addition to the Freshworks product that is created as the compact package of core applicant tracking and CRM features. With this advanced level features, users can easily manage their processes in line with company standards. It is suitable for businesses for all scales and industries and comes with affordable prices as well as free packages for small teams with basic necessities. Using the solution, hiring managers to preserve full control over the hiring process and easily control all recruiting operations from the comfort of the single intuitive dashboard. Freshteam offers unlimited customization feature that makes it easy to acquaint talent in line with the personalized rules and police as well as bring all applicants details under the same roof. Through this, you can be also able to create and design job posting and share them on the internal portals and famous sites. Freshteam is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the major features. Such as Interview feedback, personalized engagement, contextual conversation, collaborative hiring, job posting management, listing templates, notifications, and bulk email actions, etc. If you really need an all-in-one applicant tracking solution than try it out, it is specially made for you.


2. SkillMirror

SkillMirror is an advanced level applicant tracking solution that comes with an inbuilt IVR mechanism in order to deliver a more realistic experience. The software contains a rich set of recruitment and application management capabilities that manage their entire process. SkillMirror is created to streamline recruitment-related processes by automating repetitive and mundane tasks such as accepting, categorizing and reviewing applicants. It greatly minimizes the effort for manual workflows, such as calling, tracking and interviewing candidates. By speeding up the employment process, companies are able to find and attract most qualified applicant quickly while reducing costs that come with all the basic recruitment functions including participating in job fairs and mobilizing recruitment teams and professional headhunters. The solution can easily find the best candidate based on the user’s job description and requirements. Just like most of the applicant tracking solutions, SkillMirror also integrates with job boards and employment sites to further extend its functionality in hiring the right individuals for the job. The best thing about this platform is that it has a cloud-based central database management system that means you can quickly access the system and applicant data anytime anywhere from any device. SkillMirror also offers key features such as AI technology, candidate screening, bulk email and SMS, auto profile matchmaking and easy invoicing, etc. Try it out; it is a perfect tool for all size of businesses.


3. Jobscience

Jobscience is a staffing and applicant tracking software solution that provides businesses with the ability to provide recruitment and attract and employing the best talents using a powerful CRM approach. That enable businesses to bring in the most qualified applicant based on their experience and skills. Jobscience is an alternative software to Freshteam and offers all the similar services with some new and advanced feature; it makes it more powerful. It gives companies the first end-to-end recruitment solution that functions and behaves like the advanced sales and marketing platform. With its prominent functionalities such as application relationship management, analytics, and modern marketing automation that discover and getting the perfect staff and talents becomes a breeze. For staffing agencies, the software gives them a complete tool that enables them to run sales, manage recruitment and all the back office operations on a single platform. Jobscience also allows them to find pools of applicants and filter them efficiently by analyzing their resumes. The software contains engagement tools that help businesses interact and nurture relationships with applicants. Once talented applicants are selected, staffing agencies are able to package them neat and easy-to-read Presentation that they then send to their clients. Candidate identification, screening, and assessments, onboarding, customization, and dashboard these are core features of the solution. Jobscience is a feature-rich tool for all size of companies.


4. ATS OnDemand

ATS OnDemand is a scalable applicant tracking platform that provides businesses with all the major tools when it comes to monitoring applicants. It is a powerful solution that assists businesses in broadening their reach when it comes to the search for the best talent. This is why the application supports job pushes to different boards as well as to social sites. Also, ATS OnDemand makes it simple for applicants to send their applications in a simple way. This solution is accessible on mobile devices so those on the go can express their interest effortlessly. With the help of this platform, businesses are able to disseminate details regarding open positions to the variety of online job boards that include Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, etc. In addition, it also supports posting of jobs on social sites to broaden the reach and search for the qualified talents. ATS OnDemand also makes it painless for job searchers to express their interest in one or numerous positions. As a feature-rich solution, the solution contains lots of new features such as candidate communications, built-in CRM, resume search, job approval workflow, custom report, and calendar sync, etc. ATS OnDemand is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


5. Submittable

Submittable is the fastest growing application management and applicant tracking software solution for individuals, teams, and organizations to easily manage the entire application and review process. The solution is equipped with a set of powerful but user-friendly tools that aid in workflow management and communicating as well as collaborating with team members. Submittable supplies to different industries including publishing firms and grants organizations by helping them to review submissions for approval or rejection. Submittable also provide marketing opportunities for organizations that need assistance in scaling their campaigns that use tested marketing tools and strategies. It also has tools and features offered to streamline your HR operations, especially when it comes to accepting and reviewing job applications. Bulk response feature also makes communicating feedback with the team simpler. That feature can be used in responding to candidates, which reduces the time spent on created and drafting answers. Aside from business organizations, the solution also works for schools and universities looking to streamline the submission process of different applications. Submittable is a simple and easy to use tool that offers customizable forms to your brand by including your logo and color scheme. This tool allows you to add drop downs, checkbox lists and lots of other things that make your form more attractive. Once you create the forms, Submittable makes it easy to attach to social media and share them quickly.


6. Sage People

Sage People is a cloud-hosted human resources solution for managing talents from acquisition and onboarding to training and retaining. The software provides HR managers with a simple but flexible platform that can scale as the organization expands and take in more employees. It also provides deep analytics and world data accessibility that allow recruiters to have full control over the hiring process. Also, the software provides a platform for collaboration where HR professionals and staff can work together on recruitment activities to ensure quality hires. Just like most of the other applicant tracking platforms, Sega People is also able to integrate with 3rd-party applications that make it a fully extensible solution. In order to make it a comprehensive solution, it provides HR teams with accurate data through configurable dashboards and reports. With the handy drag-n-drop feature, users are able to easily create reports so they can gain a perfect understanding of hiring trends. That enable them to bring up data required by management in order to bring them up to date on recruitment, training, and retention details. With Sage People, HR members are able to calculate the performance of individual workers with an ease that makes it better than others. It is commercial tool and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


7. People HR

People HR is a comprehensive HR (human resources) management software solution designed for small and medium-size businesses. The software provide users with a full suite of features that can support critical human resources processes. From employment and onboarding to attendance tracking and performance monitoring, People HR can simplify HR workflows through automation. This enables users with more room and time to focus on other areas that require expert attention. As compared to all the other similar platform, it is more intuitive and easy to use and has proven to be an effective, comprehensive HR system that doesn’t require any additional hardware or storage space. All you can do in a browser, no other HR system exists that is as simple yet so provide an impact as People HR. The software also makes it easy for businesses to create employee databases and easily add their custom elements to uniqueness as well as branding. On top, all databases created within this solution is offered unlimited document storage without any extra charge. People HR also has a list of core features that make it more powerful. Try it out.



RIVS is an applicant tracking and interviewing solution that is suitable for businesses of various sizes and helps them qualify and screen applicants in less time. It is a powerful solution and comes with automated scheduling and a digital interviewing feature that helps employment teams throughout the hiring process and deliver customizable features which make their job easier. The software reduces the time-to-fill and resumes reviewing by nearly half and helps HR managers hire quality talent. It’s one-way and pre-recorded interviews enable recruiters to send written, video and voice-based queries that applicants can complete and send back. The responses by the applicant can then be reviewed by HR managers who have the option to review them in bulk or one-by-one. It also introduces an automated interview scheduling tool that allows users to manage applicants availability effectively and make it possible for applicants to self-schedule their interviews. It also best for managers to accept or reject such requests and easily re-schedule interviews. RIVS aims to save the valuable time that usually spends while scheduling and interviewing thousands of applicants that are not fully qualified for the job. Automated scheduling improves the interviewing process, while notifications minimize dependency on emails and calls. RIVS is a simple yet powerful applicant tracking software solution as compared to the others.


9. Lever

Lever is a cloud-based applicant tracking solution designed to meet the requirements of any size of business. The solution makes employee recruitment and hiring much easier that ensure that you get the best candidates through its automation, administration and reporting features. With the help of this applicant tracking solution, your business is sure to get inbound job applications that increase the likelihood of hiring more people in the minimum amount of time. Applicant experience also receives a significant boost as the solution is able to display follow-ups with the use of analytics. With the help this tool businesses can manage everything related to applicant tracking that is owing to the fact, the solution uses a single pipeline for all hiring processes and supports collaboration. With its LinkedIn plugin, Lever applicant tracking tool allows recruiters to collect and consolidate information from applicant LinkedIn profiles and easily import them straight to its database. This feature is available to hiring managers and other employees that enable them to make referrals without having to wait on contacts to send their resume. A key feature includes custom job site, application sourcing, reports, recruitment metrics, interview and feedback, interview scheduling and two-way email sync, etc. Try it out, Lever is a powerful applicant tracking solution.


10. Manatal

Manatal is one of the most leading and feature-rich recruitment solution that comes with an applicant tracking system created to boost and optimize the recruitment and hiring processes. It is a user-friendly software that comes with additional tools with little learning curve involved. The solution contains a very intuitive interface that allows users easily manage all their recruitment processes with ease such as managing their pipelines, scoring applicants and following up potential new staffs. A powerful set of capabilities automate and speed up all major tasks, improve team collaboration, and enhance internal and applicant communication that enable users to attract large pools of the potential applicant and easily filter their list to qualified and competent individuals. As compared to all the other similar platforms, Manatal offers powerful database search system. You can put all your applicant’ profile and contact details in the secure database that enable for easy access and retrieval when the opportunity to hire them arises. It also introduces a new AI-powered recommendation functionality that can be connected with the company’s applicant database. In the event of a vacancy, the software instantly pulls up a list of the highly qualified applicant based on the job description, academic background, and all the other major details. All-in-all, Manatal is a powerful applicant tracking solution as compared to the others.


11. JobDiva

JobDiva is a comprehensive online applicant tracking software solution that is designed for hiring managers and HR officers. It comes as the alternative to Freshteam and offers all the similar services with some new and advanced features that make it more powerful. This tool enables you to deal with all your job applicants through smart filters so you can easily hire the best personnel for your business. It is also known as a talent management solution that is operational in multiple parts of the world and has some famous customers to its credit. It starts at the basic level, and now it served up to 20,000 hiring personnel, JobDiva also holds a substantial value in the market for its multipurpose features. In order to make sure that your business attracts the best talent, JobDiva has its attendance on the top local and worldwide boards around the world. It is a comprehensive tool including a finance handling tool that makes the solution complete and lets its address a wider range of businesses. With this, you can gather timesheets and view financial reports. Also, it integrates all the top finance and bookkeeping apps so you can integrate as well. Unlike other, it also offers core features such as audit trail, data visualization, calendar, CRM, mobile application, email client and interview management, etc. JobDiva is a commercial platform and has multiple price plans for different size of businesses.


12. untapt UNLOCKED

untapt UNLOCKED is a simple yet powerful software solution designed for businesses to build hiring marketplaces, recruitment sites and job platforms with top-of-the-line technology. The solution develops personalized solutions and functionality for your business that serve as your on-call technical team throughout the process. It is ideal for most of the online recruitment agencies, HR startups, hiring communities and lots of other similar platforms. the untapt UNLOCKED solution offers a robust set of tools in order to optimize the entire recruitment process. From built-in resume editors and features to live user chat and integrated payments, it is designed for efficiency profitability. Using artificial intelligence, job-seekers and hirers can discover the correct positions and talent in the fraction of the time that move forward with hiring decisions efficiently. Also, the platform is built to work with all the major browsers and mobile devices, so you can easily access the recruitment data you need anytime, anywhere you want. All its platforms are built to cater to job seekers as well as hirers. The signup processes of this platform are streamlined and fully customizable that completely suit your specific business and community. Daily client report, AI talent matching, custom job board, custom email nurturing, integrated payments, scalable site architecture, and dashboard these are the core features of the solution. Overall, untapt UNLOCKED is one of the best Applicant Tracking solutions for all size of businesses.


13. Workable

Workable is a cloud-based powerful applicant tracking platform for businesses. It is used most of the top companies such as Declara and Babbel as well as also used by startups selected in Facebook’s FbStart solution. The platform helps you choose the right applicants without any extra effort. You don’t have to create a list of suitable applicants; Workable enable you to choose the best one from a shortlist and helps you spend more time by evaluating real prospects. It works on the notion that communication can replace complicated workflows that enable you to easily collaborate with comments and alerts that are common concepts to Facebook users. Workable is a simple yet powerful solution that also utilizes a simple process to make recruitment simple. You just need to have a LinkedIn account as it is the primary tool used by this solution. On LinkedIn, you need to build a careers page for your company, and this page serves as your homepage on its official site, and you can embed it on your company site to advertise job openings. Just like Freshteam, it also has a list of core features and tool that make it a comprehensive platform for everyone. Overall, Workable is one of the best cloud-based recruitment solutions as compared to others.

More About Big Biller

Big Biller is an intuitive recruiting solution that fuses on the functionalities of an applicant tracking system with the robust recruiting CRM platform, resulting in a feature-rich recruitment tool that speeds up the process and makes more placements. The solution provides users with an optional Job Board plugin that allows recruiting firms and portals to post jobs to their sites and other platforms easily. With the help of Big Biller, you have a comprehensive tool that effectively tracks and manage prospective applicants and filter out potential employees from the huge pool of talents as well as forge strong relationships with clients and applicants. Apart from applicant tracking, the solution allows recruiters instantly post a job, embed job ads on social sites, and receive resumes from job seekers around the world online. Big Biller is a powerful solution that speeds up the importing of spreadsheets and contains candidate details from your Excel into the program with the integrated Contact List Import Wizard. It also automatically gather all the essential information from your applicant’ resumes such as contact, work history, education, and skill, etc. If you really need an all-in-one applicant tracking solution than try it out, it is specially made for you.

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