DivvyHQ Alternatives


DivvyHQ is an all-in-one content planning and production workflow solution designed for content teams and agencies, media companies, and publishers for all sizes. It is also known as a content marketing software that is ideal for users who are producing huge amounts of content… read more

17 DivvyHQ Alternatives & Similar Software


SALESmanago Marketing Automation

SALESmanago is an online marketing automation solution that provides a complete set of solutions and capabilities for all size of marketers. Among the solution it provides include website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic e-mails, dynamic website content in ad networks and direct sales channels.


Loomly is a straightforward, simple and feature-rich social media calendar tool that helps social media managers compose posts and easily schedule them. It is designed for freelancers, agencies, and brands that want to have a smoother internal workflow for building and posting social updates.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive software solution that simply imposed itself as one of the leaders in the digital marketing world that manage to integrate a heavy suite of creative capabilities with newly designed marketing functionality.


Brand24 is a social media monitoring solution where you can track and identify audience online who post comments about your business and products. It is a quite simple and fast solution that capture all comments in real-time right after you publish your posts on social media.


SproutSocial is a social media management solution that comes with all tools you need in one powerful package. It emphasize the four components of the social media effectiveness such as Engagement, Monitoring, Measurement and Growth.


Planable is a leading, simple and easy to use social media collaboration platform that allow enterprises and organization to simply create, schedule, discuss, and plan their social posts in a singular, unified environment that is popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


SAM is a web-based online, fully integrated sales and marketing software that comes with email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, direct marketing, visibility, marketing intelligence and marketing automation. This comprehensive software enable users to easily manage all the targeted email campaigns through the one centralized service.


OutboundEngine is an online marketing automation service targeting small to midsize businesses. The platform caters to real estate, insurance, financial advisors, automotive and marketing industries. Primary features of the marketing automation includes social CRM, Web self-service and knowledge management apps.

emfluence Marketing Platform

emfluence Marketing Platform is a powerful email marketing, marketing automation and website tracking solution created for professional digital marketers. It is a cloud-based solution that aim is to make the task of automating digital campaigns as easy as targeted.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that meets the needs of both the B2C and B2B marketers. Previously Oracle, Responsys, BlueKai, Compendium, and DataLogix is an email marketing automation software solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes, but is suitable for midsized to large businesses.

eTrigue DemandCenter

eTrigue DemandCenter or just eTrigue is a beautiful marketing automation software solution that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to create email campaigns, landing pages and multi-stage nurturing programs.


ActiveDEMAND is a commercial software solution that integrates multiple marketing features and more into one powerful solution capable of enhancing business marketing efforts by streamlining marketing processes while allowing users to also deal with other aspects of their organization using business, sales, and marketing applications.


Act-On is an-all-in-one comprehensive marketing automation solution established in 2008 and designed to offer a complete suite of applications such as email marketing, website visitor tracking, social media management, reporting and analytics, as well as integrations with webinar and event planning.


Net-Results is a complete marketing automation solution for small to large enterprises. The software helps business owners automate their all marketing tasks in order to uncover qualified leads, nurture more prospects, and increase more revenue.


Infusionsoft is a leading software solution by 23,000 small businesses around the world that need it to get organized, save time and increase sales. The software is built specially for small business.

Meltwater Buzz

Meltwater Buzz is a one of the most leading online solution that provides media intelligence system for businesses so they can make better and more informed decisions based on the insights in real time.


SharpSpring is a leading email marketing solution that works with most third-party applications and existing systems. The software is targeted primarily at small to medium-size businesses that offering a wide range of prominent features to make sure that users get all the online marketing functions they need.

More About DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ is an all-in-one content planning and production workflow solution designed for content teams and agencies, media companies, and publishers for all sizes. It is also known as a content marketing software that is ideal for users who are producing huge amounts of content. The software is described as a versatile and powerful tool that comes with the aims to eliminate reliance on email and other communication tools, enhance process efficiency, and helps high-volume content teams focus on producing great content. It simplify the processes of marketing teams and optimizes the way you organize and align your content with all the major features such as content strategy, production workflow, and content planning. The solution also enables you to publish directly on social media channels. Notifications and Workflows are also automated to streamline your content operations. Furthermore, you can leverage collaboration by having a centralized location in order to share ideas, plans, and content production. In order to facilitate communication and cut the endless exchange of chains of copy editing emails, the software gives workflow that are customizable so the users will be able to tailor them to fit the processes and needs of their team. Also, approval workflow are provided to streamline the feedback and approval of content. Users will also be able to publish their work directly to the channel and social media application. DivvyHQ also has lots of core features that make it stronger than others.