Neustar is a solution providing platform that is making its Impact with the new trends and visualization to make your sales process nimble and secure. You can make a confident decision based on the transparent data, and ultimately, you will be at capability where your marketing campaigns do not have the lurching time. Apart from the marketing concern, Neustar is providing you with multiple communication solutions, so you interact with the persons in real-time with more answer rates.

There are various security solutions as well that will protect the website and data centers against sophisticated cyberattacks. Neustar is assisting you with the multiple things that are customer analytics, customer experience, compliance, business listings, security intelligence, DNS service, numbering services, customer operations, and various professional leverage to add. Furthermore, Neustar is a trusted partner for your business in true means providing many capabilities with wider security accomplishment and marketing automation.


Neustar Alternatives

#1 SharpSpring


SharpSpring is a leading email marketing solution that works with most third-party applications and existing systems. The software is targeted primarily at small to medium-size businesses that offering a wide range of prominent features to make sure that users get all the online marketing functions they need.

Compared to others, it is quite inexpensive and makes it ideal for the little guy. No annual contracts are required, with users only required to sign up month to month. SharpSpring is specially designed for agencies that allow them to manage and charge customers the way they want quickly.

The solution can be of use across any organization, from management to rank-and-file staff. Administrators and managers can benefit from using the solution as it can track sales and prospects. The solution features dynamic forms that can be customized and modified able with simple drag and drop interface.

An autocomplete option is also available for regular visitors that make your online portal not only visible but enhance conversation rates as well. It helps businesses to make data-driven decisions that are made possible by the system’s analytics.

It makes it possible to generate an information-rich report that can convert all the critical information in easy to understand format. Lead nurturing, lead scoring, robust engine, track leads, call tracking, behavior tracking social notes, custom deal stages, and smart emails are also features of the solution. SharpSpring is a commercial software solution and comes with all the primary tools and features.


#2 ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing software that combines various aspects of small business marketing into an integrated and user-friendly platform. It is an alternative solution to Emma and offers all the major services with some additional features that make it better than others. With this powerful solution, you can easily create stunning and engaging emails, social marketing, find out more information about your contacts and apply all the marketing automation technology previously unreachable for small businesses. It has more than one million users worldwide who can trust it to help grow its company.

This is an all-in-one marketing solution that offers a wide suite of specially created tools to help small and medium-sized businesses acquire and ultimately engage their customers. From getting new email contacts to keeping tabs on your company’s post-sales process, the solution offers immense value to its users at any stage of your company’s business lifecycle. It introduces an advanced site tracking system that connects your marketing to the contact’s behavior, allows you to respond to what they are doing on your site, and adapt your marketing to their interests. This feature also enables you to see what contact is doing on your website. ActiveCampaign also has many advanced features that manage all the major marketer tasks to deliver a more realistic experience.

#3 AdRoll


AdRoll is a Marketing Automation Software that specializes in retargeting, which aims to convert digital shoppers into buyers of your product or service on your sites. It is one of the most widely used retargeting solutions that utilize different platforms such as Web, Mobile, and even social media using modern tools to achieve results.

The company started’s mission is to help all kinds of marketers collect, analyze and act on customer data to deliver effective marketing campaigns. The solution is a part data geek and part marketing whiz. AdRoll is specially designed for small and large size businesses to convert their audience data into high-performance marketing.

The software is available to use on different platforms and provides various tools for more effective retargeting, provide maximum reach, flexible segmentation, and expert retargeting that reaches high-intent customers with relevant ads at the right time.

As compared to all the digital marketing platforms, it offers more options to engage your digital marketing experience. AdRoll includes many prominent features such as dynamic, personalized ads, social targeting, expert retargeting, predictive buying, cross-device reach, etc. The solution has different price plans such as New Business, Emerging Business, Evolving Business, etc., each has its advantages and price.


#4 Impact


Impact is an automated healthcare data management software that offers services in claims management. The software is used by users to manage their enrolment, benefit plans claims payments, re-pricing, and authorization. Moreover, it comes with various features such as its enrolment management feature that allows employers to enroll their employees in the system for their claims.

The software offers a client relationship management system to manage the relationships with the clients and keep them engaged and informed all the time about their claims. Moreover, it also helps employers to manage the contracts of employees regarding claims and get it approved by managers.

Impact enables users to interchange data electronically directly through the software and comes with premium billing facilities. Moreover, it also comes with automated claims re-pricing and claims adjudication. Lastly, many different organizations, such as self-funded organizations, accountable care organizations, PPO networks, etc. are using this software.

#5 Oktopost


Oktopost is a one-stop business2business and social media management platform that features the primary social media management services of publishing posts and social messages across multiple social media accounts. Oktopost is a way to quickly and effectively handle, measure, and amplify all of their social media marketing. Oktopost assists the users in managing content and measures the real value of the business by controlling social media marketing more intelligently.

The six main areas of services of Oktopost is in the shape of publishing, measure, curate, listen, amplify, and collaborate. The publishing system of Oktopost allows the users to schedule the content in advance for any time for publishing on multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

The best about Oktopost is that it provides the system of managing multiple social media accounts. It is specially designed for business2business management purposes, where the digital media manager of large enterprises can manage the content of their business over their social media channels and can measure the true value of their business.

#6 Pardot


Pardot is marketing automation and lead generation software by Salesforce that allows your marketing and sales teams to deploy and handle all the online marketing campaigns to boost your company revenue and efficiency. The marketing system offers automated support for longer timespan and multi-step decisions associated with B2B sales.

The suite includes products with functionality that includes lead management, batch email marketing, automated drip and real-time sales alerts. Just like the other similar marketing solutions, it also has lots of new and advanced features that attract more audience around the world.

Sales professionals can utilize this application to gather promising leads from various sources and distribute them to the proper channel. It also supports lead generation, nurturing and management to deliver a complete experience. Pardot is known as an all-in-one marketing solution to set up and monitors online marketing campaigns.

It has modules that enable small and midsize businesses to create and manage all the lead generation components. As like the others, it also has different price plans that are affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

#7 Cision Communications Cloud


Cision Communications Cloud is one of the renowned cloud-based platforms which allows you to integrate your data on a dedicated server with the faster SSD performance reaching up to 100,000 IOPS and 100% uptime SLA. The backup facility of the system has excellent performance, and it provides the best quality and pricing in cloud networking.

It is a web-based platform with cloud communication that gives you specific modules to engage your business and provide sophisticated tools to raise business performance. It integrates with user-defined modules and offers a specific PR team to identify the issue and work on the client’s needs and requirements.

Cision Communications Cloud comes with an extensive database which is secure by many encryption layers, and it also gives a variety of news outlet and blog which keep the client and user both in the knowledge of the current trends and technology. The interface of the program is easy to navigate, and the graphical user interface gives a sophisticated and readable module for getting the data in different graphs.

Cision Communications Cloud gives you value automation, insight monitor, exceptional understanding of brands, provides a target and build a targeted audience with a key influencer, gives exclusive basic input and output system, and much more. It is not free and comes with the subscription plan, and it can be used on multiple operating systems.

#8 Kochava


Kochava is a real-time data solution provider that offers mobile analytics and attribution tools to developers and marketers for promoting their applications. The platform enables users to monitor app performance and target user behavior around that and saves companies from application fraud. It allows marketers to measure and optimize their campaigns across all devices.

The platform offers integration with publishers and networks, which provides a better chance of targeting the right audiences. It comes with Audience Explorer and Builder, which helps marketers in tailored audience creation. The platform allows advertisers to benefit from the power of owned marketing channels without hurting the user experience.

Key features are Consent Management, Historic Traffic Import, A/B Testing, Audience Targeting, Marketing Intelligence, Traffic Verification, and Analytics and Reporting. Lastly, it analyzes the user’s lifetime value and their return on investment. The platform comes with a free trial, a free version, and a paid version.

#9 StatCounter


StatCounter is a free web-based invisible web tracker and web traffic monitoring platform that displays the number of new and returning visitors on your website in real-time. Embedding the script of StatCounter is very easy, and creating an account with StatCounter is simple too.

One of the most significant advantages of using for checking the hit counter is that it is a highly configurable web tracker that makes its users able to get the detailed web stats in real-time. If you are looking for a highly professional stat counter to monitor the real-time activity of the visitors of your website, then here is the StatCounter that will make you able to track each visitor along with its operations in real-time.

It is effortless to start working with StatCounter that requires only a three-step installation. First, create an account and customize or chose invisible tracking and then paste the code into your website. Right after the installation of the system, you will be able immediately to view the stats of every next visitor visiting your website. All site stat will be real-time, and there will be no delay at all.

#10 Callrail


Callrail is a platform that enables call tracking and analytics for web forms and phone calls. It measures call conversions from digital and offline marketing campaigns using PPC keywords. The call recording feature improves customer service and coaching of staff and easily qualify the leads.

The platform allows users to view and capture the total journey of the visitor before and after the call. Moreover, Callrail helps the companies to understand which campaigns, words, and websites are the main focus of the conversation. It also enables users to understand which campaigns are performing best through real-time reporting.

Callrail enables the companies to identify those marketing channels such as radio, TV, etc. which are producing more calls. This helps in understanding the demands of customers which results in more closed deals and profitability.

Key features of the software are Call recording and tracking, Call follow up, Lead Capture, Email notifications, and Dynamic number insertion. It comes with a free trial and a paid version, while training is available through webinars and documentation. Furthermore, technical support is available during business hours and online.

#11 Totango


Totango is a best-in-class customer success software that is made for the entries to boost their revenue in a matter of no time. The software is allowed to spend less time on the task and more on providing rich relationships to the customers by focusing on the SaaS customer journey. Scale your business with everything that needs to accelerate your customer journey courtesy of the all in one customer OS. The main features are customer data and integrations, customer 360-degree view, health score, customer segmentation, stakeholder engagement, and more to add.

Take the initiative and implementations with the toolkits, and you have pre-built templates or create anything you need. Totango provides a more competitive edge with the real-time digital engagement having the right content delivery that will validate your product reach for more sales and revenue. Ultimately, you have more ROI at the end of the day. Furthermore, Totango is securely integrating with the system to connect right with the data for a centralized view of the customer that is simple to administer and maintain.

#12 NetBase


NetBase is an online social media management software solution that focuses on social media marketing analytics. With the help of this tool, you can analyze millions of social media posts daily that help your brands deliver, real business value. It delivers the world’s deepest, fastest, and most accurate insights from social media to better marketing strategies for businesses. With a range of features, this software helps companies manage their brands and understand their customer to build a better and lasting relationship.

The best thing about this solution is that it utilizes state-of-the-art technologies that understand customer behavior and sentiments that businesses can utilize in their marketing strategies. As far as its reach is concerned, it has reached more than 99 countries and supports up to 42 different languages making it possible for successful localized or strategies. NetBase comes with a customizable dashboard that allows you to easily change its setting, add new things with its simple drag and drop feature. It also includes core features such as insightful data, superior client strategy, accurate data, global reach, simple navigation, etc.

#13 Woopra


Woopra is a real-time commercial customer analytics service for marketing designed to assist organizations in optimizing customers’ behavior by providing data on individual website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors. Besides giving reports, it also provides a comprehensive profile for every single user in real-time.

Reporting like segmentation, funnels, retention, and much more are part of its features. You can integrate Woopra with multiple tools like pipedrive, WordPress, MySQL, HubSpot, Marketo, box, etc. To be smart in an online world, you required to be now about the intelligence of your visitors.

Woopra will tell you to know about the preferences and all types of behavior of your users. What makes the Woopra special one is that it can be used for tracking the visitors’ performance on apps and even emails as well.

You will be able to get a pulse on every customer interaction by way of accessing customer profiles, real-time analytics, and personalization. In the customer profile area, you will get the data and track the activity of your visitors in real-time. Then there is analytics from where you can access the customizable analytics. Woopra is a highly personalized analytic platform that makes you able to automate data-driven actions.

#14 Altitude by Impact


Altitude is a marketing optimization and insight providing platform that acts as a source to grow and bring efficiency to your business across multiple sales channels. You have the actionable marketing data with visualization so you can understand the trends better and make decisions that will bring a bigger ROI. This powerful analytics and attribution platform brings the best value data for the ad marketing for the business so they can have the scalability that it deserver across multiple platforms.

There are multiple vital analytics tools that are looking for, including customer reporting, KPI monitoring, machine learning-based forecasting, real-time reporting, attribution modeling, and much more. Altitude by Impact brings the best competitive analysis of the marketing trends, so ultimately, you will be aware of your life sales lifecycle. Extensive features are evaluated partner value, assess customer lifetime value, track customer, synergy, scale faster, and more.

#15 LeanData


LeanData is a capable platform that is providing automated go-to-market solutions that legitimatize you to optimize productivity and efficiency within the salesforce. You have the perfect visualization in place with the end-to-end lead routing that is giving ultimate support from the lead source to closed any deal and know accurately where your leads are and what the follow-up time is. LeanData is keeping up the flow of the complex routing with more time availability, improved speed-to-lead, and shorten the sales cycle.

Optimize things for better efficiency and productivity as far as your routine workflow, automation, marketing, and revenue operations teams are concerned. Take a leverage GMT strategies based on the data-driven insights into your sales to adapt the workflows with ease. It is all about building an accurate data foundation across your business, and that is possible with LeanData automated matching lead, contacts accounts, and opportunities having near about hundred percent accuracy. Besides, you have multiple integrations and APIs so that other solutions can work in a seamless manner with your CRM.

#16 Nielsen Visual IQ


Nielsen Visual IQ is a professional and legit marketing attribution platform that aids the business to make a wider impact across multiple sales channels with more visibility and compact analysis. Get the leverage of the trends and insights that make you predict better with the agile tools and make a direct connection with the advertising and actual sales, so track down the areas where you can bring the top efficiency and ROI.

Nielsen Visual IQ is ideal for CMOs, brand managers, and channel owners having all the insight on performance so they can make effective decisions at the right time that creates an impact for sure. The platform is surfacing the rich performance management solutions that elevate business impact with unmatched speed, data access, and coverage courtesy of smart intelligence. In simple words, Nielsen Visual IQ is doing the right tricks that make the customer have better engagement with your services, and you are the one with the highest return on investment with accurate and actionable measurement.

#17 Loomly


Loomly is a straightforward, simple, and feature-rich social media calendar tool that helps social media managers compose posts and easily schedule them. It is designed for freelancers, agencies, and brands that want to have a smoother internal workflow for building and posting social updates.

With the help of this software, users have access to tools that enable them to optimize their posts. These tools give them the means to reach a broader spectrum of audiences and allow them to analyze how their statuses and posts are performing. Moreover, the Loomly market solution makes sure that team leaders are always aware of their followers’ activities.

It takes note of modifications, updates, and alerts the manager through email and alert notifications. This way, they can quickly respond to case issues. Social media teams and professionals mostly rely on spreadsheet apps to organize their social media calendar, and this can lose in detail or confusing notes that lead to the shambolic post scheduling.

With this software, users can get rid of spreadsheets and seamlessly organize their posting schedules on a single dashboard. It comes as an alternative to Infusionsoft and offers all the similar services with some new features to deliver comprehensive experience. Loomly most prominent feature includes live analytics, social media calendar management, post scheduling, scheduling, push notification and live post-analysis, etc.

#18 Adobe Marketing Cloud


Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive software solution that simply imposed itself as one of the leaders in the digital marketing world that manage to integrate a large suite of creative capabilities with newly designed marketing functionality. The solution comes with a range of new features and tools to deliver a complete experience in one platform.

It provides a popular Adobe Web Analytic product to help businesses from different scales and industries develop but also optimize and measure their campaigns, results of their marketing, and performance. Without any false modesty, the software is a fully integrated one-stop marketing solution where you can handle mobile, search, content, social, and email marketing.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a popular choice for its robust marketing asset management functions that are built to offer effective support to distributors of all sizes around all the devices in any place. It can also facilitate productive team collaboration and creativity as it enables the timely exchange of information and documents such as online advertising campaigns and all the other marketing drives.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers integration features and allows you to integrate it with all other Adobe services easily. The software also includes core features such as personalized customer experience, analytics, campaigns, geo-location, integration, dynamic tag management, and programmatic marketing, etc.

#19 Brand24


Brand24 is a social media monitoring solution where you can track and identify audiences online who post comments about your business and products. It is a quite fast and straightforward solution that captures all comments in real-time right after you publish your posts on social media. The software also allows you to give quick response and resolution to issues and negative comments while interacting immediately with positive feedback.

This system supports monitoring major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and integrates with Slack. It comes with built-in marketing analytics where you can easily extract helpful insights to guide you in making data-based decisions. Brand24 is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the primary services and tools to manage all social marketing tasks.

With its mention feedback and notification tools, you can swiftly identify negative comments and deal with them quickly before they go out of control. It shows your customers that you are always on the lookout for their concerns.

Your fast response reinforces your brand’s professional reputation, and this tool travels across on social media. Marketing analytics, mentions feed, social insight, influencer score, collaboration tools, alerts, filters, topic groups, social search, and data exporting are also core features of the solution.

#20 SproutSocial


SproutSocial is a social media management solution that comes with all tools you need in one powerful package. It emphasizes the four components of social media effects such as Engagement, Monitoring, Measurement, and Growth. Each one has its objective and features.

This marketing solution introduces an advanced level analytic system that combines profile level, group, and roll-up analytics to get a high or low-level loo at the performance. You can report on your social profiles in a way that makes true sense of your business.

It help desk turn social media conversation into customer service tickets and quickly capture all your customer’s queries with just a single click as well as let your customers use the social channel they prefer. At the same time, your support efforts can stay in your existing help desk solution.

It is one of the best alternatives to Planable and offers all the major features and tools with some new features. Such as social media dashboard, analyze link performance, unified smart inbox, organize contacts, customer support features, discover customer by interest and social media publishing, etc.

#21 Planable


Planable is a leading, simple, and easy to use social media collaboration platform. It allows enterprises and organizations to create simple, schedule, discuss and plan their social posts in a singular, unified environment that is popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The platform is created to help users enhance their work interaction in efforts to build better content.

Popular brands, including McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Virgin, Moto, and SkyTeam, have used this solution to create, preview, and approve their social content before publishing and distribution. The solution provides them a view of what their posts look like once they are published that eliminates the need for multiple checks and edits while saving time and energy.

With this, you have a single platform that enables you and your team to work together on your social media posts and no need to use any Office tool to showcase your work or effectively convey your idea. You can also use it to display your thoughts and concepts and show them the way it will appear on your social channel. Faster approval, direct social media posting, quick feedback, and centralized social media content management are also features of the solution. Planable is a comprehensive social marketing for all sizes of businesses.

#22 SAM


SAM is a web-based online, fully integrated sales and marketing software that comes with email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, direct marketing, visibility, marketing intelligence, and marketing automation. This comprehensive software enables users to easily manage all the targeted email campaigns through one centralized service.

It allows the user to target leads according to status and automate follow-up. With the help of this software, users can engage customers, create the brand, and monitor social media marketing efforts from the centralized command center. The marketing platform also able to tracks social engagement analytics and enable users to generate personalized labels and letters that are unique to each for business.

SAM marketing tool visualizes social engagement analytics, so the business knows where they stand for the competition. Users can also automate social marketing with scheduled posts. The solution is suitable for companies in a range of industries, such as construction, hospitality, property management, and IT. SAM Marketing solution also has a list of core features to make it stronger.

#23 OutboundEngine


OutboundEngine is an online marketing automation service targeting small to midsize businesses. The platform caters to real estate, insurance, financial advisors, automotive and marketing industries.

The software can generate automated email newsletters with hundreds of new tools and options. These email campaigns offer shareable content that makes it better than others, and it has links for clients to recommend businesses to friends. Users are informed when clients recommend it, and they can reach out directly to them.

OutboundEngine also has a simple but customizable dashboard, and users have access to a dashboard that displays all their campaigns before they are sent, previous campaigns, view success rates, and control contact lists. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#24 emfluence Marketing Platform


emfluence Marketing Platform is a powerful email marketing, marketing automation, and website tracking solution created for professional digital marketers. It is a cloud-based solution that aims is to make the task of automating digital campaigns as easy as targeted. With the help of this marketing solution, users can create complex email campaigns based on recipient behaviors.

It introduces a workflow decision system that allows users to organize contacts into the segments based on their email views, clicks, or custom event-triggered action queries. With this, marketers can nurture contacts that depend on their actions, inaction, and control.

emfluence Marketing Platform is a full-scale marketing solution with the tools to automate day-to-day tasks such as social media scheduling, automated emails, and landing pages, etc. The platform also includes core features such as dynamic content, email marketing, multi-campaign, visual analytics, visitor targeting, schedule reporting, and customization, etc.

#25 DivvyHQ


DivvyHQ is an all-in-one content planning and production workflow solution designed for content teams and agencies, media companies, and publishers for all sizes. It is also known as a content marketing software that is ideal for users who are producing vast amounts of content. The software is described as a versatile and powerful tool that comes with the aims to eliminate reliance on email and other communication tools, enhance process efficiency, and helps high-volume content teams focus on producing great content.

It simplifies the processes of marketing teams and optimizes the way you organize and align your content with all the significant features such as content strategy, production workflow, and content planning. The solution also enables you to publish directly on social media channels. Notifications and Workflows are also automated to streamline your content operations.

Furthermore, you can leverage collaboration by having a centralized location to share ideas, plans, and content production. The software gives workflow that is customizable so the users will be able to tailor them to fit the processes and needs of their team to facilitate communication and cut the endless exchange of chains of copy editing emails.

Also, the approval workflow is provided to streamline the feedback and approval of content. Users will also be able to publish their work directly to the channel and social media application. DivvyHQ also has lots of core features that make it stronger than others.

#26 Oracle Marketing Cloud


Oracle Marketing Cloud is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that meets the needs of both the B2C and B2B marketers. Previously Oracle, Responsys, BlueKai, Compendium, and Datalogix is an email marketing automation software that can be used by businesses of all sizes but is suitable for midsized to large companies.

Users around the can quickly build targeted segments and execute email campaigns through a single platform. Oracle Marketing Cloud also features lead scoring, advanced reporting, and analytics features as well as integrates with various sales automation solutions, including and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that make it stronger than others. It also offers a simple drag and drop interface that helps in data normalization and transformation.

One of the best facts about this marketing solution is that it allows you to create your own marketing automation rules with different widgets that make it better than others. Oracle Marketing Cloud also includes core features such as built-in email creator, filter campaign audience, simple dashboard, and powerful form engine, etc.

#27 eTrigue DemandCenter


eTrigue DemandCenter or just eTrigue is a beautiful marketing automation software solution that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to create email campaigns, landing pages, and multi-stage nurturing programs. The software offers you a complete set of tools to analyze your marketing programs and understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You can spot that programs deliver qualified prospects to sales and understand why. The eTrigue utilizes a simple drag-and-drop interface to facilitate all the marketing campaign building while progressive contextual forms can assist in boosting conversion rates. It is created and designed by one of the most leading marketing and demand generation agencies Silicon Valley that helps you to handle the complex range of their own client’s requirements and its ills all the marketing tasks.

eTrigue DemandCenter also includes core features such as 3D lead scoring, conversation report, drag, and drop campaign, real-time lead alerts, dynamic form with automatic validation, leading page editor and conversation reports, etc.

#28 ActiveDEMAND


ActiveDEMAND is commercial software that integrates multiple marketing features and more into one powerful solution. It is capable of enhancing business marketing efforts by streamlining marketing processes while allowing users to also deal with other aspects of their organization using business, sales, and marketing applications.

It simplifies all complete marketing process with its predictive personalization tools that also help marketers achieve more than average campaign results. The software hosts an extensive set of marketing features plus a whole throng of integrations with the most-used business apps and third-party software. ActiveDEMAND is a unified platform that enables users to perform marketing processes, track all the social media, advanced targeting, and dynamic content, etc. With this, marketers can easily manage everything with a single solution.

On top, ActiveDEMAND is known for its customer support via various channels such as hands-on support centers, online documentation, and live chat. The software introduces an advanced level A/B testing feature that allows you to quickly test all their primary task and generate the true report. ActiveDEMAND also includes core features such as email marketing, lead scoring, call tracking and analytics, call forensics, visitor timeline, and campaign templates, etc. It has different SMB and enterprise plans for users to choose from.

#29 Act-On


Act-On is an-all-in-one comprehensive marketing automation solution established in 2008 and designed to offer a complete suite of applications such as email marketing, website visitor tracking, social media management, reporting, and analytics, as well as integrations with webinar and event planning.

With its email, marketing solution businesses can segment their customers into multiple categories that enable marketers to focus on a particular target market within that email group. It also offers a core website tracking feature that provides complete visibility into the types of customers that are visiting their website and their all the major activities and the time spent on different content while they are on the site.

Act-On has a massive range of unique tools to build and optimize campaigns, manage marketing tasks, generate leads, score and prioritize prospects, among others. It is capable of integrating with any leading CRM in the market. Unlike most marketing tools, it also has a customizable dashboard where you can easily manage all their marketing task, view analytics, and generate complete reports without any limitation.

#30 Net-Results


Net-Results is a complete marketing automation solution for small to large enterprises. The software helps business owners automate them all marketing tasks to uncover qualified leads, nurture more prospects, and increase more revenue. It offers a unique employ a segment-driven approach to all the marketing automation and leads generation to empower businesses to get more deals via superior customer relationships.

With this software, it’s easy to implement and control all marketing tasks to bring a significant impact on your sales. This fully-featured system brings all the functions that marketing teams need to thrive. Such as lead generation, email marketing, social media management, lead nurturing, sales automation, and CRM integration, are delivered via the simple interface.

Another great fact about Net-Results is that it backs all its users with industry-leading support without any additional cost. It also supports online and mobile accessibility that which means teams can access the system via any internet-connected device. One of the most prominent features of this marketing solution is Sales Automation that allows marketing teams to schedule tasks easily and customize reminders with ease.

The solution empowers marketers to boost sales via the automatically triggered sales reminder to the follow up with prospective customers based on individual lead activity. It also allows businesses to send and track sales emails to remain in touch with identified prospects. There is also a list of core features that make it better than others.

#31 Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a leading software solution by 23,000 small businesses around the world that need it to get organized, save time, and increase sales. The software is built, especially for small businesses. Whether your storefront is online, on Physical Street, or a service that’s on the go, the software can help. On top of that, you can use this on numerous streamlined integrations to connect it with literally every third-party solution you’re using.

With the help of this software, you can enrich leads, scale personal relationships with your customers, and much more. It also allows you to centralize all customer interactions and all the daily activities in one place to get new leads to turn them into customers, sell more, and collect payment using the centralized system as well as enhance your productivity.

By automating the sales and marketing efforts of your organization, the software allows you to have consistent brand messaging throughout all the campaigns to assure all the personalized customer experience. It also helps you to boost your goof reputation among current and prospective users and help you to give more efficient service.

Unlike all the other similar platforms, it also has a dashboard where you can easily access all features and tools. Its core features include CRM, web forms, payment processing, drag and drop, sales reports, scoring tools, and email marketing, etc.

#32 SALESmanago Marketing Automation


SALESmanago is an online marketing automation solution that provides a complete set of solutions and capabilities for all sizes of marketers. Among the solution, it gives website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic e-mails, dynamic website content in ad networks, and direct sales channels.

The majority of its customers are Europe-based businesses, including Yves Rocher and Deloitte. SALESmanago, founded in 2011 known as one of the fastest-growing cloud-hosted services that provide for business marketing automation and are steadily becoming a favorite in Europe.

The software goes above and beyond the expectation regarding the capabilities of the banner and content personalization, drive management, and website visitor identification, etc. Users can easily manage and access all its tools and features on a simple and customizable dashboard. SALESmanago also has lots of core features that helps you to manage all your tasks.

#33 Meltwater Buzz


Meltwater Buzz is one of the most leading online solutions that provides media intelligence system for businesses so they can make better and more informed decisions based on the insights in real-time. With this, they can stay on top of online conversations, extract relevant ideas as well as and use them to strategically drive other brand perception for their company that generates results and growth.

The software also operates in the belief that insights from online data businesses will shape business strategy are looking at the outside more, beyond their reporting systems to a world of data that is constantly growing. Meltwater Buzz is a comprehensive solution, provides real-time monitoring that allows users to easily track their brand, the competition, and all the relevant news as it happens in real-time.

It is information on the coverage by location, media exposure over time those who have writing more about the brand sentiment as well. The great fact about this solution is that it allows users to build their dashboards to measure their successes in their marketing strategies.

With this, users can also be able to see brand reception where the most receptive audience is located, level of return investment, media coverage tracking, and performance comparison with the competition. Meltwater Buzz also has a list of key features that make it a complete marketing solution.

#34 ClickDimensions


ClickDimensions is a feature-rich SaaS marketing automation software solution that adds email marketing, nurture programs, web intelligence, lead scoring, event management, and all the other related solutions that helps you to automate your marketing tasks. Using this software businesses will be able to discover who is interested in their products, service, prioritize leads, and quickly make the right decisions at the right time.

ClickDimensions is a complete solution specially designed for all sizes of businesses. The part about this marketing automation solution is that it offers an advanced level dashboard that links multichannel marketing campaigns to revenue.

There is also has an auto-pilot system that allows you to build automated multichannel campaigns using its simple drag and drop interface that makes it more simple and powerful. ClickDimensions also includes core features such as simple dashboard, A/B testing, autoresponders, mailing list management, drip campaigns, template management, image library, and dynamic content, etc.

#35 Media tool


Media tool is an elegant media planning and management software designed for marketing professionals. The software legitimates you to have a comprehensive and clear overview of all your marketing activities. The powerful visualization of the data lets you make data-driven decisions for a productive business cycle. From briefing to results, the Media tool is your partner in the whole journey of the media process.

Effective collaboration is letting your entire team be in the same place, no matter where you are around the globe. The software is valuable to count your workflow, and you have a long list of integrations that make your campaign more reliable and efficient.

Media tool is empowering you to access your mobile data; this way, businesses can take the required decisions and run the campaigns with more impact. There are multiple features on offer: multiple collaboration tools, managing all of your media, planning better, intuitive media dashboards, UTI codes, total budget control, version history, generating insertion orders, API connectivity, changelog, and much more.