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Gusto HR is an online payroll and HR services tool designed to simplify all the complicated and tedious functions that involve complete HR and payroll for modern companies. It delivers a solid set of payroll features that coupled with an unusually well-designed UI and innovation and automation functionalities as that impress even experts… read more

15 Gusto HR Alternatives & Similar Software



EPIC is the most leading employee survey software solution that is specially designed to help businesses determine the pulse of their workers and get the whole image of the climate of the workplace without being boring.


Kalo is an all-in-one software solution that manages everything related to their hired freelancers. It will allow you to eschew spreadsheets and all the other legacy tools to keep track of your freelancers’ skills and availability.


Reviewsnap is a leading performance management software based in the cloud that allows company management and HR management people to accelerate and enhance their performance management function. It is a feature-rich software solution that integrates performance reviews with multi-rater 360-degree feedback that offers a comprehensive and automated solution to improve employee engagement and productivity further.


Lattice is a comprehensive performance management software solution that is specially designed to help enterprises and organizations to enhance their employee retention by utilizing the advance innovations in performance management. The software facilitates the development of a culture built around clear and defined expectations, employee learning and development and a continuous stream of feedback as well as performance evaluations.


BizMerlin is a simple but feature-rich human resource management software solution that currently serves more than thousands of enterprises to help them run their HR departments. The solution is widely used by businesses to help them hire the best applicants and enhance their retention rates.


Seeqle is the most leading talent acquisition and applicant sourcing solution that provide businesses and HR managers with countless tools to help them locate, and acquire top talents from many sources and via several channels.


Plum is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution created for pre-employment assessment that makes it possible to quantify business culture and attitude. It assesses applicants from different aspects such as attitude, behavior, social intelligence and problem-solving abilities.


Tanda is an online employee management software solution designed for employee onboarding and rostering payroll administration, and all the other HR concerns. It is quite simple and easy to use, multi-function solution that automates your several administrative tasks to enable you to concentrate on more business concerns.


Userlane is a simple yet powerful onboarding software that delivers advanced level automated and gamified training to new employees. With just one line of code, businesses and software designers can easily design an interactive solution that allows businesses to boost their employee productivity and enhances vendors and customer retention.


JetPay is a robust advanced level HR and payroll software solution that also offers a slew of other services such as time management, workers’ compensation, and administration among others. It is an all-in-one software and delivers all the standard payroll service comes with payroll tax filing and direct deposit as well as General Ledger interfaces etc.


Sapling is a most leading web-based HR (human resource) software that delivers the capability to automate all the primary and essential human resource processes, development and encompassing employee onboarding, as well as off boarding.


Motivosity is a software specifically created to make the work experience more fulfilling. With this, business owners can drive more productive results, as they ensure a pleasant and yet competitive environment for their employees in order to show their true potential.


HRcogs is an HR management system that is specially designed to help business engage their employees better through active alignment and transparency. It allows businesses to perform staffing efficiently by basing job profiles and descriptions on their company goals that enable them to find individuals who are fit to their organization instead of finding people to fill vacancies.


HireSelect is a most leading SaaS (Software as a Service) HR software solution that enables businesses to administer state of the art pre-employment tests in order to prospective employees quickly without the important costs that come with hiring consulting services.

Spector 360

Spector 360 is a cloud-based employee monitoring software solution that is created for businesses of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution that helps users analyzes, captures, and monitors all users’ and groups’ activities, including email received and sent;

More About Gusto HR

Gusto HR is an online payroll and HR services tool designed to simplify all the complicated and tedious functions that involve complete HR and payroll for modern companies. It delivers a solid set of payroll features that coupled with an unusually well-designed UI and innovation and automation functionalities as that impress even experts. The ultimate objective of the software is to simplify most of the complex business processes such as benefits, HR and payroll for modern businesses. Gusto HR start with a very basic level, and now it has more than 60000 businesses around the world. It is a comprehensive HR software and comes with all the major tools and feature that save you lots of time and cost. The application will not only minimize critical human errors, but it also eliminates those completely. Now have you no need to add data in multiple different applications and sites, you’ll take things easy and let the system calculate deductions without involved at all. Also, the software acts as the personalized employee database, where you can add, delete and store all the important information and access it anytime even on any device. Digital paystubs, direct deposit, and checks, software integrations, east charitable donations, unlimited payrolls, custom offer letters, and digital signature these are the core features of the software. Gusto HR is a commercial HR software and has three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

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