HireSelect Alternatives


HireSelect is a most leading SaaS (Software as a Service) HR software solution that enables businesses to administer state of the art pre-employment tests in order to prospective employees quickly without the important costs that come with hiring consulting services. The software offers a massive selection of basic skills tests, employment aptitude tests, and different kind of employment personality tests… read more

16 HireSelect Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Seeqle

Seeqle is the most leading talent acquisition and applicant sourcing solution that provide businesses and HR managers with countless tools to help them locate, and acquire top talents from many sources and via several channels. The software is developed by all size of business and contains all the major tools and features that make it better than others. Seeqle also has a feature that helps you target your ideal applicants by specifying your criteria and design catchy employment ads as well as deploy them via social media, websites, and mobile applications used by the talents they seek to hire. All the application submissions are screened so that only those who are fit or capable are sent to the users’ inbox. Unlike most of the leading HR management software solutions, it also offers a simple dashboard where you access it all features and tools as well as allow you to customize it without any limitation. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to manage unlimited applicants and assign different test for each one. Simple interface, cross-channel candidate targeting, assisted announcement design, optimization by AI and visitor capture form these are the core feature of the software.



EPIC is the most leading employee survey software solution that is specially designed to help businesses determine the pulse of their workers and get the whole image of the climate of the workplace without being boring. The software enables management to rapidly identify all the major factors that drive employee engagement without taking too long like traditional surveys. Unlike most of the boring surveys and complex research papers, EPIC by Clarity Wave uses micro surveys that collect employees’ thoughts, ideas, and suggestions and all these micro surveys take just five minutes to complete, more engaging than traditional surveys, and better in gaining responses. It is comprehensive software and has helped even the biggest international brands, massive corporations, and government agencies in achieving a productive work environment where employees tend to be more honest and open about their opinions anonymously. There is also a customizable dashboard where you access it all tools and features without any limitation.


3. Kalo

Kalo is an all-in-one software solution that manages everything related to their hired freelancers. It will allow you to eschew spreadsheets and all the other legacy tools to keep track of your freelancers’ skills and availability. As a result, you can easily pull up their portfolio, work history, and other details quickly. Aside from organizing and manage freelancers’ profiles, the software also helps in ensuring they receive payment on time. Kalo takes care of gathering W9s and other relevant documents and pays them on the dates. Because of this, you can easily focus on controlling and managing projects without worrying about discontent regarding the return. One of the best things about this software is that it is integrated with finance and accounting applications like QuickBooks and Xero in order to assist you in keeping track of payments. With this, you can be sure to send their payments to their bank or online gateway accounts on time and ensure that they remain loyal to your business and see their projects and contracts through.


4. Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is a leading performance management software based in the cloud that allows company management and HR management people to accelerate and enhance their performance management function. It is a feature-rich software solution that integrates performance reviews with multi-rater 360-degree feedback that offers a comprehensive and automated solution to improve employee engagement and productivity further. With this program, companies have a solution that enables them to be in total control over staff performance and development. Through this employees are able to see their performance reviews via the feedback and identify areas where they are lacking. Reviewsnap helps you get your staffs aligned with your aims and equip them with the skills and motivation as well as empowerment in order to consistently deliver optimum output. Another major thing that sets this program apart from its competitors is its world’s best-class implementation support. Whether you already have a method that you want to automate, the vendor has a professional team that will guide you through every step of the process. This way, you can easily ensure that you are making the most out of your investment and following the best practices for performance management. Reviewsnap has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


5. Lattice

Lattice is a comprehensive performance management software solution that is specially designed to help enterprises and organizations to enhance their employee retention by utilizing the advance innovations in performance management. The software facilitates the development of a culture built around clear and defined expectations, employee learning and development and a continuous stream of feedback as well as performance evaluations. Lattice software also enables businesses to cover the whole breadth of a performance management cycle with some new features that make it more powerful. The software is created from the ground-up to be an employee-centric system, and several employees are found to have a lack of engagement with classic performance management processes and platforms. With the help of this software solution, users get a stunning and intuitive product that they love to use that enhance engagement, employee productivity, and boosting overall business growth. Unlike other Lattice also includes core features such as integrated reviews, track employees progress, customize questions, feedback sharing, and real-time feedback, etc.


6. BizMerlin

BizMerlin is a simple but feature-rich human resource management software solution that currently serves more than thousands of enterprises to help them run their HR departments. The solution is widely used by businesses to help them hire the best applicants and enhance their retention rates. It also delivers companies and organizations with an integrated core of functionalities that streamline all the HR-related tasks such as hiring automation and applicant tracking, onboarding, allocation, and financial management, etc. Many businesses rely on BizMerlin to help them run their human resources processes. On top of that, the software offers knowledgeable customer support that is responsive, and polite. It is a comprehensive software and delivers a centralized database of people details that allow you to gather and store complete details of all your team and access them anytime, anywhere even on any device. With this, you can also do the same for skills, documents, and training. Using the details found in your database, you can build a company directory in an instant and set permissions for your members in a flash. Whether you plan to hire internally or external, BizMerlin has you covered. You can easily set your search to filter applicants based on skill set, and project needs. It is commercial software and has different price plans; each plan has its own benefits and cost.


7. Plum

Plum is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution created for pre-employment assessment that makes it possible to quantify business culture and attitude. It assesses applicants from different aspects such as attitude, behavior, social intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Significantly, Plum reduces the time required to go through resumes and interviewing, while also decreasing the time required to train. Its short analysis survey enables us to choose the most important traits that are required for each job, while the solution’s algorithm calculates an overall score of each candidate based on those traits. Applicants can take the pre-employment assessment test through Plum or any other existing application tracking function. With the help of this software solution managers can complete the Employer Survey that enables teams to easily determine the real-world needs of roles, instead of relying solely on skills. This human resource management software comes with a very basic level, and it has thousands of users around the world who can use to manage their complete HR related tasks. Plum core feature includes behavior and attitude based assessment, online testing, data-based matching of candidates, social intelligence test, gap analysis and applicant and employer surveys, etc.


8. Tanda

Tanda is an online employee management software solution designed for employee onboarding and rostering payroll administration, and all the other HR concerns. It is quite simple and easy to use, multi-function solution that automates your several administrative tasks to enable you to concentrate on more business concerns. The software is developed by a team of professionals and deliver all the core features and tools that help you to enhance most of the highly demanding administrative tasks by reducing the long hours you usually spend in monitoring employee schedules, payroll, tracking employees attendance and absences. For instance, time-consuming works are removed from your many concerns as new hires can add their own data into the solution by themselves. As a result, your HR management becomes more powerful and efficient, and precise for each staff, all the time. Tanda is specially created to provide assistance to companies of all sizes. Whether you have only 10 employees or have 10,000, this solution can be scaled to address your human resource management demands. Tanda comes with the aims to change the conventional way of processing new employees by enabling them to enter their personal details by themselves. It also eliminates the tedious manual data entry by managers that allow them to focus on all the important tasks. There is also an advanced levee scheduling feature that supports the quick and efficient creation, editing and viewing of all worker shifts.


9. Gusto HR

Gusto HR is an online payroll and HR services tool designed to simplify all the complicated and tedious functions that involve complete HR and payroll for modern companies. It delivers a solid set of payroll features that coupled with an unusually well-designed UI and innovation and automation functionalities as that impress even experts. The ultimate objective of the software is to simplify most of the complex business processes such as benefits, HR and payroll for modern businesses. Gusto HR start with a very basic level, and now it has more than 60000 businesses around the world. It is a comprehensive HR software and comes with all the major tools and feature that save you lots of time and cost. The application will not only minimize critical human errors, but it also eliminates those completely. Now have you no need to add data in multiple different applications and sites, you’ll take things easy and let the system calculate deductions without involved at all. Also, the software acts as the personalized employee database, where you can add, delete and store all the important information and access it anytime even on any device. Digital paystubs, direct deposit, and checks, software integrations, east charitable donations, unlimited payrolls, custom offer letters, and digital signature these are the core features of the software. Gusto HR is a commercial HR software and has three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


10. Userlane

Userlane is a simple yet powerful onboarding software that delivers advanced level automated and gamified training to new employees. With just one line of code, businesses and software designers can easily design an interactive solution that allows businesses to boost their employee productivity and enhances vendors and customer retention. With the help of this software solution, users can be simplified and automated their training process. Through this training, designers can also be able to plan and record onboarding procedures as well as deploy it as needed that allow businesses to lower the costs of workers onboarding while making the process an interactive one. Meanwhile, program designers can deliver personalized onboarding for their customers with the help of this comprehensive software. It also enables new users to learn about their solution through the assisted step by step process. One of the most interesting facts about this software is that it offers automated and personalized tools and features that make it better than others. Other prominent feature includes training steps recording, analytics, real-time training, and browser-based app integration, etc. Userlane has multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and features.


11. JetPay

JetPay is a robust advanced level HR and payroll software solution that also offers a slew of other services such as time management, workers’ compensation, and administration among others. It is an all-in-one software and delivers all the standard payroll service comes with payroll tax filing and direct deposit as well as General Ledger interfaces etc. It offers a separate module for human resources management known as WorkForce that module is designed to work with all company sizes and types, ranging from a small to large size corporations employing thousands of professionals. With Workforce, users enjoy complete HR management tools and capabilities including applicant tracking, onboarding, and customizable dashboard that make it better than others. JetPay also helps you with your tax filing requirements and offer promises to take care of all your taxes and file them accurately. The software ensures that you remain compliant with hiring policies and regulations. With its New Hire Reporting, you can be sure that you adhere to personal responsibility as well as a work opportunity act of 1996. JetPay also includes core features such as payroll and tax filing, online and PC solutions, worker’s compensation, time management, and employee benefits, etc.


12. Sapling

Sapling is a most leading web-based HR (human resource) software that delivers the capability to automate all the primary and essential human resource processes, development and encompassing employee onboarding, as well as off boarding. With the help of this software, business and teams who are operating worldwide and growing fast can easily make the process of managing people more strategic that enable them to improve employee experiences throughout their journey and engagement with the team. This solution also allows users to set up automated workflows for orienting newly-hired staffs so they can speedily obtain all the details they need about the company and accomplish documentary requirements as well as understand the roles they will be performing. Because Sapling streamlines HR processes, HR personnel can work on their tasks quicker that make it easy for them to gather employee data and eliminate back and forth email communications. Also, users can integrate Sapling with their existing tools like applicant tracking, payroll, information technology, accounting, and finance, permitting them to move and synchronize HR data around the multiple systems. It is a modern HR software solution and offers lots of new features and tools to automate most of the HR tasks. The software has a simple dashboard where you easily access it all features without any limitation. Sapling most prominent feature includes employee pre-boarding, custom reports, organize the key information, customizable email templates, and automated HR task management, etc.


13. Motivosity

Motivosity is a software specifically created to make the work experience more fulfilling. With this, business owners can drive more productive results, as they ensure a pleasant and yet competitive environment for their employees in order to show their true potential. With the help of this software, businesses can recognize more productive employees and give them the most productive works. It is a comprehensive software and provides both employees and managers with a simple and social way to appreciate and acknowledge other’s efforts through the P2P recognition system. For the purpose, the software features a reward store where employees can spend their reward money. The store consists of more than 200 digital gift cards and doesn’t charge any fee and still deliver immediately upon purchase. Motivosity also has an organization chart that enables users to understand organization grading. All these organization charts can be achieved by syncing with your HRIS system in the software. At the same time, the solution features a formal reward system for their workers, and these awards can either be centralized at the team level. Motivosity is commercial software and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


14. HRcogs

HRcogs is an HR management system that is specially designed to help business engage their employees better through active alignment and transparency. It allows businesses to perform staffing efficiently by basing job profiles and descriptions on their company goals that enable them to find individuals who are fit to their organization instead of finding people to fill vacancies. It is a comprehensive HR software solution that comes with all the leading tools and features that save your lots of time and cost as well as provide unique candidates that fit on your requirements. HRcogs is not your usual HR management solution; it is a complete suite of systems and capabilities that enhance the way you acquire talent, manage employees, as well as transform them into individuals with the skills and expertise that your organization needs to achieve its goals. The software comes as the alternative to HireSelect and offers all the core features with some new tools. Its most prominent feature includes 360 feedback, job profile library, AAP reporting, leave management, asset tracking, metrics, offboarding checklist, reporting, skill assessment, and employee portal, etc.


15. Spector 360

Spector 360 is a cloud-based employee monitoring software solution that is created for businesses of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution that helps users analyzes, captures, and monitors all users’ and groups’ activities, including email received and sent; website visited, chat, programs, and applications accessed. It also has a feature that allows users to make phone calls, data saved or printed from removable devices, and share files under control. Spector is also designed to record everything about their employees on their computers and on the Internet. It is a robust solution that can be accessed via any web-enabled device and gives the options of discreet monitoring mode or a transparent mode where the spying is done with your employee aware of the exercise. The software also features a powerful reporting mechanism that detects trends and patterns as well as presents all the details gathered in charts. Through its chart, the user will identify the top performers and determine all the effective practices in their organization. Spector 360 also includes core features such as email capture, application use, screen snapshots, quick reports, and instant messages, etc.


16. Weekdone

Weekdone is a visually-appealing objective setting and tracking software solution that is designed for teams of all sizes. It is a comprehensive tool that allows them to prioritize all the important tasks and align their personal goals with those of the organization. With the help of this software solution, managers have a clear view of their team’s activities that lets them see which task is completed and which objectives not yet been met and who is performing the best. It also enables them to reshuffle tasks and activities so that tasks get completed faster without dropping the quality. Also, team leaders can provide personalized feedback and deliver customized guidance to each of their team members. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it offers data on organizational objectives, employee’s performance, and team goals and with this leader are better able to make a proactive choice. Unlike most of the other similar solutions, Weekdone also offers private items feature that makes it better than others. The software also offer core features such as weekly planning, achievement sharing, and personal dashboard, OKR linking, employee management and much more.

More About HireSelect

HireSelect is a most leading SaaS (Software as a Service) HR software solution that enables businesses to administer state of the art pre-employment tests in order to prospective employees quickly without the important costs that come with hiring consulting services. The software offers a massive selection of basic skills tests, employment aptitude tests, and different kind of employment personality tests. It has a comprehensive test portfolio that consists of numbers of pre-employment tests created by psychologists. On top of employment aptitude tests, and basic skills tests, HireSelect also offers subscribers real-time scoring, interactive applicant comparisons, and perfect data security that give them maximum control over the test data. The software is applicable to businesses of all sizes and can be implemented in a massive range of industries. With its pre-employment service, businesses have the capabilities to gather and analyze objective, job-related information on applicants in a unique approach which is cost and time effective. With its remote testing feature, business no longer needs to send their staff on different locations. All they have to do is build a pre-employment screening test and embed links to that test on job posting sites. This feature filters pool of applicants as the results of the test are uploaded along with the candidate’s resume. HireSelect is a complete HR software solution and comes with three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.