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Invoice Meister is an online billing and invoicing software, specially made for freelancers and small size businesses. It is a great solution, helps you to create quotes that can be effortlessly converted to online invoices, get paid more quickly, and manage expenses etc… read more
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4 Invoice Meister Alternatives & Similar Software for Android


1. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is a cloud-based expense management platform that captures information from physical documents and converts it to the digital data. The platform is specially designed for small businesses, freelancers, contract workers and bookkeepers etc. It has a dedicated customer support team, and when the user encounters technical problems or has a query regarding a feature, a member of the support group promptly assists them and even gives them a live tutorial. Shoeboxed is more than just a receipt organizer that also serves as the business card manager. With the help of this application, businesses can create a digital list of their contacts and upload them to their emails or CRM programs. Data captured and digitized by Shoeboxed is searchable and categorized. Scanned business cards can be used to create an online contacts database, while the receipts can be used to create expense reports. It has a simple but powerful dashboard where you can access it all features without limitation. Unlike other expense management platforms, it also includes core features such as receipt scanning, tax filing, human data verification, business card and contact management, expense report and mobile receipt tracking etc. It has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


2. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is another Zoho’s product that transforms expense reporting and monitoring and turns it into the enjoyable experience. It is completely an automated platform that automates your variety of expense management-related operations and helps you record your transactions in a snap. All your receipts can also be converted into the expenses automatically and then grouped together for you to generate reports whenever you need them. The great thing about this application is that it automatically capture credit card transactions and convert those into the expenses. No matter which types of device you are using, the platform can record an expense on the go and even submit complete reports on smartphones as it does on the traditional device. Another great thing about this Zoho product is that it is fully integrated with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM, which means you can use all three packages with the same account. Automate expense recording, expense analytics, multi-currency expensing, auto scan receipts, mileage card import and mobile receipts uploads these are core features of the platform. Overall, Zoho Expense is a powerful expense management solution as compared to the others.


3. Expensify

Expensify is an all-in-one expense management software that manages your company expanse, transactions, money matters, real-time data and reporting process. It is a simple but powerful that comes with all the major functionalities and services that help you to manage the company’s overall expense. It enables businesses to maintain summaries of different accounts along with calendars so the transparency can be obtained and different ratios such as debt-to-income ratios can be balanced at the right time. This powerful platform also offers tools to track your travel expenses based on the miles travelled or the amount of time spent on the particular project. It also has a built-in currency converter to manage international travelling expense. Being one of the most popular and fastest grown expense management, it makes it quite easy and quick for the businesses to manage the expenses incurred through months or year. Expensify automates the process of expense reporting and tracking from the very act of getting receipts or making payment till the finalization of expense reports. One of the best features of this expense management is, it allows automatic integration of the application with financial institutions, credit cards or other payment methods, so there is no need for any manual data entry of any sort. Auditor access, automatic accounting sync, candidate reimbursement, multi-level tagging, guided review and duplicate expense detection these are also features of the platform. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


4. Tallie

Tallie is a cloud-based expense management software for small and mid-size businesses. It is known as industry-trusted business expense report automation system that streamlines the entire expense management process from point to purchase to account and reimbursement. The solution comes with all the advanced features and tools that make it easy and powerful. Its mobile receipt scan feature allows you to scans photographed receipt to automatically identify merchant date, amount and all the other important things. Tallie also allows employees to connect it with corporate bank accounts. Its auto-categorization features leverage how users code transactions to begin coding them automatically. To make it better than others, it offers duplicate detection feature and allows you to track expense status and receive emails when reports are approved. Tallie also has a list of core features that make it better than others. It commercial solution and has different price plans, each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Try it out; it is best for many industries.

More About Invoice Meister

Invoice Meister is an online billing and invoicing software, specially made for freelancers and small size businesses. It is a great solution, helps you to create quotes that can be effortlessly converted to online invoices, get paid more quickly, and manage expenses etc. With the help of this software, you can save a lot of time by automating your daily actions with automatic notifications and recurring invoices. The software is also known as all-in-one accounting solution that you can use to add your all the expenses and revenues, add your bank account and organize your account properly. The best thing about this solution is that it is easy to use and you can effortlessly manage if for your business requirements. It is best for both beginners and experts, and not require any kind of complex installations. Invoice Meister is cloud-based software, so you can log in from any time anywhere using an internet enabled the device in order to access real-time business information set up for you. As compared to all the other similar platforms it is the completely automated solution you do not need to put any manual invoice or generate a report. The most prominent features of the solution include online invoice, track your payment, multi-currency, bank reconciliation, accept online payment and track expenses etc. Try it out; it is best for all mid-size businesses.

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