Lotame is a comprehensive software that designed on the advanced technology to get access to the data solution effectively. The software is dispensing nimble tools that integrated within the system to automate the data management process and bring professional results to the organizations. Lotame is facilitating the customer with unchecked data solutions that are a clear choice for the agencies, marketers, publishers that are looking for scalable, cost-effective, and flexible products.

The real-time DMP delivers measurable results and is locked through robust interlinked solutions that, in turn, maximizing the efficiency at every level. Lotame is dispensing multiple products that are Lotame analytics, data-exchange, Lotame Lab, and connect. The software provides you full end-to-end support from shaping and refining data to personalize hands-on tactical support, and multiple resources enable you to get through with the effective running of the product.


Lotame Alternatives

#1 Lead411


Lead411 is a business intelligence (BI) solution that helps the marketing and sales teams identify and attract the client’s business’s right prospects. It is a powerful B2B platform that generates accurate and targeted contact lists to help marketers identify better leads and eventually increasing conversation rates.

The platform leverages its in-house developed search technology to generate an accurate contact list, which provides more credible records than those acquired through conventional contact list generators. Lead411 also offers all the required information about the target businesses. The marketers can use that information to create and customize the marketing plans for the specific prospects to their business interests.

Apart from employing advanced search technology to generate accurate contact lists, the solution provides humanitarian assistance in the form of an expert team that evaluates and analyzes that generated lists created for you and further refine them for a better impact.

Once the list is finalized, they are added to your database that saves many hours, which you spend in identifying the right target. Data exports, email notifications, CRM reports, easy integration with third-party tools, and list export are core features of the solution. Lead411 is a commercial solution and available to use on multiple plans; each plan has its price and core features.


#2 Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a cloud-based application that identifies website visitors from Google Analytics data and generates sales leads from visitors. The system is suitable for B2B firms of all sizes and is priced based on the number of unique companies visiting the site.

With this, users get automatic email notification when one of their target companies visits the sites that enable timely follow-ups, and leads are automatically scored. The most promising one is positioned at the top of the lead lists, prioritizing user workloads. Lead can be filtered using a variety of criteria such as browsing behavior, sources or location, etc.

Leadfeeder software integrates with a range of CRM solutions, including Zoho, WebCRM, and Pipedrive, and automatically adds new visitors around the world to the sales pipeline and updates lead records with the note anytime a lead revisits the websites.

Integration with MailChimp enables you to view the browsing behavior or email recipients, and LinkedIn influences allow you to identify their contacts at each company. Visited pages and browsing behavior are tracked automatically, and you view the search terms that initially led the company to your website. Leadfeeder is an all-in-one solution that comes with lots of new features and tools.

#3 Lusha


Lusha is a marketing tool that helps you to get professional contact information at your fingertips. It is a powerful tool that enhances your outreach process and saves a lot of time. With the help of this powerful tool, you can access data you need to connect with your prospects via the social networks, the web, and, in Salesforce, or via API.

Its extension automatically scans the profile page you are visiting and provide the most up-to-date contact information in full compliance with the required data regulations. Lusha is one of the best alternatives to Email Hunter and offers lots of new and advanced features that make it better than others.

With the help of this powerful tool, you can increase your sales team productivity by delivering all the missing data and allows them to create a real connection with leads. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it integrates with any tool to enhance your experience. Lusha has four different price plans, such as Free, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. Each one has its own cost and benefits. Try it out.


#4 LeadFuze


LeadFuze is a lead management software which comes with the automated tools for creating a lead generation and business requirement plans. It gives you a separate module for B2B businesses and gives you current business status and shows predefined campaigns provided by the platform.

The lead generation module comes with an API platform that gives you a customizable dashboard for tool integration report generation and real-time changing. The interface is attractive for the user, and the platform focus on overcoming the call reluctancy, use a relationship to sell more deals on your business analyses, focus on the customer-centric selling point, and much more.

LeadFuze allows the marketing team and sales the same to integrate under a single platform for creating something new and making the business performance more reliable within a single system. The interface has a smart design and comes with a constructive layout for easy navigation. It is only available for the cloud-based module and also provides your training sessions before using the system.

The main features of the system include campaign management, lead capture, lead nurturing, lead segment, prospecting tools interaction, tracking lead distribution, lead scoring, and much more. LeadFuze also offers a trial base version, and the subscription plan is quite pricey.

#5 RingLead


RingLead is a smart lead generation and data quality management software that combines your marketing and sales team under a single platform for lead generation and improving business performance.

It is a feature-rich program and gives you a separate API module for your business integration and provides you various tools for using it in your campaign and getting more lead generation and market reach. It has a remarkable design and offers four main features that work around the campaign for an end-to-end data quality solution. These solutions include cleansing prevents, enriches, and route.

Cleanse tackle your frustrating obstacle with the powerful CRM and map solutions that prevent the dirty data at the source with the protection of entry points in the database. Enrich allow you to transform your screwed records into actionable leads with fresh, accurate information. The route gives you a fully customizable data-driven lead routing solution.

All these modules work under a single platform and provide you the best solution for your business. The API module of RingLead is easy to navigate and highly customizable with tons of tools that you can set according to your requirements. The program comes with the trial version, and the subscription module is affordable.


0 is the lead generation software that is data-driven and provides multiple modules for your business to integrate and generate more revenue. The software comes with a sophisticated interface that provides you with an API module that has all the tools and customization features for your campaign requirement and real-time changes.

It not only provide you with new tools but also integrates new functions in your old tools. It offers various modules in your workflow like LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and various other platforms to get you more lead generation. The system work around four main aspects that involve engagement with the user-provided intelligent insight. provides your target audience by filtering system integration of various third-party modules.

The program is easy to use and comes with a customizable interface. It is only available on the cloud-based system and comes with the user guide manual, which trains the user in person with live online webinars and documentation, and much more. It also provides you technical support but only in business hours.

The main features of include call recording, dashboard lead scoring, the call is management, campaign management, data management, distribution performance management, and various other functions.

#7 ConnectLeader


ConnectLeader is a smart lead generation software which gives its module for desktop-based version and cloud-integrated devices. It has an intelligent interface and tools that are available for every user and get lead generation for their business to increase their revenue. If you are a large organization, you will require a subscription plan specially designed for large lead generation and media awareness.

The information is on the official website, and it also gives you information on the various facial the system provides for its user. Some essential features include sales engagement, inbound lead generation, data and ratio predictive, intelligence analyzes, sales module integration, advance dialer stack, and much more.

The program works beautifully and provides a separate API module for the user to view the real-time reporting, make changes in the customizable dashboard that is conducted in real-time. The interface is easy to use and provide the collaboration of sales and digital marketing team for better lead generation and business performance. ConnectLeader also comes with the trial version, and the submission is a bit costly.

#8 LeadIQ


LeadIQ is a tool for marketing and digital professional who are working for B2B lead generation and making a campaign for generating more revenue in the business. The program is best suited for the digital marketing team and sales team. It also allows them to collaborate and empower the sale the same to give more insight into the product, and the marketing department can generate more ideas of getting leads to the business.

The program has collaborated digitally and provided leads the list in minutes by integrating all databases and research prospects for a more meaningful connection. The modules the platform comes with a sophisticated design, modern look, customizable dashboard, easy and fast integration of third-party tools, and much more.

The main feature of the program works around the searching module, increase efficiency for your entire sales team give you the chrome extension for your research prospect with CRM integration, develops an API module for the world’s largest B2B database intelligence system.

It also connects with social sites for more lead generation with the few lines of codes, gives you an extension to make millions of people’s email address as your browser company website. LeadIQ offers a trial version, and the pricing starts from $75 per month per user.

#9 UpLead


UpLead is one of the most utilized lead generation software that comes with the predefined modules and campaigns for your business requirement. It gives you accurate lead generation for B2B database and business contacts. The program interface has a remarkable design and provides you free trial version before making a purchase.

The platform works around the highest quality real-time verified B2B data integration and real-time email verification with worldwide contact in over 200 countries. It has extended search criteria, technology tracking, account-based marketing, gathering Intelligence, contemplating email pattern integration, social profile link integration, the insight of sales-force, and much more.

UpLead not only provides lead generation but also gives you are a CRM integration module with robots API platform that comes with easy customization and tool integration. The module is only available for Enterprises to use, but for small organizations and companies, it gives you a web-based system.

The main features include list building with targeted B2B organization that uses various criteria such as country, city, zip code, industry, etc. It gives you high-quality results with simplified search contacts, companies, and reaches your data by appending fields such as contact name, email address, title, company phone number, etc. UpLead is the best tool for marketing professionals for sales professionals and recruiting purposes.

#10 LimeLeads


LimeLeads is a software that combines thousands of B2B companies and fulfills their outbound pipeline by giving them a great lead generation and making contact with email addresses and phone numbers. Large corporations mostly use the main functionality of the program, but a small startup and retail stores can utilize the free module.

When it comes to the lead generation modules, LimeLeads has a remarkable interface that provides an average of 90% accuracy for data points, update every 90 days to ensure freshness in the system, so the user has a great interaction experience. The software also gives a real-time email verification on exporting the email and comes with the data quality guarantee for the user to be satisfied in the working.

The primary feature includes targeting an ideal customer with filter and location option that also track industry size, revenue, and more. It also provides you contacts for your targeting within a few clicks, integrates with the social application to provide you more reach, generates leads, and various other functions.

LimeLeads works around three easy steps that give you customizable research review the research results in real-time allow you to validate and export the results and make changes in the campaign. It gives you a dedicated software for web-based and desktop-based systems that has a smart API module customizable dashboard and various other functions. It does not offer a trial version, but the subscription starts from 30 cents per credit.

#11 Clearbit


Clearbit is the digital marketing software that customizes your interaction with customers and provides you more lead generation for increasing your business revenue. The platform works around the data center for smart scoring better routing and more revenue generation.

It provides you better insight into the prospect and gives you more time to connect with real-time report generation for your running campaign. It also allows you to change any module in the campaign in real-time and lets you choose your target audience and give you a virtual assistant that communicates and get all their information and compare it to your product.

Clearbit only gives you a web-based module and works around two major factors that include accurate data with proprietary real-time lookup, giving you a list of tools that you can plug and play. The platform provides a sophisticated interface with a guided structure and a constructive design.

Clearbit offers you features like integrating your existing stack, providing uniform seamless data across your sales, marketing, and giving you an analytical team. It also gives a dashboard feature with the API module and easy integration with a customizable interface. The program is fast, robust, gives you accurate lead generation, and provides you prospect and sales insight.

#12 Skrapp


Skrapp is an email and communication platform that enables the users to verify their B2B emails to help them connect with the relevant people for their business. The platform helps the businesses in finding the verified email addresses of people and allows the businesses to create a directory of it. It enables the companies to build a comprehensive email directory by collecting emails from all places such as Linkedin or websites.

The platform offers an email finder feature that enables the users to find emails just by writing the name of the user and the company he/she works. Users can use their bulk email finder feature by using the CSV sheets.

Skrapp allows the users to find emails through the domain search feature, which enables the users to write the company, and it will display the email addresses of all the famous people of that company. It offers a free and paid version.

#13 Lead Connect


Lead Connect is a tool that allows you to generate leads and turn your visitors into loyal customers. The platform helps you generate quality conversations with your website visitors and track them. It provides a smart and effective way to build your business empire and start effective sales. You can also use this with a sales navigator flawlessly without any disruption. You can use the LinkedIn search navigator tool or upload CSV to define the target audience. This will automatically use those name search queries for automation. A black list can also be created to stop reaching out to those who have already reached out.

LeadConnect’s Hubspot Integration gives you an option to push prospect’s details, including all the conversations, to Hubspot. You can even push details by default as soon as the prospect accepts your invitation to connect. Contact an unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized auto sequences and build Predictable Revenue. All in all, Lead Connect is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.