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SiteDocs is a complete workplace safety management software solution for businesses of all sizes. The software enables businesses to manage effectively, control, maintain and improve their workflow safety programs via mobile and web applications. The software helps businesses to go paperless by allow them to access and organize their safety documentation, manuals, and certifications both online and offline… read more
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23 SiteDocs Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Presynct_OnDemand

Presynct_OnDemand is a reporting and case management software designed for security operations such as log activities, write reports, dispatch resources and analyze data, etc. It is a power that replaces manual data entry system that is traditionally used by field employees in order to report incidents. Related to a range of different industries such as security services, police departments, and hostels, etc. the software allows users to write incident reports online on smartphones and tablets that reduce the margin of error and eliminates illegible forms. Users can take images and videos in the field and attach them to their incident report. All attachments to the incident reports are stored in the cloud with the report. Its mobile application NoteM8 enable users to share information among peers, supervisors, and others and then export reports to the server. Presynct_OnDemand introduce a new report in-progress feature that workers use to check the status of reports and see whether they have been approved and declined or sent back for editing. The report in-progress page also promotes users with further action if required. Users can add documents from other agencies to all the existing reports. Its daily log feature allows users to record all the activities without any limitation. Presynct_OnDemand also includes prominent features such as customization, assigned permissions, automated processing, eliminate duplicate data, forms-based data, document formats, records management, and data analysis, etc. Presynct_OnDemand is a powerful security incident reporting solution for all sizes.


2. Officer Assist

Officer Assist is a simple yet powerful dispatch and guard tour system that enable security guards to gather all the incident details and photos while being tracked with GPS and RFID technology feature. In addition, to complete guard management and guard tracing technology, Officer Assist also incorporates automated periodic activity reporting that provides users with viability and real-time insist into the guard activity. The most interesting thing about this solution is that it comes with a set of guard management tools that enable users to track employee working hours, attendance, performance metrics, and all the other similar things. GPS guard tracking, RIFD NFC tag scanning, and strategic location checkpoints enable users to track guard location at all times. Through this users can get automatically daily reports and performance metrics provide users with real-time insight into the business operations and guard performance. The client can easily access status reports as well as historical activity reports through its web portal. With its web-based system officer can easily access and track information anytime anywhere from all devices. GIS visualization, time and attendance monitoring, real-time citations, custom portal, location tracking, real-time information, and complete shift management these are core features of the solution. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this comprehensive platforms.


3. Guardso

Guardso is a web-based security guard management solution that helps users streamline patrol operations with features including check-in and check-out, site tour, online reporting, post order, pass-down logs and much more. Its dashboard provides users with the central access to detailed client and guard profile, live reports, and important shared data. There is also a set of desktop tools that allow you to manage tasks, notifications, company policies, call logs, post sites and much more. In-app check-in and check-out enable guards to clock in and out of sites through its mobile application. Through its client portal, the software aims to give client quick access to valuable reporting data such as daily activity report, incidents, activities and call logs, etc. By assigning clients a unique name and password, Guardso grants client secure and flexible access to critical information that makes it more feature-rich. It’s most prominent feature includes an intuitive dashboard, customization, mobile applications, scheduling, QR scanner and much more. Guardso is a feature-rich security guard management solution as compared to the others.


4. Parkalot

Parkalot is a web-based parking management software solution enable users to set up parking rules, assign parking spots, report parking violations and make reservations, etc. The software was developed for workplace areas, but can also be used in HOAs and campus parking lots. With this powerful platform, users can set up parking spaces and assignment rules with the ability to manually or automatically assign spots. Parkalot’s priority-based assignment enable for the permanent reservation of spots for individuals based on their needs including disability or long commuting, distances, or by seniority. Reservation confirmations can be required one day in advance that enable the release of space that is not required to then to be added to the shared pool. Users can control whether confirmation is required and at what time of day space are released. On top of that, Parkalot allows the reporting of parking violations that its chat. All incoming messages are accessible through the resolve incidents tab, where users can view and respond to complaints or incident reports. The allocation and usage of individual parking can be viewed and managed through the application that enables users to check whether a spot is booked, confirm the registration and cancel a reservation if necessary. Just like all the other similar software it also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is best for everyone.


5. Parking Boss

Parking Boss is a cloud-based parking management solution designed and developed by Luminous Creative for apartments and homeowner associations. It is a complete solution and offers a combination of features for desktop and mobile devices in order to help people manage guests and resident parking as well as enforce all the parking rules. The software includes a Virtual Attendant for self-service guests parking, field agent for fast parking and smart decals for vehicles identification. Parking Boss serves as a parking management solution for multifamily, condo and healthcare facilities, etc. It’s Smart Decal features enable users to track individual vehicles and their parking activity using its unique series numbers QR code. Parking Boss is a complete cloud-based solution and comes with all the core features that help you to manage overall parking tasks automatically.


6. SafetySync

SafetySync is a compliance-based solution meant for the safety compliance of businesses and organizations. The software provides a very comprehensive system that encompasses several aspects of safety compliance in the workplace. It comes with the aims to deliver a safe management solution that is simple, useful and effective for safety while helping enhance the lives of safety professionals everywhere. SafetySync is designed in such ways that ensure the involvement of everyone in the business, each being delivered with their own access to the online safety program while they safety team can track and trend safety compliance for the businesss. On top of that, the software provides more than 25 customizable features that will help users score better on your next safety audit and ensure that their health and safety program is communicated to your workers. It’s policies, and safe operations procedure can be hosted in the platform which employees can digitally sign off up a review if needed. It has lots of prime contractor orientations hosted in the platform and for the ones that are not can still be tracked to check who have completed them. In order to help businesses comply with safety regulations, SafetySync offers a self-audit tool using popular audit protocols so users can see any deficiencies in order to work on before the auction safety audit happens. Overall, SafetySync is a powerful feature-rich EHS solution for all size of businesses.


7. ProCalV5

ProCalV5 is a simple yet powerful compliance management solution that can even help the smallest businesses with compliance requirements to fulfill them. The software has a record management solution that is aligned with strict regulatory standards in order to help you satisfy policies dictated in several frameworks. With this tool, your personnel can be more productive due to the user-friendly interface and intelligent workflow. On the top, they also have an action to powerful math function to help them perform calculation swiftly. Also, you can gain in-depth and accuracy insights into your task with the help of this complete solution. ProCalV5 has a powerful reporting and analytics function for you to review daily tasks and possible management oversights. Another fact about this solution is that it is equipped with multiple standard and custom reports that allow you to create data for different things such as the tasks that your personnel performed, left unfinished for the day and management errors, etc. With these reports within easy reach, you can act on subjects before they have a big impact on your operations. ProCalV5 deliver you with technologies that make your calibration practices apply, start with enabling you and your employees to perform calibration tasks even when the Wi-Fi is unavailable. It is a cloud-based solution and allows you to access your calibration and maintenance management functions in the cloud that make it more powerful. Other core feature includes advanced queries, wildcard searches, email reminder, event history, air samplers, asset management, linked files, audit trail, notification and reminders, bar code printing and data explorer, etc. ProCalV5 is a premium solution and start at $3000.


8. Maintenance Pro Web

Maintenance Pro Web is a web-based maintenance management software solution that offers tools for asset management work order creation, maintenance and assignment as well as purchase order management, fuel tracking, and reporting, etc. It also enables you to track and manage asset and equipment using its range of characteristics including module, serial number, category, and location, etc. with the aim of speeding up the location of equipment. There is also has a scheduling solution that required data interval between task or by mater such as hours and miles. With this, you can generate and assign work orders for repair preventative maintenance tasks with technicians automatically alerted by email if they are assigned work order. Maintenance Pro Web automatically generate history report when work orders are closed, and maintenance is recorded that enable users to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of continued repairs on equipment easily. It is a feature-rich solution and offers all the core features that manage your overall tasks. Maintenance Pro Web core feature includes parts usage tracking, automatic notifications, work orders, inventory tracking, asset management, history tracking, cost tracking and repair request, etc. Overall, Maintenance Pro Web is one of the best cloud-based maintenance management solution as compared to the others.


9. GP MaTe

GP MaTe is scalable maintenance and material management system for power production, process industries, and manufacturing as well as large facilities. This solution can be set up to support a single site or a fleet of plants worldwide as integrating with all the major aspect of asset and facility management such as maintenance planning, engineering, security management, and safety, etc. Its advanced level workflows allow information to be rotated between users and deliver a real-time list of all the major tasks for maintenance staff or purchasing agents, whether for work order approvals, procurement actions or notification. The task-oriented UI gathers information through several forms that display data from other areas in the system within the single screen. GP MaTe also offers a powerful, comprehensive inventory management module that allows users to access all their inventory status, availability and documentation system-wide. All their non-stock items, parts, and services, as well as other procurement actions, are made via purchase request either automatically based on replenishment parameters or created manually by the user. GP MaTe comes with an intuitive interface where the user can access it all features. Key features include scheduling, asset tracking, workflow layer, purchasing, planning calendar, work orders, procurement, inventory management, key and lock management, work order and much more. GP MaTe is commercial software from $2000.00.


10. is a feature-rich event reporting management tool designed for organizations and businesses of all sizes. It is one of the platforms created by Plan Brother in order to help managers engage their business with a suite of mobile tools that serve to empower each worker in the organization to become safety managers in their own right. As compared to all the other event reporting solutions, it is quite simple and easy to use and offers lots of new features and tools that make it better than others. In this platform, incidents are automatically in the system without the need for any data import and input action from the user. The solution also draws visual and actionable analytics automatically. Through this users can easily compare sites, see all the latest trends and take proper action. Even users can determine the categories of incidents and change them at any time. comes with advanced customization option that makes it more powerful than others. Email notifications, automated and actionable statistics, user and organization management, location and sites, scheduling and offline support these are the core features of the solution. Do try it out, is the best EHS solution as compared to the others.


11. i-Sight

i-Sight is a Workflow Management software solution that assists HR departments of businesses of all sizes in managing cases and thoroughly investigating them from creation to solution. With the help of this solution, companies can simplify their processes and even gain insightful data from reports. These enable them to point out trends in cases and prevent future losses for the company. Also, the software is built on powerful technology, and it’s secure and scalable, and it gives businesses the peace of mind that important case and business data remain accessible only to those with the right set of permissions and can integrate with other systems. With these solutions, users are able to create new case files quickly. The solution assists them in the process and takes steps in hurrying it. HR-teams can also initiate through different channels including email, web form and all the others. It also enables to make certain that every data available is received, recorded and ultimately assessed and assigned to someone for investigation. Just like all the other similar solutions, it also comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard that is completely customizable, and you can easily access it all features without any limitation. i-Sight includes core features such as external system integration, user-friendly interface, case notes, email communication, GIS Reports, trend reports, investigation reports, and attachment, etc. Try it out, i-Sight is a powerful workflow management solution as compared to the others.


12. SecurePark

SecurePark is a parking management and visitor tracking software designed by commercial parking operators and allows any organization to manage its parking more efficiently. Companies can use this to operate a thousand-stall garage or a single visitor stall, as it is adaptable to any size business. This comprehensive parking management solution consists of three different tools such as enforcement, visitor management, and license plate recognition. Its parking enforcement module helps users manage their parking resources and enforce all the parking rules easily. Users can keep track of all license plate details, parker names, tags, and any other parking data. Unlike most of the similar solutions, it also offers the mobile application on the Android platform that allows you to generate parking violation notices quickly. With its custom-branded payment management portal, users can accept credit card payment in PCI-DSS level 1 certificated environment with a merchant processor that make it better than others. SecurePark is quite simple and easy to use parking solution, and no require any IT skills. It is a commercial solution and has more than three price plans; each one has its own cost and core benefits.


13. Resolver

Resolver is a cloud-solution for Risk, Compliance, and Audit. The solution connects the three lines of defense in a single platform in order to maximize efficiency, visibility and reduce all kind of negative impact. With a simple interface, the software makes it easy for end-users to input all kind of data you need. One of the best thing about this solution is that it’s a fully customizable platform that means you can easily change on the fly on coding required. The software eliminates the paper chase, so you can focus on what really matters. This compliance management software offer users with the capability to attain full visibility of their compliance program wherein they can easily visualize details activate and progress. It delivers visualization tool that allows them to see their compliance requirements, tasks and control processes from a central location. The resolver is also best for internal control across your organization’s objectives, financial reporting, critical processes, and all the major initiatives. It’s configurable platform easily adapts to changing business needs and risk-based approach to internal control in order to enhance the efficiency of your SOX program and provide immediate visibility into testing efforts. There is also a list of core features that make it more interesting. Overall, Resolver is one of the best Compliance Management solutions as compared to others.


14. Silvertrac

Silvertrac is a real-time security incident reporting and guard management solution that helps security organizations to monitor and respond to issues and events efficiently. The solution is specially designed for security providing companies and in-house operations of all sizes that are looking to streamline internet operations and ensure immediate, on-site accountability. It allows security and guard officers in the field to report incidents, receive tasks, get alerts and scan checkpoints via smartphone. Administrators, Dispatchers, and Supervisors can review reports in real-time with its issue monitor to proactively resolve all the issues as they happen. Silvertrac provides special tools for parking management and guard that lets users register vehicle, sell parking and manage all the other similar tasks. It is quite simple and easy to use, no need to learn any IT skills. Its step-by-step guide teaches you everything. Silvertrac core features include sales reports, schedule reports, reporting and statistics, menu generator, collaboration, data source connectors, asset tracking, ticketing, ad hoc reporting, and payment processing, etc. Silvertrac is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


15. BasicSafe

BasicSafe is an integrated suite of EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) software solution that can be purchased and deployed individually or collectively. The software is used by organization across the manufacturing, construction, government and food production sectors. It can be tailored to meet the needs of other industries including warehousing and aerospace etc. BasicSafe is specially designed to support compliance conformance with government standards and regulations; it centralizes the management of documentation, workplace incidents, planning of corrective actions and running of audits all within the cloud-web-based system that means every employee has right to known access to JSA, SDS and LOTO details within the paperless workflow. The software module includes job safety analysis and incident reporting and investigation with a set of tools for generating OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms. BasicSafe also has a simple and intuitive dashboard where you access it all features and tools to manage and enjoy it all features without any IT skills. A key feature includes IOS compliance, version control, SSM management, waste codes, carbon management, injury reporting, automatic reminders, training tracks, and auditing, etc. All-in-all, BasicSafe is the best EHS solution for all size of businesses.


16. Guard Center

Guard Center is a security workflow management software solution design specifically for the guarding industry, serving small security organizations to national operations with several branches. It is a powerful solution and helps guards, managers, and supervisors to enhance operations and workflow in office and on-site. With this users can also able to monitor daily activities and operations across the entire workflow in real-time with detailed reports including images, voice memos, and GPS tagging. Clients are delivered with a customized web portal and automated email alerts for all the critical issues. Its dashboard enables users to view and manage all staff activities and duties in real-time. Through this users can easily set up employee tasks and assign them without any limitation. The most interesting fact about this solution is that it comes with built-in NFC technology that allows guards to scan portal tags using their smartphones as well as capture incident evidence including voice notes and images. Guard Center also includes core features such as scheduling, multiple alarm queues, customer management, checkpoint tracking, email notification, live dashboard, real-time data, asset tagging, info board, and instructions, etc. Guard Center is a complete security workflow management solution for all size of businesses.


17. Traction Guest

Traction Guest is a simple-yet-powerful visitor management software solution that offers tools intended to replace manual log-in procedures commonly and used in office lobbies so that businesses can enhance workplace efficiency, maintain optimum security measure and upgrade business data. Traction Guests is a complete solution that comes with all the core features and a major tool that helps you to protect company data and boost overall security safeguards. It provides a convenient and memorable sign-in experience through productivity and customization features such as automated notifications and e-signature. Traction Guest also captures visitor details in real-time across multiple locations via its integrated cloud hosted solution. An organization’s Traction Guest portal can be branded using design themes, insert logos and personalized fonts and all the other major details. It supports a wide range of languages so that visitor experiences across several worldwide locations can be localized. QR scanning, calendar integration, visitor notes, manual and automatic sign-out, unlimited visitors and hosts, send watch list, design visitor badges, live guest book, guest history, create events and more. Traction Guest is a premium solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


18. Veristream

Veristream is a most popular and secure visitor management solution for industries and companies of all sizes seeking easier visitor management, increased security and simplified visitor badging. The software is developed by BreezN and contains all its features in order to deliver a comprehensive experience in one single platform. The software comes with advanced customization features and integrates with all the existing access control and security system. It starts with a basic level, and now it has thousands of users around the world who can use it to manage their visitor management tasks. Veristream comes extensive security experience with the latest technology in order to deliver innovative electronic visitor solution. It also has an interactive dashboard where you can easily manage your visitors and access it all features and tools without any limitations. Veristream is a powerful visitor management solution for all the size of businesses.


19. TrackTik

TrackTik is a cloud-based security workflow management solution that combines a variety of tools for managing security operations and all the back office tasks. The software comes as the alternative to Solink and offers all the core features with some new tools. It’s guarding suite includes a live dashboard, client portal, guard tracking, reporting, trends and analytics and guarding toolbox, etc. The dashboard enables users to easily track all operations in real-time with activity feed of clock-ins and clock-outs checkpoint scans, reports and native mobile users in addition to GPS tracking and live metrics of exceptions. Guard locations can be tracked and checked with out-of-zone notifications provided to users in real-time via SMS and email. TrackTik’s client portal provides the client with secure access to site information, custom incident, analytic reports, report history, recorded video documentation and site activity. Just like most of the workflow management solution, it also has a scheduling and attendance feature that allows you to easily schedule guard with defined roles, customize recurring shift templates and matching processes. There is also has a list of core features that make it a complete solution for all size of businesses.


20. Guardhouse

Guardhouse is an end-to-end feature-rich workflow management system designed for security companies that allows smarter guard scheduling, error-free invoicing, GPS tracking and open communication between the office and field. The solution helps to ensure coverage and client satisfaction by optimizing workloads through its enhanced planning and shift reallocation with accurate timekeeping and rate data. With the help of this tool, the user can easily manage and monitor compliance with clearer visibility on current accreditations and compliance licenses, etc. Guardhouse is a feature-rich solution and offers all the core features and tools that manage all the major workflow management tasks. The software provides an operational and back-office suite that brings all manpower tasks onto one platform, from guard tracking and scheduling to integrated payroll and invoicing. Its scheduling tool allows users to create client customized schedules with defined roles and requirement from any internet connected device. It delivers users with quick access to information on who is working where at what time and which site. The custom portal offers a live view of the roster and displays staff licenses and renewals in order to ensure guards are ready to meet each client’s need. Guardhouse also has a set of core features that make it more powerful. It has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


21. Envoy

Envoy is an all-in-one Visitor Management solution that uses the mobile application to welcome in guests and manage a visit. It is a feature-rich solution and delivers everything that you need to manage your visitor system. From pre-sign up to document signing, everything is paperless and at your fingertips. Of course, it comes for mobile platforms that give you access to all the major details and lets you share it with your teammates. The mobile application essentially lets you manage visitors on the go. You can check scheduled visits and notify other employees. Printing a badge is easy and fast so only authorized guests are enabled to be on the premises. With its pre-registration, you can already signup visitors and send them unlimited custom emails about their visit. That include complete guidelines about the visit and how to get there. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it has a security guard access feature that enables you to access your guard, schedule them and track them without any limitation. Envoy also includes core features such as manage unlimited employees, multiple locations, badge printing, document signing, pre-registration, invitations and account management, etc. Overall, Envoy is one of the best Visitor Management software as compared to others.


22. Solink

Solink is the most leading prevention and security solution that connects video recording and POS data in order to generate system insights and risk alerts. It is a cloud-based solution and comes with the aims to transform a conventional surveillance system by integrating with real-time sales data to deliver additional visibility into every transaction across several locations. The software cans stream video of an unlimited number of locations so that they can be easily monitored remotely and on any device such as iOS and Android using its native mobile applications. In order to help business to help businesses keep track of all the major events and identify any outliers, Solink enables users to assign red flags to particular moments in video footage and transactions that seem unusual. With the help of this tool, management can easily track employee behavior including staff discounts, cancelations, voids and more. Unlike most of the similar software, it also has a simple dashboard where you can easily manage its services and access it all features. Core feature includes local server option, encryption, analytics, video looping rapid creation, audit trail, risk alert, real-time reporting, POS and much more. Solink is really a feature-rich security solution as compared to the others.


23. KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk Software is a security and cybersecurity providing a platform which gives security login system and self-service kiosks. It works remarkably and offers many modules and security services within the cloud-based platform and desktop-based software. It is designed for small and large enterprises and also works with small startup companies.

It offers an app for Android devices so the user can directly access their businesses directly from their mobile devices and make changes in real-time. The solution also gives a module to handle enterprise businesses that include a centralized database system for multiple devices.

More About SiteDocs

SiteDocs is a complete workplace safety management software solution for businesses of all sizes. The software enables businesses to manage effectively, control, maintain and improve their workflow safety programs via mobile and web applications. The software helps businesses to go paperless by allow them to access and organize their safety documentation, manuals, and certifications both online and offline. With the help of this solution, users can easily monitor in real-time whether safely documentation is being filled out and immediately respond to incidents as they happen. With accountability on supervisor and sub-trades, safety standards can be maintained company-wide. SiteDocs helps companies to improve their safety culture and move workers away from the mentality, and workplace safety is a nuisance. There is also a digital forms feature that allows users to sign the document, add images and checkboxes in just a single click. With the support of voice dictation technology, the employee can complete forms by simply speaking to the solution. SiteDocs also has a range of core features that make it better than others. Do try it, if you need a complete security workflow management solution.