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TrackTik is a cloud-based security workflow management solution that combines a variety of tools for managing security operations and all the back office tasks. The software comes as the alternative to Solink and offers all the core features with some new tools… read more
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22 TrackTik Alternatives & Similar Software



Presynct_OnDemand is a reporting and case management software designed for security operations such as log activities, write reports, dispatch resources and analyze data, etc. It is a power that replaces manual data entry system that is traditionally used by field employees in order to report incidents.

Officer Assist

Officer Assist is a simple yet powerful dispatch and guard tour system that enable security guards to gather all the incident details and photos while being tracked with GPS and RFID technology feature.


Guardso is a web-based security guard management solution that helps users streamline patrol operations with features including check-in and check-out, site tour, online reporting, post order, pass-down logs and much more.


Parkalot is a web-based parking management software solution enable users to set up parking rules, assign parking spots, report parking violations and make reservations, etc. The software was developed for workplace areas, but can also be used in HOAs and campus parking lots.

Parking Boss

Parking Boss is a cloud-based parking management solution designed and developed by Luminous Creative for apartments and homeowner associations. It is a complete solution and offers a combination of features for desktop and mobile devices in order to help people manage guests and resident parking as well as enforce all the parking rules.


SafetySync is a compliance-based solution meant for the safety compliance of businesses and organizations. The software provides a very comprehensive system that encompasses several aspects of safety compliance in the workplace.


ProCalV5 is a simple yet powerful compliance management solution that can even help the smallest businesses with compliance requirements to fulfill them. The software has a record management solution that is aligned with strict regulatory standards in order to help you satisfy policies dictated in several frameworks.

Maintenance Pro Web

Maintenance Pro Web is a web-based maintenance management software solution that offers tools for asset management work order creation, maintenance and assignment as well as purchase order management, fuel tracking, and reporting, etc.


GP MaTe is scalable maintenance and material management system for power production, process industries, and manufacturing as well as large facilities. This solution can be set up to support a single site or a fleet of plants worldwide as integrating with all the major aspect of asset and facility management such as maintenance planning, engineering, security management, and safety, etc.
0 is a feature-rich event reporting management tool designed for organizations and businesses of all sizes. It is one of the platforms created by Plan Brother in order to help managers engage their business with a suite of mobile tools that serve to empower each worker in the organization to become safety managers in their own right.


i-Sight is a Workflow Management software solution that assists HR departments of businesses of all sizes in managing cases and thoroughly investigating them from creation to solution. With the help of this solution, companies can simplify their processes and even gain insightful data from reports.


SecurePark is a parking management and visitor tracking software designed by commercial parking operators and allows any organization to manage its parking more efficiently. Companies can use this to operate a thousand-stall garage or a single visitor stall, as it is adaptable to any size business.


Resolver is a cloud-solution for Risk, Compliance, and Audit. The solution connects the three lines of defense in a single platform in order to maximize efficiency, visibility and reduce all kind of negative impact.


Silvertrac is a real-time security incident reporting and guard management solution that helps security organizations to monitor and respond to issues and events efficiently. The solution is specially designed for security providing companies and in-house operations of all sizes that are looking to streamline internet operations and ensure immediate, on-site accountability.


BasicSafe is an integrated suite of EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) software solution that can be purchased and deployed individually or collectively. The software is used by organization across the manufacturing, construction, government and food production sectors.


SiteDocs is a complete workplace safety management software solution for businesses of all sizes. The software enables businesses to manage effectively, control, maintain and improve their workflow safety programs via mobile and web applications.

Guard Center

Guard Center is a security workflow management software solution design specifically for the guarding industry, serving small security organizations to national operations with several branches. It is a powerful solution and helps guards, managers, and supervisors to enhance operations and workflow in office and on-site.

Traction Guest

Traction Guest is a simple-yet-powerful visitor management software solution that offers tools intended to replace manual log-in procedures commonly and used in office lobbies so that businesses can enhance workplace efficiency, maintain optimum security measure and upgrade business data.


Veristream is a most popular and secure visitor management solution for industries and companies of all sizes seeking easier visitor management, increased security and simplified visitor badging. The software is developed by BreezN and contains all its features in order to deliver a comprehensive experience in one single platform.


Guardhouse is an end-to-end feature-rich workflow management system designed for security companies that allows smarter guard scheduling, error-free invoicing, GPS tracking and open communication between the office and field. The solution helps to ensure coverage and client satisfaction by optimizing workloads through its enhanced planning and shift reallocation with accurate timekeeping and rate data.


Envoy is an all-in-one Visitor Management solution that uses the mobile application to welcome in guests and manage a visit. It is a feature-rich solution and delivers everything that you need to manage your visitor system.


Solink is the most leading prevention and security solution that connects video recording and POS data in order to generate system insights and risk alerts. It is a cloud-based solution and comes with the aims to transform a conventional surveillance system by integrating with real-time sales data to deliver additional visibility into every transaction across several locations.

More About TrackTik

TrackTik is a cloud-based security workflow management solution that combines a variety of tools for managing security operations and all the back office tasks. The software comes as the alternative to Solink and offers all the core features with some new tools. It’s guarding suite includes a live dashboard, client portal, guard tracking, reporting, trends and analytics and guarding toolbox, etc. The dashboard enables users to easily track all operations in real-time with activity feed of clock-ins and clock-outs checkpoint scans, reports and native mobile users in addition to GPS tracking and live metrics of exceptions. Guard locations can be tracked and checked with out-of-zone notifications provided to users in real-time via SMS and email. TrackTik’s client portal provides the client with secure access to site information, custom incident, analytic reports, report history, recorded video documentation and site activity. Just like most of the workflow management solution, it also has a scheduling and attendance feature that allows you to easily schedule guard with defined roles, customize recurring shift templates and matching processes. There is also has a list of core features that make it a complete solution for all size of businesses.

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