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SpitFire is an online predictive dialer software created for call centers that provides all the leading tools to make both inbound and outbound call campaigns. The software supports a hybrid dialer that uses the web-interface for making calls while the program is installed on the client’s server… read more
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3 SpitFire Alternatives & Similar Software for Android


1. Sonetel

Sonetel is a communication app that lets you make an international business call at the cost of local calls. It is a simple but powerful solution that supports three methods for making calls such as Call True, Call Back and VOIP. In call thru, the app calls Sonetel’s local access number in your country. The call is then connected onward via Sonetel to the destination. In a callback, Sonetel calls both your mobile number and the destination you called and then connects the two calls. All your call on this platform is connected via Wi-Fi or data connection, and you pay Sonetel for the local call at the destination. It comes with a very basic level, and now it has thousands of users around the world who can use it to make their business professional. With the help of this platform, you can also be able to buy a lock phone number in any preferred city and country. Incoming call on these numbers can be forwarded to your mobile number or answered in the app with VOIP. Sonetel is a free to use Android and iOS application that required registration with an email address and phone after completing the registration you can enjoy it all features without any limitation. Try it out, are you make international calls at the cost of local calls.


2. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cloud-based call center and phone system software solution that is designed for every type of business that helps enhance customer engagement with internal teams. Through this solution, users can purchase local and international toll-free numbers, and get real-time visibility into call queues as well as ongoing conversations, route calls to agent groups, set up custom business hours and more. The software allows organizations to manage all kind of call queues using an auto-receptionist with customizable wait time music in order to promote new services. It has a feature that allows users to set up custom business hours and automated variety of actions for each department, and route calls from IVR to specific call queues and agent groups. Businesses can able to purchase local business numbers for more than 40 countries, and toll-free numbers for USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK to enhance convenience for customers. Freshcaller’s dashboard delivers real-time visibility into call queues and ongoing conversations, and agents’ company status based on availability, on-going calls, or training. It also best for agents and allow to manage unlimited ongoing calls and take notes, forward calls to different groups, conference other agents, and more. Freshcaller is a complete solution that comes with all major features such as call logging, shared lines, automatic call recording, virtual call center, call monitoring, voicemail, reporting, global phone usage, inbound caller ID, customer greeting and much more.


3. CallHippo

CallHippo is a comprehensive could-based VoIP phone system that is specially created to meet the communication requirements of startups to small businesses. It is available to use on both web and mobile application and offer all the core features to automate a variety of tasks. The best think about this software is that it enables sales, marketing, and support teams to make global calls. CallHippo enables businesses to buy virtual phone numbers of up to 50 countries around the world, add users on the same phone number, and make calls. Its real-time call analytics solution provides all the major details about callers, call quality, and time duration, while its call recording feature automatically records calls and conversations during the campaign, for managers to listen from their easy to understand dashboard. With the help of this businesses can get time zones that are displayed on their dialer before calling so that there won’t be any issue regarding current time while making international calls and set working hours for number, as well as set availability status of users. Unlike most of the leading solutions, it also offers voicemail and on-hold music feature that enables businesses to greet callers with the recorded message or custom music when putting on hold. CallHippo also includes core features such as real-time analytics, call recording, free calling credits, personalized caller dashboard, voice mail and click to call, etc.

More About SpitFire

SpitFire is an online predictive dialer software created for call centers that provides all the leading tools to make both inbound and outbound call campaigns. The software supports a hybrid dialer that uses the web-interface for making calls while the program is installed on the client’s server. It is based on .Net application and uses a SQL database in the background that makes it quite simple. SpitFire is a complete solution and designed for all size of businesses. SEP (SpitFire Enterprise Predictive) offers support for unlimited lines and agents. The software feature five different dialing modes viz. predictive dialing, fixed-rate dialing, quick connect and preview dialing and manual dialing. With the help of this solution, the client can load the list with contact numbers into SEP, and the solution to make outbound calls as well as connect agents to the answered calls only. It also allows you to keep track of time per call and monitor the call volume and frequency. One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it allows clients to manually set the call rate frequency and speed up or slow down the call rate based on agents available for the day or the number of working hours. SpitFire also includes core features such as quick connect dialing, the call number of identification, unlimited campaigns lines unlimited custom field, CRM integration, and call recording, etc.

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