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Flightdocs is one of best solution that provides web and app aircraft maintenance management solution for aircraft and helicopter owners and operators worldwide. With the help of this solution, the user can easily control single aircraft or an entire fleet whether fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft and enhance efficiency, safety and aircraft value… read more
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20 Flightdocs Alternatives & Similar Software


1. SkySite

SkySite is a leading content management solution that is specifically designed for businesses operating in the construction industry. The solution has two different modules such as Porjectlink and Info link. Each one has a unique feature set that sets it apart from other products of this kind. Projectlink is a mobile, cloud-based application that is specially designed to provide users with a centralized location where they can store, markup, sync, share and track all of their project documents. This module is an ideal tool for construction, design and closeout. The Infolink module makes it easy for businesses to aggregate, synchronize and share document and information regarding their facilities, operations and maintenance. Its pricing plans are moderate and suitable for all the small and medium businesses while a free version is also available for the prospective users in order to examine features in advance. SkySite is a known as a comprehensive solution that comes with all the major features including automatic sync, RFI administration, photo management, powerful search, unlimited storage, easy to learn and easy to scale etc. Overall, SkySite is one of best construction management solution for all size of businesses.


2. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a cloud-based collaboration solution that enables you to engage and interact with your target audience in real-time. It is a polling tool wherein you can set the questions, and your target audience can give their input using the mobile phone or any other device connected to the internet. This all-in-one solution also helps you become a better-skilled presenter by offering you more engaging presentation as well as getting unbiased input during meetings. Mentimeter is quite easy to use that allows you to turn your audience’s opinions into real-time tangible and actionable data. With this data, you can easily boost your meetings, make your employee more efficient and engage your targeted audience at the event. There is a customizable dashboard that allows you to manage your work more effectively easily. Mentimeter also includes prominent features such as polling, online collaboration, collect votes, fast service, share templates and more professional looking presentations and much more. It offers a wide array of pricing plans for different types of users; each one has its own cost and benefits.


3. Passageways OnSemble

Passageways OnSemble is an employee intranet or collaboration software developed for companies and organizations with several departments and branches. It is a user-friendly and flexible solution that helps users to enhance collaboration and communication among their employees. It aims to make employees strongly engaged with their co-workers and managers with the goals and practices of their company or organization. Also, the intranet solution allows users and their teams to serve their customer better. Passageways OnSemble also enables employees to communicate with each other directly on their intranet. They can create content without the need for coding skills and pledge a discussion by beginning a forum thread or by observing on blogs designed by their managers. The latter can also be designed polls and surveys in order to receive feedback from their departments and team. Also, administrators can create employee profiles quite easily and effortlessly assign permissions to them depending on which department or team they belong. In term of working with projects, it makes project collaboration simple. With this team members can easily search and share any files and documents or reports related to their projects. Passageways OnSemble comes with some advanced features that make it better than others. Try it out, if you need an all in one collaboration solution.


4. Crrux

Crrux is one of the most popular collaboration solutions that enables its users to efficiently manage critical issues to fuel community, personal and business-related requirements. With this powerful solution, businesses and non-profits are able to streamline various work processes such a sales and projects. This way, they can keep track of the work stages and are able to deal with important items with ease. As compared to all the other similar collaboration solutions, Crrux has a versatile environment that provides secure collaboration platform. Additionally, the software provides a way profiteering and non-profiteering organizations in order to engage with the public. They can do so through community content pages like blogs and about pages. With this, they can easily engage their audience. Crrux also was known as a secure collaboration platform that enables a company’s registered and unregistered members to collaborate with ease and peace of mind. Within the program, they can conduct tasks seamlessly and work with their team at the same time. Individual users and administrators can select to open certain files to everyone on the system or mark them as a private. The global search box, catalogue page, co-editing, project management, order and invoice tracking, company blogs and sales tracking these are the core features of the solution. Crrux is a powerful collaboration solution as compared to the others.


5. iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a file sharing and document management software that helps you to share and collaborate on business-critical documents securely. The software has user-friendly data rooms that required on training for your teams to quickly start a secure file sharing and collaboration. It can be deployed on any device without any plugins and easy drag and drop upload methodology. The VDR system includes innovative and features such as personally-identifiable watermark for documents, spreadsheet viewer and IP address restrictions for data room user access. Business tools such as question and answers, graphic reports, keyword search and downloading etc. that make it better than others. The solution offers fully customizable features with simple drag and drop interface as well as allow you to copy and paste email addresses to invite hundreds of users in a minute. iDeals Virtual Data Room is a comprehensive solution that also comes with lots of prominent features such as the ability to convert most formats, secure access for mobile devices, control view, customization and dashboard etc. There are three different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


6. Noodle Intranet

Noodle Intranet is a collaboration and social internet system that provides organizations with the ability to collaborate on the projects, upload files, merge schedule, post documents and share ideas within the single secure platform. The platform is packed with lots of useful features with each one having its own helpful purpose. The vendor listens to users and adds their features requests regularly. Noodle Intranet designed for all types of people, you no need to be an expert in technology, and with this, you can easily create blogs, forums and all the other technical experience. Its interface is simple for anyone to use and make it easy for end users to find the content they need and when they need it. Noodle Intranet comes with lots of advanced features such as support more than 11 different languages, fully customizable, create a custom workflow, track view of content, drag and drop, unlimited colour and much more. Overall, Noodle Intranet is one of the best collaboration solutions as compared to the others.


7. Metatask

Metatask is a leading business processes and workflow management solution that simplifies and streamline the way enterprises manage their internal processes so that teams are able to perform repetitive tasks effectively on a consistent basis. The solution lets users define their internal processes as a simple list instead of using complicated flow charts or BPMN diagrams. Once the internal processes are lists, employees can then access these internal through the system, taking out the need for email threads and paperwork. Metatask is an excellent solution that places you on the top of your company’s internal processes, from onboarding of new hires, processing purchase orders, starting new projects and approving budgets and expenses etc. It defines each internal process as a list, significantly speeding most common business processes such as requests and approvals and in the matter of minutes sans the expertise of IT and consultants. With this, tasks and requests are directly sent to the employees, automatically schedules dates and facilitates the collection and utilization of information and documents among others. Staffs can easily pull tasks from the queues of available tasks instead of waiting for them to be assigned by their managers. Metatask equipped with real-time communication features such as chat on tasks for instant commenting. You and all the other uses can easily submit comments, respond question and attach files. Try it out, Metatask is a complete Business Process Management solution as compared to the others.


8. Castor EDC

Castor EDC is a medical research software with a wide range of unique tools and features that help you efficiently manage your research. Even without in-depth knowledge, you can expertly navigate the solution in order to create your database and to generate forms for your studies. With this, you can also provide access to the system for all researchers in your institute. That is because there is an option for an organization-wide license that enables every research team to utilize the solution for their studies. Moreover, it offers stringent control over accession rights. As the administrator, you can assign roles for users as well as permissions and especially for multi-centre studies. This way you can rest assured that only those with the right set of permissions can view and edit sensitive information. Castor EDC has a massive collection of unique tools that you can easily and quickly design your database. With prior technical knowledge, you can seamlessly navigate the software and utilize its features such as its intuitive form builder. All you need to begin is a modern web browser on your desktop and mobile devices. Castor EDC also offers core features such as modern form builder, data capture, monitoring, randomization, user management, data protection and monitoring etc. It has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and key features.


9. PieSync

PieSync is a cloud-based CRM solution that is designed to fill the gap between cloud applications. This powerful solution utilizes Intelligent 2-way Contact Sync technology to sync contacts in real-time between your favourite CRM and marking the applications. It ensures you have the most up to date custom information regardless of where you are and who entered the information. All kind of things updated in one application is automatically added or updated in other applications. PieSync designed with all the major features, services and tools that you need to enjoy a comprehensive solution. It enables account managers and sales teams to manage multiple application from a single platform. By integrating the applications, the solution permits the seamless flow of data, in a harmonized and transparent tunnel — most of the applications synced by the program including CRM, account and marking. It is a powerful cloud-based solution that means it requires no downloading and installation to use. It’s also remarkably scalable and provides consistent benefits as your businesses grow and change. The solution is designed to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming tasks of contact management. PieSync also eliminates all the manual data entry task by synchronizing data between databases. It works similarly like other CRM solution, but its advanced features make it better than others.


10. Samepage

Samepage is a complete collaboration solution for business teams that enable team collaboration through functionalities such as scheduling, meeting agendas, conversations and task lists. The solution is suitable for a range of companies such as educational and non-profit organizations, marketing agencies and real-estate agencies. It encourages collaboration across different teams by keeping and a record of record of relevant information that can be accessed by relevant team. With this, you can share pages with anyone that means they can be kept up to date and sync. The vendor offers native mobile application to help your team members access the service from anywhere, on any device — all of its files stored in popular file-sharing services including Google Drive and Dropbox etc. One of the most interesting facts about this application is that comes with advanced management tools that you need to drive projects forward. You can view and set page permissions in order to ensure everyone has access to the pages they need. With Samepage, you can also add its calendar events to your external calendar, so you never miss a meeting or event. Collaboration management, task scheduling, user access control, diagram drawing, file transfer, file management, multi-platform and mobile access etc. Try it out, if you need a comprehensive collaboration solution.


11. Forms On Fire

Forms On Fire is a highly innovative forms automation solution specially designed to streamline data collection and workflow management. It is a cloud-based solution and known as the best digital replacement to the paper forms used in the field by agents. The best thing about this application is that it gives every company the freedom to brand their own solution including putting a logo on the forms for data collections. Forms On Fire is a magnificent solution that is built with on-the-go people in mind. Its offline functionality works to the convenience of the user. Whenever you are in the field without internet connections, the solution will work incredibly well-caching data in the mobile device. The data is then synced with database and cloud servers once internet connections resume. Forms On Fire cloud-based activity dashboard makes it easier to monitor activities of your field employees frequently; this dashboard gives you team performance visibility and the chance to compare all the current activities against those of the previous month thereby all you to make the right judgments and adjustments. As compared to other similar solutions, it is quite some and offers all the major features that make it a complete solution. The most prominent features such as drag and drop form designer, GPS, image capture, mapping and navigation, pre-built forms, signature capture and customizable email layouts etc. There are three different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


12. Synchroteam

Synchroteam is an all-in-one multi-faceted SaaS service solution for the mobile teams that provide field services. The primary function of this service solution is to help a wide range of businesses enhance the management of their workforce and to optimize their operation and activities. This enables businesses to boost their profits and operational costs. Synchroteam software is designed to assist you in the overall management of your business in the multitude of ways including inspection of the regular work, preventing mobile workers from sitting idle and breaking down tasks into multiple parts and assigning them to workers located at different places. It is a cloud-based, and reasonably priced application make it one of the most credible filed management solution. With the help of this complete solution, you can easily manage all the field service procedure through this single solution. Highly functions such as resource management tools and integrated invoicing are also present in this software and can easily be managed from any device and location. Moreover being a cloud-based SaaS system, the solution enables integration with many other business tools including QuickBooks. It is a commercial field service management solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits.


13. Mobile Field Report

Mobile Field Report is simple yet powerful communication and field management tool that effectively bridges both agents, representative, and technicians with their office managers. The solution is widely used by industrial companies and filed services providers, it improves overall performance with smart dispatching features, multiple reports and by providing users easy and direct access to client information This field management and communication platform effortlessly syncs technicians with their office, manage resources and lower down costs. Mobile Field Report is used by many businesses in the services and industrial sector, municipal utilities, HVAC and medical engineering. Just like all the other similar platforms, it also has a powerful dashboard that comes with some new features and tools. Its most prominent features include smart dispatch, invoice, task management, notes, maintenance scheduler, time tracking on-site and custom notification etc. Try it out; it is best for all kinds of businesses.


14. Parseur

Parseur is an all-in-one email parsing solution built to accelerate your data entry processes via automation. The solution gives you all the high-value data every email without doing the time-intensive manual and boring work of going through them one by one. With the help of this powerful software, all you have to do is let the solution know what contents of the email you want to be removed, and the solution will take care of all things. Once the data parsed and extracted, you can then use them in business applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Slack and HubSpot to mention a few. Parseur is one of most powerful solution that comes with all the major tools and some advanced features. It allows you to simply and effortlessly create parsing templates with its point-and-click interface. Whenever you want a particular data parsed and harvested from your emails, all you have to do is the piece of text you want and give it a name and let Parseur do its thing. There is also a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out, it is best for all size of businesses.


15. UpKeep

UpKeep is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that helps managers in various industries and businesses including facility, manufacturing, restaurant and property to enhance communication by sending real-time updates to all members of the team. The solution can be deployed on mobile and desktop platforms that ensure every workflow is streamlined and all the member are aware of their tasks when to do them. With the help of this solution, businesses enjoy significant savings in costs as expenses are drastically reduced, and performance uptime for each asset increased as well as allow users to access their data anytime and anywhere. It’s tracking costs, and viewing reports is also a breeze as every information is easily viewable with just a click of a button. UpKeep is known as an innovative and intelligent modern CMMS that comes with advanced customization options to help businesses further expedite each and every work process. There is also a list of key features such as inventory management, signature capture, file store, dashboard, messaging and multi-facility etc. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the things in this powerful tool.


16. Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud is the most secure file sharing and document management application that lets users convert any kind of document into the PDF and then edit it, send it, sign in and track it. With this businesses can create a PDF from Office files, from photos of documents taken with the camera as well as all kind of scanned papers documents, emails and web-pages. A combination of these file types can also be merged into single PDF without any limitation. Users can create standard PDFs fillable PDF forms with a built-in digital signature. As compared to other document management solutions, it introduces lots of new tools that make your work more simple and fast. Adobe Document Cloud lets users store files in the secure cloud and securely share them with colleagues and clients. Passwords and permissions can also be applied to PDFs to restrict editing and copying rights and protect them from unauthorized access. All of its features are accessible from smartphones and tablets meaning users can create, edit, view, sign, send and track files on the go. The tracking capabilities of the application can be used to automate approval workflows, facilitate compliance and increase transparency. Overall, Adobe Document Cloud is one of the best secure file sharing and document management application as compared to the others.


17. Fluix

Fluix is a collaborative document management tool specially created to enhance communication and collaboration with your mobile workforce. With the help of this tool you can easily share content, get feedback and much more. The solution recognizes the iPad’s productivity potential, empower all the businesses to make use of mobility, leverage and fully optimize it in order to establish a new standard of efficiency. Fluix tool goes beyond basic document management. By automating your day to day collaboration, it bridges all the noticeable gap between the office and your mobile work, enhances the document lifecycle to boost efficiency and results. With this, you can simply collaborate with your mobile workforce at the same time staying secure and compliant. As compared to all the other similar tools, it is quite simple and easy to use that open your company into the paperless culture. With its app, you can easily read all annotate documents without any limitation. Fluix also has a list of key things and features that make it better than others. Try it out.


18. Capptions

Capptions is an all-in-one solution for capturing data, creating dynamic digitized workflows, developing forms and managing application etc. The solution is specially designed to aid businesses in transitioning to fully digitized processes and workflows, and digital forms offer means to collect all the data online for field service providers. Online workflows can be developed to enhance collaboration and increasing efficiency. All the data can be captured with this solution that supports text barcode, QRcode, multimedia, and other formats of entering data to the system. Data can also be collected through custom forms, or Micro-apps and uses have a choice of form templates for specific scenarios or processes. In order to deliver the complete experience, it introduces a mobile application for Android and iOS platform to facilitate the input of data when the field for remote workers and data is updated in system in real-time so that other team can track complete job progress. To move away from paper-based progress, Capptions enable businesses to create digital workflows for daily operation and tasks. It is a simple yet complete solution that comes with all the major features and services. Try it out; it is a complete data capturing solution as compared to the others.


19. TheWorxHub

TheWorxHub is a maintenance management solution designed for senior living communities and health care organizations. It supports the connection between all departments and coordinate activities. TheWorxHub allows professionals to handles the capital forecasting, maintenance of tasks, and inventory efficiently with ease.

It is compatible with desktop and mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. It supports multiple operating systems like the web browser, OS-agnostic, and window 8. TheWorxHub provides a customizable interface with the facility of a complete tracking system that tracks a submit request until it resolves.


20. MaintainX

MaintainX is an online solution that helps companies manage work orders and increase employee productivity through the automation of digital forms. It is a complete solution and comes with all the leading features, tools, and services such as collaboration tools, in-app messaging and remote access, etc. It is designed for all sizes of businesses, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

The software comes with dozens of custom templates to create records, checklists, and access reading on exciting digital forms. An expert team uniquely creates all its templates, and you can easily modify each with its layout and standard. Its allow you to easily manage all the individual tasks and share report with your employee and clients. Also, the software will enable businesses to get insights into employee productivity accuracy and business compliance.

More About Flightdocs

Flightdocs is one of best solution that provides web and app aircraft maintenance management solution for aircraft and helicopter owners and operators worldwide. With the help of this solution, the user can easily control single aircraft or an entire fleet whether fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft and enhance efficiency, safety and aircraft value. The solution helps flight departments in order to manage and track the airworthiness of their aircraft and comply with safety rules and regulatory guidelines and minimize asset downtime. Flightdocs offers complete enterprise solution for fixed-wing aircraft and an HMX solution for rotary wing aircraft. Both software offers multiple, fully integrated modules that offer aircraft operators with instant visibility into the businesses as well as seamless workflows throughout maintenance, inventory and operations. Unlike most of the software, it also has a powerful dashboard that provides an overview of maintenance and inventory data, work order and much more. In order to make it complete solution, Flightdocs offers a massive range of advanced tools and features that help you to manage all the basic and major needs. Try it out, if you want to manage your aircraft.