Linga POS

Linga POS is a fast, reliable, and integration point of sale of a system designed for the restaurants. The software is dispensing quick services that are convenient for many customers with the facility to order online. Linga POS comes with the operating system that is fully compatible and ready to integrate with all major features and adds-on and is dispensing all in one restaurant management solution, and cross-platform compatibility enables businesses to choose the best service.

Linga POS is an entirely cloud-based software that is dispensing advanced food services around the globe by offering a user-friendly and customizable platform to the organization. Now, it is offering mobile ordering, self-service kiosk, pay-at-the-table, and customer-facing display options, and is one of the best POS restaurant systems that are available on major platforms like Android, Windows, Web, and iOS.


Linga POS Alternatives

#1 Webnexs POS


Webnexs POS is a world’s most leading and comprehensive POS (point of sale) solution designed to let you sell from your one e-commerce website. The platform comes with all the core functionalities of the store management system, including accounting, inventory and invoicing, etc. to ensure that you manage you’re online and offline retails store from a unified platform.

It connects your online store with your physical store and synchronizes your inventory. When you start your day, you must be aware of the overhead metric before starting. It shows you an overview of your business on your dashboard that provides you with a complete image of what is happening.

Webnexs POS also simplifies customer management and engagement; you can import your customer database into the system via the CSV, set up your customer databases and manage them via the dedicated channel.

Once you have all your database set up, the software makes it simple for you to classify them based on your criteria and other filters. Dashboard, product catalog, sales, quotations, purchases, transfer, custom database, and notification are a core feature of the solution. Webnexs POS has different price plans for all sizes of businesses.


#2 CrankWheel


CrankWheel is a sales software designed for screen sharing, phone conferences, and instant demos. It is a complete solution, has enterprise-class features that help organizations of all sizes sell more, and boost website ROI. The application allows users to easily share either their full screen or specific web page during the call.

One needs to send a screen share link via text message or email. With this, customers can also access the file themselves by logging onto the portal, which agents can easily customize to carry branding elements. CrankWheel has rich security features to protect both users and clients via screen sharing.

A preview pane also provides agents as the view of what customers see. It is an alternative software to ExactTarget and offers all the key services with some new tools. The most prominent feature includes automatic lead distribution, data management, lead capture, performance management, intuitive dashboard, and campaign management, etc.

#3 SellerCloud


SellerCloud is an e-commerce sales management software designed to help online retailers. The software offers synchronization, simplification and automation functionalities that allow retailers to meet the new challenges facing their business, especially if they have a multi-channel selling portion.

It provides a robust set of tools to manage the full scope of multi-channel selling. From warehouses and inventory management, publishing lists to the marketplace, shipping as well as accounting integration, the software does all the work needed. SellerCloud introduces purchase functionalities with a full purchase order management functionality.

It also guides reorder quantities with low stock alerts and predicted purchasing based on past sales or season. The seamless integration with all leading sales channels makes it easy to give any inventory the maximum exposure with one central engine to manage all the listings, orders, and lists.

It also allocates an item to the sales order once sold to minimize the risk of overselling and eliminates the need to update the available amount in each channel or store manually. SellerCloud is a commercial sales management software and has multiple price plans; each plan has its advantages and price.


#4 CenterEdge Advantage


CenterEdge Advantage is a POS (point of sale) software dedicated to amusement, entertainment, and FEC businesses. It is a complete business solution that enhances customer service and allows users to conduct transactions quickly and securely and without complication too. With this POS solutions, users have a tool that can aid them in boosting their profitability.

The application comes with a host of features that make running an amusement and entertainment center more fluidly than before. It introduces a cash and inventory system that makes it better than others. CenterEdge Advantage POS also has features that enable businesses to manage their turnstiles.

This way, the flow of guests in controlled and ensure that only those with tickets or passes can enter. Moreover, it offers a hand-held device for turnstile management for mobile gate management solutions. CenterEdge Advantage point and sale solution also include core features such as admission ticket sales, customizable POS screen, multiple item displays, barcode scanning, reporting function, and PIN system log-in, etc.

#5 Melissa Data


Melissa Data is an all-in-one content management software that helps companies through an entire data quality lifecycle with tools to help profile screen, update, and enhance information assets. With the help of this tool, users can improve communications, boost marketing and sales, and quickly generate better analytics essential for effective decision making. This wide range of solutions covers global addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and all the other important information.

It offers data enhancement properties such as geocoding; cloud-hosted demographics and firmographics as well as a variety of integrations. Melissa Data’s advanced Email Verification tools can double-check deliverability even before editing an entry to the business list. This way, the user can identify active addresses also before emails are sent out so as not to waste efforts.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it introduces Location Intelligence tools that utilize physical and IP addresses by converting them to substantial business insights. It can convert geographical data to long coordinates, determine risks, and amend property data, all of which can be used for better decision-making. Melissa Data also includes core features such as real-time identity verifications, address verification, location intelligence tools, email deliverability checks, batch processing, and mailing software, etc.

#6 Express Accounts


Express Accounts is freemium accounting software for Mac and Windows OS that enables you to organize and report incoming and outgoing cash flow quickly. It is a simple yet powerful accounting solution that comes with some additional tools and features.

Owners with less than five employees can use the free version, while SMEs with the five or up to people will find its entry packages affordable yet powerful enough to start automating their accounting.

The solution has an optional mobile browser access plan that permits simultaneous multiple users on the cloud. It integrates well with all the other NCH solutions, such as inventory management, timesheet, employee productivity, and management, and project management.

With the help of Express Accounts, the user can able to quickly generate necessary reports, including income statement analytic and cash flow statements. It also has a powerful dashboard where you access all features without any limitation. Express Accounts’ core features include sales and accounting reviewable, account payable, quickly generate more than 20 types of reports, customization, and dashboard, etc.

#7 Denali (Cougar)


Denali (Cougar) is software that develops leading on-premises accounting solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. It is complete accounting software that scales to the needs of your business while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.

The software is also best for inventory data and reporting, regulatory updates, and customer transactions that make it ideal for retail and wholesale businesses and non-profit organizations. It is also notable for citing that the company is backed by the third year of being in the accounting solution, in case you are wary of fly by night software firms.

Denali is also known as an all-in-one business solution that comes with all the key features that save money, grow businesses, and protect your data, etc. The most prominent features such as basic accounting, reporting, billing and invoicing, fixed assets, and much more. Denali (Cougar) is a commercial solution and has different price plans each plan has its services and price that depend on the business needs.

#8 GuestCentric


GuestCentric is the fastest way to control your hotel revenue. It is an all-in-one digital marketing system that can help hotels give extraordinary service to their online customers wherever they are, such as the web, mobile, or social network. The software is designed for hotel management, and its hotel digital marketing solution available in the cloud mainly focusses on revenue generation with ease of use and simplicity.

Along with the skill of its award-winning team, it provides you all the advantages needed for supreme hotel digital marking success, such as social marketing, online booking, and customer-centric with an innovative hotel booking engine.

Once you use it’s the world’s class hotel booking engine, guests will immediately experience unique shopping experience. It has no more multiple steps anymore, which confuse users. Just like ExactTarget and all the other similar platforms, it also includes core features such as all multi-device booking engine, simple and user-friendly website, stunning pages for Facebook, and much more. GuestCentric is a complete solution for all sizes of businesses.

#9 BigContacts


BigContacts is a web-based CRM platform that stores contact data, notes, and history to the place where users also have quick and straightforward access whenever and wherever they need. The software also allows users to assign tasks, share calendars, and distribute contacts efficiently.

With its user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate, read and edit, users can also be able to customize it to contain specific information about their contacts to enhance workflow and work output. BigContacts is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the key features and tools that manage your entire work without any limitation.

Its prominent features such as contact dashboard, task module, custom reports, unlimited storage, outstanding support, web forms, team calendar, and mobile access, etc. Unlike others, it also offers customization with some new functions that allow you to create your dashboard easily, add the widget, and access it all features.

#10 Zoho SalesIQ


Zoho SalesIQ is a modern tool for tracking site visitors and delivers live chat support to clienteles. Both small and large businesses use it to engage more customers around the world and to extract invaluable statistical data to enhance their performance and to discover opportunities.

Its pricing scheme is flexible to meet the capacity of startups and small businesses as there is even a free of charge plan intended for two users. The value of this solution consists of its power to display multiple types of information as site behavior, visiting frequency, and locations.

It will, at the same time, be your client support and sales intelligence hub as well as save most of the expenses related to purchasing third-party programs. To facilitate data transfers, Zoho SalesIQ is well-connected to other Zoho products and third-party systems that make it possible to import and extract valuable information and understand the potential of a very particular action.

All the information is branded and stored for reporting and further usage, you can also access it from any device you are using. It comes as the alternative to ExactTarget but offers some core features that make it better than others.

#11 Sellbrite


Sellbrite is a powerful tool that allows online retailers to list and sell their products effortlessly across many channels and have total control over their inventory system. The software has a simple interface where the user can easily monitor business processes, from managing listings, syncing inventory to manage and fulfilling the orders.

The great thing about this sale software is that it provides cross-channel intelligence that allows online merchants and retailers to be successful. Deep integration with the world’s leading online marketplace, shopping carts, and similar services such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and Bigcommerce, listing and selling stuff is smooth and straightforward.

The software is designed with the multichannel retailer in mind and offers a massive list of core benefits that will surely take any online merchant to a higher level. Through the simple interface, Sellbrite allows online retailers to list and sell their products across channels quickly and sync inventory and manage to fulfill orders.

It also includes core features such as multichannel, support multiple accounts, channel flexibility, and inventory, etc. Starter Plan, Started Plan and Premium Plan, these are three different plan of the solution; each one has its own cost and benefits.

#12 FrontSpin


FrontSpin is a powerful sales communication solution that streamlines an organization’s sales cycle by consolidating all the necessary solutions in a unified and comprehensive solution. The technology claims of an advanced Power Dialer that can dial more than three times the user’s regular contact count. This function is further enhanced with pre-recording capabilities and single-click dialing.

With the help of this platform, sales teams can be more efficient with its account-based Playbooks. This feature enables users to identify priority calls and email lists. There is also a sales email system that can enhance engagement with potential clients.

All the custom templates can personalize communications and represent a brand more effectively. Analytics and insight tools, application management, email integration, lead distribution, lead scoring, sales reporting, and lead generation these are a core feature of the solution.

#13 Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a cloud-based application that identifies website visitors from Google Analytics data and generates sales leads from visitors. The system is suitable for B2B firms of all sizes and is priced based on the number of unique companies visiting the site.

With this, users get automatic email notification when one of their target companies visits the sites that enable timely follow-ups, and leads are automatically scored. The most promising one is positioned at the top of the lead lists, prioritizing user workloads. Lead can be filtered using a variety of criteria such as browsing behavior, sources or location, etc.

Leadfeeder software integrates with a range of CRM solutions, including Zoho, WebCRM, and Pipedrive, and automatically adds new visitors around the world to the sales pipeline and updates lead records with the note anytime a lead revisits the websites.

Integration with MailChimp enables you to view the browsing behavior or email recipients, and LinkedIn influences allow you to identify their contacts at each company. Visited pages and browsing behavior are tracked automatically, and you view the search terms that initially led the company to your website. Leadfeeder is an all-in-one solution that comes with lots of new features and tools.


0 is simple and easy to use lead management software used by the sales team and salespeople of small to medium-size businesses. This tool is based on the premise that a standard CRM tends to reduce the productivity of salespeople loaded with the paperwork and uncritical information that prevents them from focusing on converting more customers.

With this software, users can instantly capture leads from different sources and follow up on them through tagging, prioritizing, and referencing them. Thus the tools make sure that no prospect is missed out and dropped. The solution also provides features that help sales teams gain visibility on how their members are managing leads.

Leads can be assigned to a team or specific users as well. It offers users the ability to manage their leads on the go and close more deals through the aid of its mobile application for Android and iOS. introduces the comment section that ensures that they won’t miss the next steps in their follow-ups.

The section is used to enter or attach important information before users send follow-ups emails to their leads or reach out to them through calls. It also includes core features such as lead capturing tools, star system, lead tags and categories, team-specific function, reporting, and mobile app, etc. has two different price plans, each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

#15 Pipedrive


Pipedrive is the world’s most leading CRM solution built by salespeople and hardcore web application developers. It is a powerful solution that organizes your business leads in a way that’ll provide you with an excellent overview of your sales and enable you to focus on the deals that you want to prioritize.

Starting with this solution only takes one minute, and other vital operations that used to be difficult and time-consuming are also very straightforward and fast. As compared to other CRM solutions, it is quite friendly for sales teams to love it at first sight and has a lot to do with the solution being fully mobile optimized.

You can also integrate it with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and other Google applications. The minimalist layout of this system facilities lead management, and so do the seemingly infinite configuration possibilities. It gathers contact information using customizable Web Forms that can be placed directly on the user’s website or newsletter or create manually within the setting sections.

Pipedrive also includes key features such as great sales pipeline view, email integration, goal setting and reporting, full customization, support multiple languages and powerful API, etc. It has three different price plans; each one has its costs and advantages that depend on the company’s needs.

#16 ExactTarget


ExactTarget is a Sales Software designed to help businesses build and manage their 1:1 customer journey. The tool power brand relationship across every touchpoint, whether social, email, mobile, and web are assisting the marketers to put customers at the center of everything they do.

You are regarded as a 1:1 digital platform that helps you make them, most of every customer interaction, creating a personal relationship, and cross customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences. The software provides marketing automation and analytics software for email, mobile, web, and online marketing.

It also offers consulting and implementation services that make it better than others. ExactTarget is a complete solution that helps you stay relevant by transforming your business into the customer company and managing the customer journey and building a 1:1 customer relationship scale.

There is a trusted infrastructure for its cloud-based and highly available platform that provides you with the flexibility and reliability you need to go furfur. ExactTarget also includes core features such as CRM and cross-channel integration, deliverability tools, predictive analytics, email marketing, and product recommendation engine, etc.

#17 iConnect POS


iConnect POS is a cloud-based platform that offers mobility or fixed terminal options for point of sale services. It is an ideal platform that helps the business owners to control multi-location businesses effectively. The platform enables the owners to create a master account in which all the locations are added, and their data synced with it.

The platform enables the syncing of data, which provides them with reports and insights on every location and their account. Moreover, the platform also comes with users’ access and permission features, which gives owners control over who can access the accounts and who cannot, and they can similarly do this with further accounts to provide access to employees. The platform allows the owners or managers to manage their employees and build relationships with their customers to increase product sales.

Some key features are Warehouse and Inventory Management, Customer Management and Retail Accounting, Appointment Calendar, Cash Register, and Reporting/Analytics. Moreover, the platform allows customers to buy products online and earn points, and these points can be used further in more shopping. It has an integration with QuickBooks, which provides seamless accounting services. The platform is compatible with the Windows system and Apple iOS, while it comes with a 7-day free trial and a paid version, and customer support is available through an online forum.

#18 Zopto


Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that provides you lead generation and email gathering for your business to give leads and more market knowledge. It has a sophisticated interface and design to work along with the LinkedIn website. It integrates with various platforms and provides you with hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customer on multiple platforms other than LinkedIn.

The best part of Zopto is that it provides automated tools that integrate with your mobile application and also give you a module for desktop and cloud-based systems. The function of the platform work around account handling, filtering the ideal customer and integrating the hot leads.

There are three significant steps involved in integrating the platform, and it gives you a sophisticated Premium for sale navigator account that works in the best way. It provides investors and potential candidates—the API module that has a remarkable interface and a dashboard that customizes as per user requirement.

The analytical reporting is in real-time, which generates authentic leads and accurate data, so any change is to be made in the system can be done easily. The contact support feature of Zopto works fine and only provide services in the business hours.

#19 Shopify POS


Shopify POS is the iOS-based point of sale service from Shopify that allows you to control and manage your entire online and physical store business using the unified platform. The application is a part of the Shopify e-commerce suite that enables you to take your business and manage it from everywhere.

It is a complete solution and comes with all the key benefits that mean you can instantly accept payment from multiple channels without worrying about third-party fee and restrictions. As you are managing a retail business using the unified interface, you are saving yourself a lot of time.

The application available to use at a reasonable price and comes with intuitive design through the customer support system. It is an ideal program for small businesses, boasting a user-friendly application that does not require professionals skills to set up and use.

The system is created and intended exactly for retail and does not offer functions you would imagine from a more premium POS system. One of the best things about this application is that it accepts two or more payment options that make it better than others. It also includes core features such as gift cards, multiple sales channels, inventory management, store management, and customs receipts, etc.

#20 Nown POS


Nown POS is a platform that allows businesses to keep their customers first and allows them to know their customers who come to them. The platform offers proprietary technology and the human touch to know their customers and keeps them coming back to you. It allows the local stores to remember the name of their customers as soon as they enter the store to make their feel important.

The platform enables businesses to keep their stores and system running even if they have gone offline. It allows staff to enter new products on the menu and customize it according to the need.

Nown POS enables the front and back offices to communicate, and it comes with employee access permissions to keep everything secure. The software offers reporting and analytics to users to help them in understanding their business performance. Lastly, it allows users to maintain a smooth payment processing system.

#21 SlickPOS


SlickPOS is a platform that allows users to manage their business like a boss, and they can increase their revenue through it. The platform enables users to manage their restaurants, QSR, café, and Food trucks through it. It helps users run their food business with kitchen and table management and quick billing. Users can customize the software according to their needs.

The platform allows users to get instant orders relays in their POS software, and they can integrate different food courier services in their system. The best thing about this software is that users can manage it anywhere and see the progress.

SlickPOS enables users to manage all the orders easily, and they can print bills for every table with a single click. Moreover, it allows the staff to reserve a table for the guest before time, and it helps in the maintenance of inventory.