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Pipedrive is a world’s most leading CRM solution built by salespeople and hardcore web application developers. It is a powerful solution that organizes your business leads in the way that’ll provide you with an excellent overview of your sales and enable you to focus on the deals that you want to prioritize… read more

16 Pipedrive Alternatives & Similar Software


Webnexs POS

Webnexs POS is a world’s most leading and comprehensive POS (point of sale) solution designed to let you sell from your one e-commerce website. The platform comes with all the core functionalities of the store management system including accounting, inventory and invoicing etc.


CrankWheel is a sales software designed for screen sharing, phone conference and instant demos. It is a complete solution, has enterprise-class features that help organizations of all sizes sell more and boost website ROI.


SellerCloud is an e-commerce sales management software that is designed to help online retailers. The software offers synchronization, simplification and automation functionalities that allow retailers to meet the new challenges facing their business, especially if they have a multi-channel selling portion.

CenterEdge Advantage

CenterEdge Advantage is a POS (point of sale) software dedicated for amusement, entertainment and FEC businesses. It is a complete business solution that enhances the customer service and allows users to conduct transactions quickly and securely and without complication too.

Melissa Data

Melissa Data is an all-in-one content management software that helps companies through an entire data quality lifecycle with tools to help profile screen, update and enhance information assets. With the help of this tools, users can improve communications, boost marketing and sales and easily generate better analytics essential for effective decision making.

Express Accounts

Express Accounts is freemium accounting software for Mac and Windows OS that enables you to organize and report incoming and outgoing cash flow easily. It is a simple yet powerful accounting solution that comes with some additional tools and features.

Denali (Cougar)

Denali (Cougar) is software develops leading on-premise accounting solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. It is complete accounting software that scales to the needs of your business while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.


GuestCentric is the fastest way to control your hotel revenue. It is an all-in-one, digital marketing system that can help hotels give extraordinary service to their online customers wherever they are such as the web, mobile or social network.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is the iOS-based point of sale service from Shopify that allow you to control and manage your entire online and physical store business using the unified platform. The application is a part of the Shopify e-commerce suite that allows you to take your business and manage it from everywhere.


BigContacts is a web-based CRM platform that stores contact data, notes and history to the place where users also have simple and quick access whenever and wherever they need. The software also allows users to assign tasks, share calendars and distributes contacts easily.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a modern tool for tracking site visitors and delivers live chat support to clienteles. Both small and large businesses use it to engage more customers around the world and to extract invaluable statistical data in order to enhance their performance and to discover opportunities.


Sellbrite is a powerful tool that allows online retailers to list and sell their products effortlessly across many channels and have total control over their inventory system. The software has a simple interface where the user can easily monitor business processes, from managing listings, syncing inventory to manage and fulfilling the orders.


FrontSpin is a powerful sales communication solution that streamlines an organization’s sales cycle by consolidating all the necessary solutions in the unified and comprehensive solution. The technology claims of an advanced Power Dialer that can dial more than three times user’s regular contact count.


Leadfeeder is a cloud-based application that identifies websites visitors from Google Analytics data and generates sales leads from visitors. The system is suitable for B2B firms of all sizes and is priced based on the number of unique companies visiting the site.


noCRM.io is a simple and easy to use lead management software used by sales team and salespeople of small to medium-size businesses. This tool is based on the premise that a standard CRM tends to reduce the productivity of salespeople as they are loaded with the paperwork and uncritical information that prevents them from focusing on converting more customers.


ExactTarget is a Sales Software designed to help businesses build and manage their 1:1 customer journey. The tool power brand relationship across every touch point whether social, email, mobile and web are helping marketers to put customers at the centre of everything they do.

More About Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a world’s most leading CRM solution built by salespeople and hardcore web application developers. It is a powerful solution that organizes your business leads in the way that’ll provide you with an excellent overview of your sales and enable you to focus on the deals that you want to prioritize. Starting with this solution only takes one minute, and other vital operations that used to be difficult and time-consuming are also very straightforward and fast. As compared to other CRM solution, it is quite friendly for sales teams to love it at first sight and has a lot to do with the solution being fully mobile optimized. You can also integrate it with Google Calendar, Google Contacts and other Google applications. The minimalist layout of this system facilities lead management, and so do the seemingly infinite configuration possibilities. It gathers contact information using customizable Web Forms that can be placed directly on the user’s website or newsletter or create manually within the setting sections. Pipedrive also includes key features such as great sales pipeline view, email integration, goal setting and reporting, full customization, support multiple languages and powerful API etc. It has three different price plans; each one has its own costs and advantages that depend on the company needs.

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