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Tawk.to is another live chat application that focuses on successful communication between businesses and their clients. As compared to the other similar platform, it is a modern and intuitive tool that was specially created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap but is nevertheless offered for free… read more
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39 Tawk.to Alternatives & Similar Software



Intercom is a brand new customer support platform that utilizes user intelligence and behavioural targeting to help businesses better understand and benefit from customer communication. The platform gives you insights into who is using your service and also provide a powerful tool to send personal communicators.


JivoChat is an all-in-one live chat platform that uses customizable and innovative mobile conversation wizards, helpful mostly for companies who are looking to streamline customer communication and to deliver a memorable experience which would motivate users to subscribe and read their content etc.


TextUs is the leading businesses texting platform for professionals. It allows team member’s existing phone number and manages texts from mobile and desktop. With the help of this powerful tool, you take control of business texting results with message templates, A/B testing and response-rate tracking.


LiveAgent is a help desk platform that combines several channels into the single and compact package. It is an award-winning platform that has millions of users around the world. The solution includes email support, live chat and social media integration.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based desk solution with useful features and exceptional customer service. The platform is specially designed to meet demands of both small businesses and large companies. It offers a powerful streamline system that allows your all customers communicate in one place.

Live Guide

Live Guide is another secure live chat solution that improves customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and maximize sales. It an excellent alternative to Smartsupp and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others.


Freshchat is a modern messaging platform built for teams who want to do more. It is also known as a proactive mobile messaging and engagement application designed for sales teams. According to its customers, it helps bring chatting experience to a more personalized level and adjust conversations to both yours and your customer experience.


Chat.io is a live chat platform that allows you to close sales, provide instant support and create a strong relationship with your customer. It is a first open live chat platform that allows you to extend yourself.


LiveChat is a software that keeps things very simple and easy to use for your online marketing, web analytics and live chat support requirements. It is specially designed for businesses who want to talk with clients and potential customers directly on their website and in real-time.

Smartsupp Live Chat

Smartsupp Live Chat is a tool that offers visitor recording feature. It helps the companies to improve sales communications, boost customer loyalty and understand customer behaviour. The app is available to use in multiple languages such as English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, German and Spanish etc.


Chatango is another live chat tool that is specially made for those who want to keep their community on their website. The tool introduces clean conversation with auto-moderation, community moderation and optional anonymity that attract more audience around the world.


OptKit is a powerful tool that understands and react to your visitor’s behaviour in real-time. You can design any creative you or your team imagine and also deliver it to exactly who you want and when you want.


UserEngage is an easy to use live chat platform, aimed at increasing user engagement and conversation on every step of the sales funnel. It collects data about every customer in order to deliver better customer experience.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is an all-in-one complete conversation rate optimization, and customer feedback tool specially designed to help your online portal perform at its best. It is one click install tool that you can access it anywhere around the world.


Kayako is a cloud-based help desk platform that put all your customer service channels in one place that better and more efficient way to address customer concerns. It has more than 30,000 users around the world, and the tool serves a huge range of customer services from small businesses to largest companies.


Crisp is another tool that allows you chat with website visitors, integrate your favourite tools and deliver great customer experience. The tool is specially made for those who want to engage the audience and enhance customer experience.

Tidio Chat

If you are looking a live chat widget for your website? Here is the best option for you named as Tidio Chat. It is a modern live chat service that enables you to communicate with your customers easily.

Firehose Chat

Firehose Chat is one of the best and native chat solution that make it easy to carry on live conversations with people who visit your website. Just like the other similar platforms it also gives you a snippet code to paste into the HTML of your website and start an unlimited conversation with your customers.


Olark is one of the most popular live chat platforms for hundreds of businesses. It is quite simple and easy to use tool that allows businesses to do more than engage customers in real-time and proactive chat sessions.


Mibew is an open-source live chat application written in PHP and MySQL. The application allows one-on-one conversation assistance in real-time directly from your website. It is similar to like the other live chat widget that allows you to copy and paste the code into to your online portal and start a conversation.

Userlike Live Chat

Userlike Live Chat is a modern live chat platform for the website and mobile support. It is a simple and easy to use tool that introduces all the advanced functionalities with some new features.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat (also known as Zopim Chat) is communication and live chat widget specially designed for companies looking to become more competitive. It comes as the alternative to Smartsupp Live Chat with an array of handy chat functionalities and a premium, personalized environment for boosting customer loyalty.

Lime Talk

Lime Talk is another live chat platform for the website. Insert this tool on your website and give every customer a chance to get in touch with you and receive a reply in a few seconds.

Zopim Chat

Zopim Chat is one of the leading platforms that allows you to talk your customers in real-time. It is an all-in-one platform that gives your brand a voice and creates a meaningful relationship by talking to customers over live chat, because, live chat it one of the best ways to engage your customers.

Kayako Help Desk

Kayako Help Desk is a powerful cloud-hosted help desk solutions that put all your customer services in one place the better and more efficient way to address customer concerns. It is a simple and easy to use system trusted by more than 50,000 organizations around the world and used by up to 131000 support pros serving 100 million customers.


UserVoice is a product lifecycle management software that transforms the way businesses gather and analyze customer feedback and prioritize feature requests in order to drive strategic product decisions. It is an ideal tool for customer-focused personnel such as customer service representatives, support manager and product managers etc.


OTRS is a leading service management suite that comprises ticketing, workflow automation and notification along with a massive range of customizable features. It is mostly used by IT service management and customer service provider to help desk to structure their communication and tasks better.


osTicket is a help desk software design to enhance your customer service and experience. It is a powerful solution that is portable with any operating system; it offers an array of features you need for your help desk solution.


Loomion is a simple business communication suite designed specifically for top-corporate level communication. The software provides businesses with a Board Portal and Leadership Collaboration that is highly secure and convenient. It is a complete communications solution that takes corporate governance to a higher level.


Zadarma is a cloud-based phone system that is multipurpose and can be set up in minutes. The solution has a robust set of features including interactive voice responses, call forwarding, recording, and even call statistics.


Callture is an online office phone service that offers all the major functionalities of high-end systems, minus the additional investments in expensive hardware and installation fees, etc. It is a feature-rich solution that provides users with capabilities including unlimited outbound and inbound calls, PBX functions, call forwarding, and voicemail.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a unified business messenger solution that is designed to empower and improve team communication and collaboration. The software provides organizations and businesses with an instant messaging system that is unique and enables users to get in touch and discuss business and projects, share new ideas, and collaborate within a more secure environment.

Smart Display

Smart Display is an all-in-one rich targeted ad management solution created to simplify the way display ads are controlled and monitored. It is a web-based solution give users with a centralized control functionality, enabling users to access multiple screens in several locations and control which ads are displayed on any given time based on location and audience, main market trends and more.


PureCloud or Genesys PureCloud is a cloud-based call center solution designed for businesses of any sizes and industries. It is also known as an Omnichannel contact center and unified communication solution that convert calls, emails, texts, and all the social expressions into the single conversation and seamless customer dialogue.


Exotel is a powerful, feature-rich business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for your business. You can set up an efficient call routing, management, and recording system in 5 minutes of the cloud telephony device.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a complete IT help desk software solution that combines all help desk functionalities and asset management in a single platform. The software is specially designed to help users get complete visibility of all kind of IT issues in their workplace and manage them accordingly in the most efficient manner.

C-Zentrix Contact Center

C-Zentrix Contact Center is the fastest growing feature-rich customer experience software solution that brings to you the most comprehensive solution for the multi-touch contact centers offers on-premise, hybrid or cloud. The solution offers complete customer experience tools such as voice, chat, email;

ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is an advanced level IT service management software solution that focused on boosting the efficiency of small to medium IT teams. It is created and designed by a professional team of developers and designers and deliver all the core functionalities and features that make it better than others.


Atera is a simple yet powerful remote monitoring and management software solution. The solution caters to IT managed services providers and IT experts, providing them with an intuitive platform that puts all their IT management and monitoring processes in the same place together with lots of other factors of their businesses such as billing, help desk, and reporting, etc.

More About Tawk.to

Tawk.to is another live chat application that focuses on successful communication between businesses and their clients. As compared to the other similar platform, it is a modern and intuitive tool that was specially created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap but is nevertheless offered for free. With the help of this platform, you can easily communicate and monitor your beloved customers without hassle. It allows you to reach your customer directly from your website, mobile application or a customization page. Aside from its live chat service, the platform also offers lots of new features that allow you to customize your own page, easily start live chat with your customer and quickly send replies etc. It also introduces scheduler that attracts the more audience around the world. Tawk.to has millions of users around the world available free to use.